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Tears of the Possessed by Sora-chan

Chapter 1

Did this up at work, This is dedicated to Possessed I hope this makes your day girlie!! This is not to be taken seriously in anyway, just thought it up at work and wrote it out lol.

Disclaimer: not even gunna bother go through all of this.


Stepping off the plane in sunny Montego Bay, Kagome stopped and took a big inhale of the hot and salty air. She was happy that she had persuaded her husband of forever into allowing them to take this well-deserved vacation and she had known that this little island paradise was perfect.

Looking back at her scowling mate, the small woman couldn't stifle the laugh that bubbled up; he was just positively adorable. "Oh lighten up Sesshou, it'll be fun!" she waved off the narrowing of his eyes for walking off of the tarmac. They had taken their private jet and at Kagome's request, decided not to take the tunnel into the airport, she had wanted to feel the sun immediately.

Out of nowhere it started to drizzle, before turning into a full downpour, a weather shield instantly surrounded them as Kagome began to pout. "Oh man, its not even cloudy!" she bemoaned their situation, looking up imploringly at the impossibly cloudless blue sky.

"This rain is unnatural" spoke her husband, she looked back at him, giving him her full attention, waiting for him to elaborate. When he seemed to be completely ignoring her, she stomped her foot to gain his attention, he regarded her coolly.

"Well?" she stressed, raising a brow at him, a bad habit she picked up from him.

"It smells of salt-"

"Well duh Sesshou, we are by the sea, and this is an island ya know" she retorted, cutting him off. His right eye twitched but her persevered.

"It smells more human than anything, like your tears to be exact" Kagome looked bewildered.

"Tears?" her answer was a nod, "Well it would explain the severe cloudlessness" she tapped her chin, "but who would be crying? And why would it be affecting here?" Just as she asked that, the ‘rain' ceased and the sun bore down upon them once more.

"Uhh...." She was speechless. "Uhm, does it- did it smell specifically like anyone? Anyone that we perhaps know?" this was a very odd situation to be in.

Sesshoumaru growled lowly, apparently not liking the scent attached to the mysterious rain.


"It smells of that woman" he stated shortly ignoring the incredulous look she gave him.

"That's it? ‘That woman' wow what a description Sess" he growled at her in response and she growled impressively back.

"It reeks of the woman that stole Mokomoko" he elaborated, running his hand over the pelt while he spoke, seemingly to ensure that he did indeed have the length of fur with him.

"Which one? The crazy one?"

"They were both crazy, woman" he stated in a clipped tone wanting to end the discussion. He shifted Mokomoko on his shoulder and once again caressed the pelt, it twined around his hand in response.

"Yeah, well one was crazier than the other"

"Hn." The discussion was over.


Many miles away a figure sat in the dark sniffling and wiping her eyes, just finished having a good therapeutic cry. Her eyes were red and her brain was clear. Sniffling again, she stood up from the ground and took up the phone, dialing a number from memory she waited three rings before the other line picked up.

Forgoing any pleasantries as she knew the information she had was way too vital for such nonsense, she forged on. "Hey Nobo, I think I found him." She paused for a second, "I have a plan"

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