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To Remember by Sora-chan

Chapter 1

My response to Nobody's Challenge

Theme: Remember

Word Count:1000

Karma for first post Karma for least amount of words Karma if you include the colour purple

Word Count: 383


Ducking her shoulders, the young miko hid in the underbrush by the clearing. She really could not understand how she kept getting herself into these situations and right now, she wanted to kick herself for not listening to Inuyasha when he told her not to go the springs just yet.

It wasn't her fault that she didn't remember about the incident earlier today. In her haste to wash off the purple goo that ran down her body, she hadn't heeded the half demons word and now she was left cowering behind a small bush for fear of her life.

Looking ahead, she noticed that he hadn't noticed her presence and went to move off; a cold voice cut her retreat short.

"I know you are there miko, I suggest that you do not run" he spoke calmly; she knew that his tone was only belaying the anger she felt sifting through his aura. Heck, she'd be angry too, in fact she was angry.

"As punishment for your transgressions against this Sesshoumaru, you will wash him off this vile...slime"

Growling in offence, the miko raised herself out of the brush and stomped over to the formerly pristine youkai Lord, his nakedness not affecting her in the face of her anger. She refused to take into account that he was just in the same boat as she and had decided to take it out on her.

"Punishment?!It wasn't my fault!" she screeched, "That demon came out of nowhere! How was I supposed to remember that purification would make it explode?" she glared at the youkai male as he merely looked at his claws in indifference to her plight, she decided to take a different approach.

"Besides, how is it that you didn't sense it's approach? Getting slow there in your old age Sesshoumaru?" she taunted, he narrowed his eyes at her.

"You forget your place human," he sneered, "Remember who it is you speak to"

"I seem to recall that you are just as covered in purple entrails as I am Demon,-"

He cut her off, "And that is why you will be cleaning my person of such an imperfection. Now quit dallying and get to it" he ordered, smirking up at her outraged countenance before turning to once more soak comfortably in the pool.


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