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Lunch is Optional by Sora-chan

Lunch is Optional

Hi all! Thank you sooo much for the amazing feedback from Of All the Professions  heres my newest! Enjoy!

Independent Prompt: lunch (this one was a doozey)

Words: 1043


He glared up at her, how dare she look down upon him! Of course he did not take into account that he was lying (sprawled, though he would never admit to such an indecency) on the forest floor and she was hovering over his form. No, she dared to look down upon his person as if he was some common being.

"Sesshoumaru!" came the shrill call of the woman that bent at the waist over him, ignoring his anger he noted that she was wearing that indecent skirt once more. Its indecency was at his advantage along with the wayward wind that obviously wanted him to know just what the little miko wore beneath those ridiculous 'garments'.

Said Demon Lord chose to ignore the fact that the miko in question was apparently in some way angry with him. He decided that it was a more interesting choice of activity to engage his mind in (sightseeing beneath the miko's clothes) than to worry about why she would be peeved at him.

Kagome glared at the demon, she was more in a state of shock than anything else. Yes she was possibly irritated, who wouldn't be? After all, she had slaved away for almost two days to prepare a home-cooked meal for her comrades on this side of the well. But all of that went straight to hell when she came back to camp from washing a few utensils to find her lunch missing.

What shocked her was that it was Sesshoumaru of all persons to, as it appeared; destroy her efforts at being a good alpha female. But seriously, did he have to look so darn smug about it?

"Yes miko?" he asked languidly, stretching from his place on the ground. She ignored the way his muscled pulled taut in her view, or at least she tried to. She licked her lips unconsciously before remembering that she was supposed to be angry.

"You destroyed my lunch!" she screamed again, irate at his stoic handling of the situation, of course she shouldn't have hoped for any difference in his view of the situation, but she had had some smidgen of hope that he would have at the very least felt guilty. No such luck.

"This Sesshoumaru only wished to find out what it was that contained that heavenly smell" he was being truthful, he had merely passed by to speak with the Miko when he was overcome with the strongest urge to find whatever it was that smelt so impossibly good. What happened next, he had no clue, he merely woke to find the miko he had originally come to see hovering over him with hurt and death him her eyes.

"So you destroy our camp?" for once, she was grateful that they had decided to leave her behind while they battled a random demon, she would have hated for any of her friends (Inuyasha especially) to see the Regal Lord in such a state of disarray. She doubted she wanted to know what took place to cause their current predicament and she doubted that he would tell her, but she decided that if he was going to sit there and ignore her ire in favour of discretely looking up her skirt, then she would ogle what had been placed before her also.

He had such a sinful body and it sucked that it was covered in silk every time she saw him, but she didn't mind one bit, this was a scene that would be forever be imprinted in her mind.

"Miko you will stop gazing at this Sesshoumaru" he snapped at her, eyes narrowing lightly. She smirked at him and placed her hand on her hips in a show of defiance.

"Well you see Lord Sesshoumaru if I hadn't came into to camp to see you how you are now, I wouldn't need to ogle, but you see as the situation stands, I do believe that I have a right to do whatever I want right now" his glare intensified at her smug look and a big grin overtook her face. He could do nothing to refute her, anything he did against her at this moment would be detrimental to his ego, honour and pride.

It wasn't everyday that the miko walked in on him, Lord Sesshoumaru nuzzling and cuddling into the warm ground of her camp butt-arsed naked and covered from head to toe in sushi, cake and other food items. He seemed to have a full contented stomach (at her expense) and was looking to create a warm niche to bed down for a nap when she showed up.

"Now we can go about this one of two ways" she began, knowing the hold she currently had over him, "You can help me clean this mess up and then make it up to me or I can leave you here to your own devices and you clean this place up" she magnanimously offered, taking a page out of his own book. If things progressed as planned she would finally have her naked Demon Lord.

Without the Sushi of course.

He eyed her for a moment, as if weighting the request (order, but we would never admit it as such) but in all honesty he was calculating how much time it would take for them to clean up him latest conquest (her futuristic lunch) so he can get on to what he hoped (had been hoping for almost forever) would be his newest conquest, and maybe so much more.

"I'll accept your proposal Miko" he stated standing in all his sushi covered glory and reached for him hakamas.

"Wait" she stopped him, making a note to slowly look him up and down, "I forgot to mention, you don't get to put on clothes" she replied brazenly, a big grin on her face at the shocked looked to over took his, his jaw hung slack as he watched her saunter a few feet away, before bending exaggeratedly at the waist to pick up something. He hadn't known he had it in her, but he didn't let it bother him, as it was it seemed that they both had the same plan today: to have something else in her before the day was through.


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