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Numbing the Pain by Angelic Memories

Setting the Stage

 Numbing the Pain - Part One

                Setting the Stage

Does it hurt?

A single question still passed the filter of the mind floating briefly before all other thoughts.

Does it hurt?

Stupid question-she scoffed at it, scowling the idea that was planted into her mind.

Of course it hurt! She had told herself silently but never once did she show that pain.

Cheery smiles and bright tearless eyes painted her face as she moved through the world. Never, for the sake of those around her, would she let emotion other than her faked happiness show. But...

It hurt like hell-

At least then it did. Now was a different story.

The pain had dulled and though it lingered every so often it was bearable. Something capable of being controlled so she could move on with her life. Three long years had passed by at a crawl since she had wished away the jewel, bringing about the end of the hunt. It was the arachnid that had the last laugh as he died but not before he deposited cruel words to choke her with pain tempting her to face the cold-hard truth of reality and destroy herself.

"Does it hurt..." he began in that silky tone only barely hinting his own pain from the injuries with each syllable, "to know that he sees someone-no something-else when he looks to you in his passion? Does it hurt to know that you had been used and tossed to the side like a child would ignore an old pet?"

"I don't know what you're speaking about," she hissed between clenched teeth.


That moment he sunk to his knees and descended to the ground in a slow pace, much like one of those movies. Those red eyes glossed over as the soul of the evil hanyou moved from the flesh form that had held it for so long of this realm to the next. Unable to pull her gaze from the sight of the fallen hanyou she simply stared while letting his words sink into the deep pits of her mind.

Does it hurt?

She pondered for a moment unsure how to describe her feelings now...three years later.

It hurts, but not as much, she settled.

More than anything it was pride that hurt her. Pride. After all the living dead miko was a being that had already passed on. Kikyou's soul was in fact hers and yet he still went to her. Kagome, an actually living being, came second. Pride. It hurt because the hanyou chose to be with a cold-hearted bitch that would never actually 'warm' the bed since she had no real body warmth. Pride. The half inu had come to her, sought her out completely depressed one night. The sorrows in his eyes were too much for her and she long to bring back that happiness. Not once did she question why he was sad. Near the hot springs within Inuyasha's forest she let him have his way with her away from the others staying within the village. If anyone had come across them they might have thought it was rape. It took him no time to tear her blouse from her chest, shredding the front so it laid open and dangled in stripes over her pale shoulders and slender arms. The skirt was bunched up around her hips while claws tore open her bra, the other ripping away the panties.

That night she was terrified, her face didn't let it show and she knew Inuyasha was too caught up in the moment to sense her fear in her aura. Her breath caught in her throat as he pressed forward, his proud erection tearing her walls, ripping away her innocence, and stretching her virgin walls all at once. The pain made her gasp but she refused to cry out. He dived out and immediately pressed forward, with more force than before, not letting her get use to the intrusion. A tear had to be fought back as he continued to pound into her. The ordeal wasn't pleasant and she completely refused to let anyone ever touch her again. One time for her was enough and any woman who enjoyed such torture was insane. Suddenly she felt the half inu tense up as he reached his release, he gave a few last thrust before wrenching away from her. In silence he fixed his attire and looked over to the miko who was sitting up slowly and covering herself from prying eyes.

"Are you okay," he had asked.

Does it hurt?

She hated at that moment the uncomfortable face painted across his face. A dawning sunk into his eyes as if he just noted who the woman beneath him was. The pain of her body from the act and that of her heart would be placed in the back of her mind; she forced herself not to dwell on it.

"Yeah," hidden beneath the mask of her cheery illusion she was screaming to tell the truth, "I'm fine... I'm going to get a bath."

He only nodded, got up and walked away leaving her alone. Hot water soothed the sore muscles and she found herself crying letting the salt water mix in the fresh heat pool of water she sat in. That had been a few months before killing that arachnid. He didn't come to her again, which she was grateful for, and she never let another male touch her. Miroku had pressed his luck too many times and finally learnt to leave her alone. It help immensely that he had finally married Sango. The two were working on their second child and lived, with the miko, in the old slayer village. Kohaku couldn't be saved, though the slayer was aware this might have happened she became depressed for some time after. Inuyasha wandered with Kikyou, they hadn't seen hide or hair from him in months. Kagome traveled between Edo and the slayer's village. Kaede had been bed ridden, her old age final hitting her hard, and a couple days ago passed away.

The elder miko had taken in an apprentice to train when Kagome had told her that she had been honoured to be chosen but her permanent place would be with her feudal era family. The well had sealed, she was sure it had to be due to the jewel being gone now. Unable to reach her real family she wanted to stay with the makeshift family she loved so dearly. Shippo finally started calling her mother; he chose to stay with Sango and Miroku in case they needed something from a nearby village seeing that the slayer was well into her seventh month. She was currently on her way to her new home; the woman would be midwife to the second child and she wanted to be there as soon as possible, one never knew if a baby would decided to arrive early. Lead by the light stars the miko picked her way through the forest. Something sparked her attention and she whirled on her feet conjuring a pale white almost blue sphere of her evolved power.

