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Clouded Judgement by Walter205

Chapter 1

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She paced back and forth between the door and the bathroom, almost nibbling on her fingernails in worry.

Really, what did she have to worry about though?

The answer; just about everything.

She had finally let her anger consume her over the situation between her, her boyfriend Inuyasha, and his ex-girlfriend, Kikyo. Breaking past promises to the half Japanese/half American man to keep silent, she had phoned the police with a tip about Kikyo's drug using habits.

She had been found out, and taken into custody. Already talks were going around about charges of drug possession.

Inuyasha had been angry when he had found out, so much so by the apparent betrayal by Kagome that he had sought her out. Thinking that he needed a little time to cool off before she apologized, she had left the house the two of them shared, and was now staying at a local hotel.

Really, she didn't know what had driven her to call the cops in the first place, but it had seemed like a good idea at the time, provided that Kikyo got the help she needed, although now it appears that it won't be the case...

'This is stupid'...she thought.

What was she worrying over?

Mind resolved, she grabbed her purse, heading for the door. There was a local resturant she had wanted to try out for awhile, a place that Inuyasha had swore he would never go to. She unlocked and opened to door, and started to step out...

...only to stop dead still at seeing Inuyasha waiting there for her. A gasp, and almost a yell of suprise, escaped her lips as her heart started hammering in her chest in worry.

"Inuyasha, what...what are you doing here?" asked Kagome in an almost shrill voice.

With responding at first, he held up a piece of paper, before crumpling it.

"A statement of account history I got from the bank we share. Lists the recent activity on the debit card I encouraged you to get and we co-signed for," he stated in a flat and emotionless voice.

The way he said it set off warning bells in the back of her mind. She tried to step past him, but he grabbed her, roughly, and pushed her back into the room. She lost her footing and tripped, falling onto the carpeted ground.

Without wasting any time, he stepped into the room, carefully closing the door and engaging the locks before turning back around to face her.

She had gasped when he had pushed her and she had fallen to the floor. She now looked up at him with wide eyes, her heart hammering about as hard as it could.

"Inuyasha, please, let me explain...," Kagome started, before his hand found her cheek in a backhanded swing, flattening her out into the carpet.

"Explain what? There is no explanation for what you did. Because of you, Kikyo is in jail, and I am left alone. I was hoping going out with you would incite jealousy in her, and that she would use it to become free of addiction and go back to being my old girlfriend, but apparently she didn't think you to be much of a threat...," he growled out as he sank to his knees, straddling her waist.

As the stars faded from her vision, she looked up at him, eyes brimming with unshed tears.

"And you know what? She was right, you are nothing. That bothered you, didn't it...," he stopped when she vigorously shook her head back and forth to emphasize a "no" in response. He backhanded her again, then cupped her chin with one hand, holding her in place, "...yes, it did. So you decided to call the police, have her arrested, so that she would be out of my life, leaving only you to be with me. Well, your plan worked, I'm with you now. What your about to recieve is what you deserve, you bitch."

With so much hatred in finality in his wording, he started to rise, then raised one hand high, clenching it into a fist. With tears running down her face now, Kagome longed to only look aside and not stare at him, but his other hand still held her chin. Her eyes focused on his closed fist, before it plunged downwards and disappeared from her sight. A moment later, pain exploded from her stomach and radiated upwards through her body.

Her eyes widened as the air escaped from her lungs, rushing out of her mouth in one sudden whoosh that accompanied the gasp of pain. The fist came back into her sight, then dissapeared from her vision again as another explosion of pain engulfed her midsection. He started pummeling her, hitting her what she later recounted to be as about seven or eight times, it was hard to tell because of what would happen later blurring her memories.

He stood from her, allowing her to roll over onto her stomach, one hand holding her stomach as the other was used to prop her up onto her knees. She was bent over, crying and almost wailing in constant pain and betrayal.

"Hurts, doesn't it? That pain is a mere fraction of the pain that is haunting my heart and mind right now...," he stated before delivering a swift kick into her stomach, putting so much power behind it that she was almost lifted entirely into the air. She started coughing violently as she collapsed back to the ground, "...your getting there, but it'll take a little more before we are equal..."

