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Of All the Professions... by Sora-chan

Of All the Professions...

Kagome sits in reflection of her husband's most......unusual job

Word count: 434 words

Independent prompt: Freaky. (A co-worker decided to aid me in my drabble writing, so every day this week he is going to give me a random word prompt and leave me to the rest)


She watched him silently, her face stoic or as stoic as she could manage when it came to him. Once more she was wondering why she didn't listen to her mother when she encouraged her to marry Hojo, he was going to be a doctor, a nice quaint and normal career path.

It wasn't that she didn't love Sesshoumaru, because she did, she loved him with all her heart, but it was times like these that she wished she had put her foot down more when he had first brought the idea of this...unorthodox vocation.  A boxer she could live with granted she hated the sport and the fact that the point was to knock your opponent unconscious just did not sit well with her.

A small sigh escaped her as she watched him prepare for his shift, sure it put food on the table and paid the bills, but that really wasn't why she put up with it as much as she had. The giggle of her toddler brought her back from lala land, and she remembered the main reason for her compliance.

"Kagome, could you help me with this spot?" asked his silky baritone, his voice still made her weak in the knees, even after all these years.

If only he wasn't so cute, taking the powder pad from his outstretched hand, she patted the white powder in place to cover up his glorious markings before using the rouge to outline his cheekbones. He smiled cheekily at her, well appeared cheekily because of the fake red smile that stretched impossibly upwards. He stood to his full height; the loose and shapeless silk outfit he wore served to hide his body from her, under the white and red she knew was the body of a king but for the next few hours he wasn't hers, hers to touch, hers to love, hers to smother.

She sighed again, if only he wasn't so cute though, she missed his hair most of all when these times came around, all that liquid silk under the bright red wig. She shook her head; yes it was freaky, creepy even, but he more than made up for the doctor she didn't want to marry.

There in all his glory, standing regal and proud before her was her husband of countless years, Lord of the Western Lands, Father to her children, and Love of her life, dressed to the nines.

"Kagome could you hand me my nose?" he asked pointing to the bright red ball sitting on a stand beside her. That's right, he regal husband, was a clown.


Not the best I know, but tell me what you think anyways. Critiques welcome and wholly appreciated, Flames will be used to warm my bath water and keep my puppy warm.

Much Love!



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