"I know you're there, come out and play," she growled.

"Hn," a familiar aura reached her the voice betraying the visitor's position behind her.

"Sesshomaru," she greeted casually turning to face the inu lord.

The globe in her hand shrunk, slowly melting back into her hand to show she intended no harm. Surprised to see the taiyoukai she looked over his pristine form. A long silver stream swam most of the length of his form in a loose blanket. It glittered almost white under the light of the night with faint hints of blue. Orbs of gold like sunlight never flickered emotion but she was learning to read the unspeakable within their depths. Each marking that marred his porcelain-like face ordered all beings to show respect the male for his status. From the magenta stripes adorning his cheeks, as well as wrist, to the crescent moon atop his forehead, each spoke of his power in youkai society, he had told her this during one of her visits. The snow white silk of his haori and hakamas were as usual spotlessness, of course many times she wandered how he could keep the material clean. Bone plated armour with a thin spiked arch over his left shoulder, protected him through any light or medium attacks. The white fluffy pelt over his left shoulder was still a mystery to her. Both arms intact, his explanation was simply that it had needed time to grow back, unlike humans a youkai was capable of regenerating any part of themselves, other than for their head. Snugly tied to his side were both of his swords, Tenseiga sheathed while the blade of Toukijin remained bare and exposed.

"Miko," he acknowledged in a cool, impassive tone but the woman could sense the slight warmth he offered to a selective few.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled when a few moments of silence passed between them, "is there something you needed?"

Sesshomaru had demonstrated an acceptance of her presence some time before the battle against the hanyou. Apparently he had overheard her speaking to her 'pack' many times and deducted her situation with the Bone Eater's Well. The time travelling miko had an importance in this time and so he came to her one night, blocking her path to her group telling her he had information he wished to share with her. There was obviously a condition. The scrolls were ancient and part of his personal library for many generations. According to tradition he was unable to allow another to have them without his presence. Nodding in understanding the miko came up with a fabrication to tell his half brother. Yet, it wasn't all a lie. Rin had caught a cold and so as the miko was escorted to his camp he explained that perhaps she could look his ward over. For the next couple of days the woman spent her time treating Rin and reading the parchment. It spoke to her of a power that any Shrine Maiden chosen as Guardian and Protector of the realm could access. This was the power she was able to unlock from deep within to kill the evil hanyou that plagued the world for so long.

There were many visits after this. As a human, a woman, and a miko the being before him made for the perfect model and teacher for his human ward. He didn't enjoy the thought of teaching the young female about heat, fertility, and something Kagome causally called 'the birds and the bees' which he assumed to be the act of rutting, but was unsure why she would feel so uncomfortable saying it in plain words. He left it alone though letting her take the teaching into her own hands.

"No, but there's trouble ahead, this Sesshomaru seeks your safety for the sake of Rin and wishes for you to loop around the two battling fronts."

Kagome frowned. War was breaking out a little more often lately. It was inevitable though, she supposed remembering her history classes that she had hated so much.

"Youkai or human?" she inquired slowly.

Sesshomaru didn't say a thing then turned to guide her around the danger leaving the miko to assume human. If it had been youkai she would have been fine, her powers would keep her safe from anything that attacked her. However, she could not purify an assault from a human male. Trained in short blades, she discarded her bow some time ago since her new abilities allowed her to produce one made solely of her shimmering reiki.

"How do you know where I am heading?" she broke her thoughts leaping over a small branch of a fallen tree.

"The only places you reside in now are Edo and the village the slayer and monk have made their home," his answers were rare and she relished that he spoke to her so easily now.

There were times she would sit and talk with the inu, mostly the conversation was filled with her voice but his would interrupt every so often. They had grown comfortable with each other. Sesshomaru enjoyed her presence more than any other pesky female. At first his assumption about this was due to her connection with his ward. Yet the black haired beauty soon visited during times, like now, when he patrolled alone, meaning Rin was busy with a lesson back at the Western Palace.

"This Sesshomaru would like you to come to the fortress and speak to Rin," he added.

Stopping before her Kagome nearly piled into the tall male's back.


"Are you busy?" he looked over his shoulder for a brief moment before turning his attention to the forest to his right.

Not really sure why her own eyes were drawn to the area he was staring intently at as she replied: "Well, Sango is quite far along in her pregnancy. She's carrying low and heavy meaning difficulties and possibly twins... or one big baby," she contemplated but continued on a second later, "Either way I would like to say close until the baby-ies are born."

"Hn," an arm shot out to push her further back as he side stepped to stand in front of her blocking her view; an instinctive stance.