Using one hand to grab her hair roughly, the other grabbing her left arm, he hauled her to her feet. He then threw her backwards into the wall. Her head exploded into pain as it rebounded, stars swimming in the tears of her fading vision. Her held her there with one arm on her chest, while the other arm spread apart her legs. Her mind was too far gone by that time to comprehend what was going on, other than a vague awarness.

"Y'know, when I had first learned that Kikyo had been arrested, it was like I had been kicked in the groin...," he breathed before sending his right foot between her legs, impacting her sensitive areas. She craned her head backwards, exposing her neck to him, as the pain radiated up and further compounded the pain and numbess coming from her stomach.

"...heh. I think you've just about had enough. Just like you tossed my trust in you out the window, I think I should do likewise...," he said, as he grabbed her and turned torwards the front of the room. He heaved her up into the air, using his impressive strength to hoist her almost limp body above his head as he started to run forwards.....

* * *

Detective Meiji got out of his car, closing and locking the door behind him. He took a quick glance around, noting both Inuyasha's and Kagome's vehicles in the parking lot. He had suggested, when he had interviewed her following her tip off and statement about Kikyo, that she stayed away from her boyfriend for a few days. However, the bank they used had called him, saying that he had accessed the account history, something that he had flagged the bank to warn him about.

He loosened the safety strap on his pistol as he approached her room, a little afraid of what he would find once inside. He had been with the force for about ten years now, having joined when he was eighteen. He had seen a lot of these types of situations, and only about half of the time did they end well, and the boyfriend was not the personality profile fit for a good ending...

He did not have to worry about knocking or kicking down the door though. As he approached, an expanding shadow brought his attention to the window next to the door.

In an explosion of glass, Kagome came flying through it, landing on the pavement and rolling several times before hitting the front fender of her car and coming to a stop, laying on her back, cuts from the glass crisscrossing her face and upperbody.

He immediatly went to her side and checked to see if she was still breathing, which she was, albiet somewhat raggedly. Her eyes blinked, however slowly, a sign that she was still awake and aware. He started to whip out his radio and call for an ambulance, when movement from his side caused him to look up.

Inuyasha had come through the window, and was now staring at her, totally ignoring him. Returning the favor, he stroked her cheek as he whispered to her that everything would be okay. Perhaps it was because of the adrenaline rush, but Inuyasha was able to hear every word that the man said to his girlfriend.

"I'll be the one to be the judge of that. First she betrays my trust, and now, who are you? Her secret lover? Fucking bitch, can't trust anyone these days. Hell is the only decent place for a bitch like her," he said vehemently, picking up a long sharp glass shard. Holding it tighltly to his hand, he let out a blood curling scream as he charged her prone form.

Never taking his gaze from her face, he pulled out his Beretta nine-mil, and with pin-point aim, which over the years had earned him the unwanted nickname of Sesshomaru, or the the killing perfection, pulled the trigger. The bullet traveled less than three feet before slamming into Inuyasha's chest, throwing him backwards into the wall below the window. The bullet having exploded his heart, Inuyasha was already dead before his body hit the ground and lay still, his soul already well on it's journey into the deepest depths of hell.

Engaging the safety and putting the pistol back into it's holster, Detective Jack Meiji cupped her face with both of his hands, looking into her dulling eyes.

"Miss, stay with me, help is on the way, listen to me, you'll be alright...," she could faintly hear him telling her...



9 months later



She sighed softly as she relaxed into the depths of the hammock, glancing over at her latest 'boyfriend' with a huge smile, with one or two silver teeth being the only reminder of her ex-boyfriend's assault upon her face. If one looked at her skin with a microscope, one perhaps could see the faint pale skin of where the glass had cut her soft, delicate skin....

Jack 'Sesshomaru' Meiji shook his head to clear his thoughts. He had been glad to have saved one, there were two previous such incidents where he had arrived too late to save the girl's life. It had been a near thing, but Kagome had pulled through and would make a full recovery. He had been there every step of the way, and had ensured that she would recover. During the process the two of them had developed feelings for one another, and at first a friendship had bloomed, although now it was starting to blossom into something more.

His gaze was lost into her's, even as across the sandy beach the sun was setting into the waters of the Sea of Japan...

The End


 A/N: This story was the first of the reward oneshots I promised. I won't name who it was for (mainly for the reason I keep forgetting) but I will PM them a link so they'll know it's theirs. =D


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