 A slight ring echoed immediately followed by the inu extracting Toukijin. Confused Kagome flared her aura and received no response. This meant one thing... human. Sighing with annoyance she erected a barrier that wouldn't be passable or seen by any mere man. She was shocked to see a black haired hanyou walk into the circle of trees.

"Inuyasha," she mumbled with uncertainty if she was simply greeting his presence or questioning it.

"Kagome what are you doing with him?" he growled with a white knuckled hand grasping the hilt of an untransformed Tessaiga.

With the hanyou gone she never really paid attention to which nights were those of the new moon. His sudden clawless, fangless appearance cause her eyes to look to the sky, but the clear, open, blanket of stars was blocked by the thick foliage of trees.

"I don't have time for this," she whispered with a sad shake of her head.

"But you have time for this bastard!"

Every once in a while she wanted to purify the half inu. At instances like these she admired Sesshomaru in his will to keep calm and quiet. Her own mask was covered in little fissures compared to his. When she was young she might have thought that this appreciation and awe of him was a form of love but being older she knew that it was only admiration. She admired the full blooded inu very much and it was an honour to be in his presence. This lifestyle of hers was comfortable and she enjoyed letting him be a small part of it. There was no such thing as love, not in her heart at least. Not anymore.

"No, I don't have time for any of this," she replied coolly, turning on the centre of her heel to leave in the direction the inu had been guiding her.

"Wait a minute where the hell are you going!?" the hanyou yelled.

"Home," she groaned.

"I want to talk to you!" Inuyasha narrowed his eyes to his brother but rush passed him to catch the woman's arm.

"About what?" the miko tugged the appendage away from the half inu and stopped her stilled to pay her attention to him.

Directing his attention to his hated half brother he barked: "Go away!"

"This Sesshomaru has already made a promise to the miko and will not let any honour be spent upon breaking it," he explained boredly.

"Kagome tell the bastard things are fine and he can leave," he grabbed her arms nails biting into her arms.

"Inuyasha what do you want?" she reiterated.

She didn't have to wait for an answer. There was lust in his eyes. Kikyou must have vanished, she was certain the clay pot must have issues with his human form. Noting that it was Inuyasha's time of heat she could easily deduct what he wanted.

"No," she replied trying to tug away.

"Why not? You didn't have a problem before," he growled.

Does it hurt?

She hated lying. Every once in a while she forced herself to for the sake of her friends. With Sesshomaru she never had to lie, not just because he could sense untruth but his lack of emotion guaranteed that he would not overreact. Right then she didn't give a damn about what anyone heard, thought, or even if Inuyasha was hurt by her words: "Because, Inuyasha you practically raped me last time. I gave my consent but you didn't have to be so damn rough. I am not some bitch you can fuck like no tomorrow. I expected you to have some consideration since it was my first time but you didn't give a rat's ass. Never again will I let someone use by body, including you. I'm sure there's some village whore you can take the pain of your heat out on. Or you can find your clay pot bitch and rape her. I won't be her replacement when she doesn't accept you!"

Does it hurt?

Not as much, it was still there, lingering there beneath the surface, but the outburst cause her to get rid of some of the pain. Managing to swing out of his shock grasp she headed out of the little clearing. Sesshomaru smirk mentally at the half breed being put into place by the fierce woman. Yet it bugged him to hear her raw confession. It pained his beast, a creature of pleasure, to know that she had yet to feel the gentleness of a male's hand, and the passion filled sky she could reach if only she would let it happen.

"Inuyasha," he snapped sharply in a way to grab his attention, "this Sesshomaru will kill you should you step anywhere near the miko from this point onwards. This Sesshomaru is certain you are aware that it is within my right with this change of circumstances."

"I didn't rape her!" he hissed jaw tightening.

"Truth radiates from the woman's words. This Sesshomaru's court would side with the miko far before they side with a traitor," the inu, in a truce slid his weapon into place, "A violent sexual act against a human is still unacceptable."

A dumbfounded look crossed the hanyou's face when he realized the inu was serious: "Why protect the stupid bitch, she's a human don't ya remember?"

Fighting the need to chuckle lightly at his stupidity the inu chose to turn his back, a slightly disrespectful show to the hanyou, before he answered: "Why does it concern you?"

The inu trailed after the scent of jasmine blossoms meanwhile letting his senses follow the hanyou to ensure that he would not follow. Inuyasha smartly turned away; the half breed was aware that youkai society frowned upon rape and his case would not be hidden since he had abandoned his post and rejected his own blood, his own father. Determination laced his eyes as the woman entered his line of vision.

"Sesshomaru please go away," the woman spoke up when she felt his presence draw into hearing distance.

His nose picked up her emotions. She was fighting between the indifference she had learnt to show and anger mixed with sorrow and pain. Following her a short distance he waited until she whirred on her feet to face him.

"Please just leave!" she growled trying to hold back her emotions but failing.

The eruption from her was also a moment she let her guard down meaning he was completely capable of slipping closer and sealing his lips to hers in a soft kiss which she deserved. At first she was too stunned to move but she regained her senses and pushed the inu away.

"What are you doing?" her voice low not from the affects of the kiss but because of her underlining warning.

"This Sesshomaru would like to show you true pleasure in which you were robbed," his honesty was something that Kagome enjoyed, not once did he sugar coat things; it was always the cold, hard truth.

"I don't want to sleep with another man ever, ever again," she resolved.

"It's a good thing this Sesshomaru is not a man," he countered snaking an arm around the miko's waist to stop any attempts of her running away, "Male but not man."

"Sesshomaru please, let me go," her body remained still in waiting for him to oblige to her wishes as he usually did.

"Perhaps we can make a deal," he began.

"What kind of deal?"

"Let this Sesshomaru spend some of the night to ease you into the act, should you wish to stop then you will be set free," he proposed.

"Fine," she smirked, "I want to stop," she replied after a pause.

"Miko, my beast hasn't even begun," he hated her stubbornness and yet loved it all at the same time.

"And I don't want it to so please release me," she requested.

"One hour, let this Sesshomaru have one hour," he argued.

"No! In less than twenty minutes Inuyasha ripped me apart. You're a full inu, I don't want to even think about what you might be capable of in an hour," her response cause the red in his eyes to form.

The beast had responded to what tale laid within her words not the rejection. Kagome didn't know this though.

"If you try to rape me Sesshomaru I will purify you," she choked now tugging from him.

"The half breed must pay," he growled.

"What? Why?" she was confused about his change of topic.

"An inu should take pride in the ability to please a woman; he however, shows nothing of the sort. Let this Sesshomaru show you," he whispered the last phrase huskily.

"Sesshomaru I... I can't. Please just let go," she begged now struggling from his firm grasp.

"Give this Sesshomaru twenty minutes with clothes remaining in place," he challenged.

"What ... are you insane? I told you: no," she stilled at his proposal though.

"If you feel pain at all then you could always attempt to purify me," he added closing the distance between their chests with a short yank.

Defying her attempts to pull away he leaned in to capture the soft, full lips of his prisoner. After a mere ten minutes in his arms she would be too weak in the knees to say no. That night he would have her, of course it was only to show her, prove to her there was more than pain to be felt, no real reason behind it. She didn't respond to the kiss and after a moment pulled away.

"I must return to the village and lingering here will take away travel time," she explained.

"This Sesshomaru will fly you home afterwards."

"What? No... no, that's not necessary. Just let me go and uh... I will find you after Sango gives birth," she fought for time seeing that he seemed rather determined.

"Hn," his beast snarled in its restraints, "Miko, if you run from this you will run for the rest of your life."

"For some reason I'm okay with that," she pointed out with a shrug.

"You would let yourself have a weakness through a silly fear?" his grip loosened.

"It's not a weakness," she growled jumping at the opportunity to unwind from the inu's arm.

"Fear grows when it is not faced right away. Eventually you might not be able to let a male graze at you because of the growth of this uneasiness," to prove a point he brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek.

There was a slight shiver down her spine, part from her fear and part because of the gentleness of his caress. She was suddenly alone in the clearing though as she turned her head from side to side in search of the inu. It depressed her immensely that he had left without notice. Flaring her reiki she tried to pick up on his aura, but he was one of the only ones who could completely vanish from her senses if he wanted to.

Does it hurt?

Would letting another in take away the pain completely? Trust was something someone had to earn from her now and Sesshomaru was one she trusted above all others. Each of those whom she travelled with knew this and slowly they grew comfortable with the fact that the miko would vanish to visit the inu and his pack, particularly Rin.

"Sesshomaru," she growled half in annoyance for letting him make her feel guilty, half worried that his offer would be taken back and he had moved too far to hear.

Something wrapped around her waist forcing the being to cover her mouth to muffle the high pitch scream ringing through his ears.

"Miko," he rumbled from behind, his breath brushed her ear before he licked the outer edge.

"Ah... wait," attempting to pull away from the startling touch.

"What now?"

He knew the woman thought a lot, too much sometimes, and figured she would talk herself into it. Lingering in the trees out of view he waited for a sign that she would let him continue. Perhaps he had returned too soon.

"Not here," she bit out unable to believe that she was actually breaking the vow she made so long ago.

"Hn," tucked beneath the contour of his mouth was a slight smirk.

Fully aware the area was too open and too close to danger if he was going to place himself in a vulnerable state he noted the locations nearby. They were close to the border of his lands, a place far safer and he knew exactly where the miko might be more comfortable. Disbelief filled the woman's eyes when the inu picked her up to cradle across her arms. Sesshomaru was not usually one to be seen carrying, anyone, or anything for that matter. But he would make an exception. Not a soul would be seeing them and perhaps contact would help alleviate the fear she had built up. Crooning within his cage his beast tried to claw its way through the bars of his controlling counterpart but fail miserably. Taking to the sky with his precious cargo he swiftly headed to one particular place of interest. Kagome didn't mind the flight but she twitched nervously in the inu firm, unyielding grasp. The cold of the air bit her nose, ears, and fingers so she turned her face into the fur pelt near her head and tucked fingers into the nearest warm material reachable, one of Sesshomaru's haori sleeves.

"Sesshomaru where are we going?" she asked in a hesitant whisper muffled by her position.

He said nothing as he let his form drop from the sky; the miko let a tiny eep escape but clamped her mouth shut to stop the annoying sound. Feet landed soundlessly on the ground and the miko jumped at the opening to move away from the inu as he lowered her to her own feet. When she moved to face the usually stoic male she was bombarded with the reality of what she had agreed to. A part of her told her to run and yet her stubborn side agreed with Sesshomaru. It wouldn't do to fear something so irrational. But she didn't like pain and she hated the feeling of a male's flesh because it reminded her of the clumsy, rough hands of the ignorant half-inu. Too caught in her thoughts she didn't look around the small forest clearing. The trees and foliage acting like a barrier from the rest of the world. It kept away any coolness felt from the fall season breeze. The ground cushioned by the soft moss and grass. A couple of large smooth boulders littered the outskirts of the camp. The beauty of the natural glow of the moss overlooked as she pondered further the extent of what she truly wanted.

"What are you doing?" she stepped back from the taiyoukai and turned to see his fingers were under the sides of his armour to find the ties of bone plate binding around his chest, "You said..."

"You should be honoured that this Sesshomaru would allow you to see my form armour-less," he couldn't help but hiss with displeasure at her even though he knew being human meant she had a lack of knowledge at certain gestures.

One swift move and he tossed the heavy armour to the side. His swords were dropped to the ground in a carelessness that he had never really shown before. It had been a while since he had tasted a woman and in his eager need he held no pretences that he would usually show. The miko was beyond that of an average woman. If only to himself he admitted that he trusted her with his life. Yet another could never know how much he trusted a human, even one as powerful and sweet smelling as her, and thankfully she was oblivious to his gestures and the meaning of them in youkai society. With each heavy bone plate out of the way he placed his hands in the air in a truce to show her he had no intention of breaking the clause of their agreement, his clothed form, until she asked for it.

Golden hues scanned her form. Black waves of thick locks flowed over her shoulders to her waist. She had chosen some time ago to let it grown and his ward had been an immediate copy cat. The sapphire eyes were the key to understanding her emotions, he had learnt as he observed her develop and change. Her emotions were something that had always been unstable. In the range of five seconds she could move between three or four different feelings. Her aura had been a dead giveaway to how a situation was affecting her. Now however she wouldn't let her face show anything. One had to catch her off guard, or study those deep tones that matched the horizon where the sea would meet the sky. Over the past few years her womanly waves of the body moved from lanky and clumsy, to slender filled curves. Her breast swelled against the white haori of her shrine priestess garb she wore when travelling away from the village she called home.  There was a dip in her figure for her slim waist, now a little fuller rather than the meagre stick she had been when she first began her travels, he liked the little extra weight that she put on filling out the curve of her hips and he was certain that he would find her ass firm and round when he was finally able to grasp in his claws.

The slight movement of her foot caught his attention. Her stance was that of someone who might run at any second. Not one for not getting his way he decided it would be for the best to make the first move instead of letting her work herself in hysterics while trying to summon the courage to approach him. He took a step forward to grasp a shoulder and turn her back to him so she could crush her form against his. A conveniently placed tree was the perfect support for Sesshomaru to slide down gracefully to sit upon the softened forest floor. A gasp of surprise emitted from her briefly followed by a shutter of fear when she felt the bump of his 'excitement' against the small of her back.

"Miko, this Sesshomaru will make you scream until you can't no more and only when that silky voice of yours is too hoarse to cry any longer will I take you into oblivion to feel a pleasure far beyond your wildest dreams," he warned in a mischievous mock.

Nose nuzzling her neck to take in the waves of jasmine of her natural essence, he vowed that his scent would be so deeply embedded by the end of the night no male would linger near her. It would be his way of protecting her, ensuring that a weak male wouldn't seek her out and force her against her will. In all technicalities she was part of his pack. Spending so much time in the company of him forced his beast to form a bond. Until he found a mate she was the alpha female, caring for his ward, his young. Ancient customs stated as her alpha it was duty and responsibility that guided his actions, or so he reasoned, hence the reason he watched her so. Protecting, observing, teaching, and eventually he would force her to settle down to mate someone that was worthy of the high status that her title brought.

The affect of his low voice and the gentle caress of his skin against hers sent a shiver down her spine. How was it possible that this cold-heart inu who showed no emotion or affection to anyone could be so gentle? Inuyasha was never gentle even though he looked to be kind-hearted under the tough facade that he hid under. Her body was very conscious of the hand sprawled over the flat of her belly and the other attempting to sooth her through tracing swirls and random patterns down her arm. Every stroke it would dip lower until it rested at her thigh. Although still completely clothed she worried, staring at the intruding appendage nearing her sacred region and fighting the need to push it away like a pestering fly. Her full attention on observing the limb writing unknown words, the kanji of his name, on her thigh left him free to move the hand holding her waist upwards to palm the bound breast through the material of the white cotton haori.

With a stunned gasp she tried to back away from the sudden touch only managing to press herself more firmly to the inu behind her. With a lick of his tongue brushing her ear he chuckled with a sort of delight lacing the deep octaves of the sound. He nipped her lobe before paying his interest to the pulse hidden in the hollow of her neck. Pressing his lips over it he pulled the skin into his mouth and suckled letting the blood rise up to mar her pale white skin. The hand lifting and moulding the soft mound and locating a hardening nipple he pinched it between his two fingers and thumb and rolled it. He was rewarded with a deep inhale of breath which he could hear catch in her throat. Just faint in the night air was the hint of her arousal. But the light scent drifted away before he could establish what she smelt like.

Between his legs the miko sat still, her mind told her that logically she should stay, she made a deal after all and she wasn't one not to break her word. But her traitorous body scared her. An emptiness that she never felt before stirred with the small ministrations the male heeded to her body. In the mists of her mind going blank she didn't see his fingers dip from her inner thigh to cup folds of her womanhood through the red material of her pants just as fingers grasped the neighbouring tit to treat it to a pleasuring roughness. Scared she bucked away and by instinct the male bit more forcefully on the neck, he had just reacted forgetting that the miko was human and not some bitch needing to be tamed. Kagome moan closing her eyes, his groan following from the movement of her ass against his stiffening length. He wanted anxiously to have her beneath him, but this position would force him to focus solely on her needs until she was ready.

Noting that she wasn't focusing on his hands too dreadfully any longer they slipped beneath the hem of her clothes. His work was accomplished with one hand in a hastened pace before the woman could stop him, loosening the outer layer of her upper garment. Much to his pleasant surprise the only thing blocking her bare skin from his touch was a thin cloth binding, usually wore to reduce the movement of the breast for the female's that fought. The tight cotton material could easily be replaced so he severed it in two between the valley of her breasts with a slip of his claw.

Kagome snapped her eyelids back when she felt his hand beneath her clothing, tip of a claw flicking over the sensitive nub. Ready to pull away she stopped unable to bite back the throaty moan as his other hand abandoned her slightly awakened heat to treat both tits equally. He rolled the buds and moved the snug weight in his open palms, sculpting the mass like an artist. Her back bowed away from him, offering more of her chest for him to torture. Their position stopped him from soothing the swollen tits with his tongue but there would be plenty of time for such things later. Crawling over, in a dominating position above her might bring fear into her eyes, an emotion that would ruin his plans.

Sparks danced with intensity through her. It began in her chest but crept in a timid crawl down to create a swirl of confusion in the pit of her stomach before it crept lower to heat and pool between her legs. Head flying back to find support against the strong muscular shoulder padded by the inu's pelt. Her grasp fisted in the white silk of wrapping around the legs framing her body. The curving of her back let the material around her shoulders slip to gather at her elbows, leaving her chest completely bare. Swiftly he pulled the material away from her liking the sound of semi-disappointment form in her chest when the heat of his ministrations stopped to expose her to the cool night air. His hand snaked around her waist after discarding the garment somewhere to the side. A quick flick of his wrist loosened the red material blocking his access to the sacred jewel he hunted. The appendage slithered beneath the garment and what felt like a sort of loincloth.

Willingly the miko had found herself letting the inu pull away her top. She could even feel his hands wander closer and closer to that what she had protected so desperately. Holding her breath she waited to feel the pain she had before but as the warmth of his fingers brushed against the heated sensitive flesh of her womanhood she moaned loudly, more so than she had would have liked. One slender finger pad slipped to tease the pearl hidden from view causing her to gasp against her will. Circling around the clit the inu pressed more firmly against it. A spike in her arousal let him take in the heavenly scent. The delightful natural spice was unlike anything he had ever had the pleasure of scenting. Growling he unwillingly buck against her urging the woman to feel the harden member stimulated from the simple satisfaction of teasing her so.

As he worked the bead of nerves between his fingers the free arm tangled around her to hold the woman writhing in his grasp still. Her breath came in pants the little mews utterly beautiful sounds to his ears. With her head tilted back he could clearly make out the whispers of his name, the hold on his hakamas tightened in a white knuckled grasp. Close, she was nearing that border swaying from one side to the other. Choosing not to tease her this time, he brought his lips close to her ear letting them linger against the skin so it was caressed with each whispered word.

"Don't fight it miko. Let it take you away. Let it wash over you."

A fang abraded the sensitive lobe just as his claws tenderly graze against her clit. The whirls and swirls were too much. Her body and mind weren't agreeing with what she should do. Trusting the words that came from the male she let her body sinking to the waves crashing through her body. They tugged and pulled her deeper and deeper with each fiery caress until she couldn't handle it anymore. She cried out as the heat in her body grew to unbearable fevers; the hands working her skin finally bringing her the relief she needed as her chest heaved uncontrollably and she was dragged out of the passion stupor when her release passed.

Sesshomaru removed his hands as her orgasm washed over her but not before slipping a finger over her opening to douse the digit in the nectar created from his labour. Kagome looked wide-eyed at the drench appendage that swooped from her to his awaiting mouth, his tongue darted around the limb licking the liquid, the whole thing captivating her so she could pull away from his actions.

Pride bubbled deeply within; he was certain that in her taste she would want more.

Now for the teasing, he mused in the thoughts that played in his mind.

Arms draped around her waist, under her breasts and his chin rested on the shoulder adorned by the angry red love bite he had left. He quite enjoyed the feeling of the soft, smooth, skin of velvet. Holding her, taking in her scent of arousal and jasmine blending as one with his calmed him and his beast. It was the single most comfortable moment in his long life. Not once had he been so relaxed with anyone in his presence. He had to resist squeezing the underside of the mound brushing him with each of her easing intake for air. Certainly a little more than confused the miko turned to watch him, the angle awkward but she managed.

"Why did you stop?" she asked surprising herself at the boldness, need, and want that drowned the tone.

His golden eyes danced as his plan was set into motion: "Did this Sesshomaru not promise, no more than twenty minutes?"

"Huh?" she knew of his promise but surely the time frame set had not come to an end so soon.

The thought depressed her more than anything. Sesshomaru had kept to his word. The feelings of passion that she should have felt were there, it just took the right touch to bring it forth. One time she had thought she was broken; after all she had heard Sango's screams of pleasure multiple times when she stumbled across the two accidently in her wanders. It relieved her to no ends to see that she wasn't unable to feel the way one was suppose to. But of course that made her long for more and from the hardened massive bulge stressed against the small of her back she was mindful the inu lord needed relief as well.

"Uh..." she lowered her voice as her head dropped to look at the ground between her still clothed legs, "you can... continue... if you want."

"What do you want miko?" he amused his hand with the erect nipple.

"It doesn't matter," she whispered biting her bottom lip.

"Hn," he smirked licking his lips tantalized by the woman's movement. "But it does matter. This Sesshomaru will not take that which is not given to him."

She snorted in doubt whispering a 'yeah right' more to herself than to the inu who could hear her clearly.

"Come miko I will take you back to your village as promised," he replied instead of commenting on the remark made, knowing full well that she was right.


"Our bargain," he jogged her memory.

"But," a single silver brow arched as the miko moved to kneel between his legs, a hand on each shoulder as she locked her gaze with his, "but... I..."

Words were mouthed in a near silence. Human ears would not be able to hear the stuttered quick confession and he played with that for a moment.

"You speak too softly miko, what is it that you want from this Sesshomaru?"

"I... I want you to... show me, teach me what it's like to feel. Please Sesshomaru just... take me," there was still that hesitation in her voice but that fear was being drowned, slowly killed piece by piece from his attentions.

He answered her by pulling her towards him. The claws tangled in her raven tresses as their lips meet in a passionate kiss. He pulled at the flesh that she had teased him with moments earlier into his mouth, fangs tugging the skin, bruising it lightly. The woman gasped and he let a tongue sooth the injury as her moan vibrated between the two of them. Curiously she let the muscle of her mouth move budging the inu to pay attention to it rather than her lips. The dance moved slowly at first, aiding the woman into the tender gestures. But the advances increase pace to some invisible beat only heard by the couple. Faint from the lack of breath the miko was grateful when he pulled away. Instantly she was on her back, her arms in a reflexive move wrapped around the inu's neck at her sudden backwards motion, but he let his form fall with hers until they were laying soundly on the ground.

The warmth of his body moved away and in a visible show he brought his claws to the tie of his haori, a way of letting the miko stop him should she wish it. Her gulp was silent but she didn't protest as the silk slipped away exposing the planes and dips of his robust chest. His form was much like an artiste had chiselled deep curves and valleys outlining the tight coil of muscles located just under the many layers of skin. Fingers twitched at her sides, where they remained fearful of touching the perfection. Flawless skin pale and soft to the touch told her that after this night she would never find such a find male to be with ever again. He leaned down millimetres from her lips so they brushed her with every uttered syllable.

"I'm yours to touch," he murmured, his voice low filled with the lust he wasn't able to hide any longer.

Vaguely, noting the informality of the phrase, she hesitantly lifted the trembling limbs to cling to his arms in a way to make certain he wouldn't be leaving. A slight squeeze of the powerful appendages led her to dragging her fingers over the taunt muscles. His biceps flexed under the pads of her fingers as lowered more of his weight on them so as to press his bare torso against hers. Slipping his tongue over her lips, he let then let it slip pass the enticing petals and plunged to taste the heavenly vanilla nectar of her mouth and dominated the cavern in a fierce battle. Her lack of air had him withdrawing again but he let his kisses fall over the contours of her body to her cleavage. Indulging his beast, the inu let his mouth latch to the top side of her mound and ornamented her skin with another red blotch on her delicate mortal skin. Transferring his weight to his knees, shifted to straddle the curves of her thighs, so one hand could lift the mass of her breast as he licked in increasingly smaller circles around the areola until his tongue surfed over tip, rigid from his ministrations. His other claw-tipped fingers teased the neighbouring weight, the sharp edges of his nails scraped against the tender flesh.

A soft groan filled his ears and the length between his legs became painfully hard as he was brutally hit with the sweet fragrance of her arousal. His beast growling in its constrain it demanded to taste that which it could smell, the scent that it craved for. Content to allow the slight surrender Sesshomaru lowered his hands to trail across the dip of her waist, the wet path of his tongue circled around her navel just as he hooked the hem of her garments and tugged them all away from her form. With the last of the barrier pulled away the full force of her arousal hit him. Even human ears could pick up on the possessively growl as he took in the sight of her completely naked frame. A starving beast chanted a song of ownership over the miko, even if it was only for that one night.

Freed from the any obstacles the wetness of her folds flowed over her delicate skin. Humming with delight he let the muscle of his mouth clean all traces. The taste was intense, much like he was eating that fire and passion that she used to protect those whom she held dear to her heart. Enjoying it he wanted more and ventured to find the little bead to tease between his fangs. It earned him the first cry of his name followed by an explosion. Quite pleased he suckled the pearl a couple of times. Kagome bucked uncontrollably with a wanton cry.

She didn't need anyone to tell her that her body was shining from the sweat. From the heat created by her body through the response to each caress, bite, and lick, she knew the inu's hands would slide over her with ease. Fingers replaced the tongue working over the little bundle of nerves. Her body no longer listen to her mind, which was good since it was completely blank holding only incoherent thoughts of uselessness like...

More, she wanted much more from this being that held such control over her body. Sesshomaru was an artist and she was his instrument and canvas. His hands were his utensils and her cries urged him to continue until they both laid on the ground in utter exhaustion. His tongue dug between her folds which he had spread with his fingers. Arching her back caused her hips to tilt and he was granted with access to bury deeper into her.

"Sesshomaru," she moaned.

Her voice was already becoming hoarse with the mews that emitted from her regularly as the inu increased the pace of each plunge. Every muscle in her body tensed and his tongue was coated in the thick juices. Two long fingers replaced his tongue and mindful of his claws he submerged them deeply into her while crawling back up her body. The walls of her long tunnel clamped almost painfully around him, the body naturally seeking him for the pleasure but forcing him away because of the experienced pain. Her hips automatically pressed into his hand, a reaction that told him she would be a natural lover and talented in ways she could never imagine. Grasping the ties of his pants he loosened the knot. It was easy enough to kick the material off while strategizing the altering of his weight over the miko. Left only in his loin cloth he pressed his lips to hers. Meanwhile, everything had been accomplished without stopping the steady beat of his digits. Poison from the claws dripped within her to soften the walls in hopes of easing any pain he might cause. His acts could be brutal on a human body when it came to speed and he didn't wish for her to be too sore to walk the next day.

"Please," she begged when his lips released hers, "I need you."

The little pleads so low and inviting, increased his growing want for her. Claws found the twisted ends of his loincloth to pull it off as he backed away, fingers retreating from the tight little canal. Shocked filled the passion-filled gaze that had overtaken her, fading the little daze she had been in. The member, protruding from a thatch of silver fur, proudly erect before him was larger and certainly thicker than that of the half inu's. Seeing that he needed to calm her quickly he let the stiff shaft rest along her belly as he leaned in for a chaste kiss.

"Do you trust me Kagome?" he asked unsure why such gentleness was lacing his voice.

He received a small nod, no hesitance.

"Then remember that I promise not to hurt you," truth rang through his voice easing the miko quite considerably before she nodded for him to continue.

With her maidenhood already broken and the poison working the tissue of her walls he knew her body was ready to accept him. One quick swift move and he was fully embedded in her. She cried out, not in pain but in shock and the slight sensation of him brushing such sacred flesh. Stilling with a hiss he waited, not once letting those golden orbs of his avert from the stormy seas the woman was lost in. A moment lingered in the air before he shifted his hips to pull away and then slowly, so tortuously slow, carved his way back to home.

Kagome gasped finding it troubling to keep her eyes open and focused at the blissful sight of a man above her. Each stroke of his hips was a little faster than the last and she found that each one was accompanied by her own hips thrusting against his.

"Faster," she urged when she could feel her core reaching out towards the need created with his deep caress.

Usually he would torture the bitch who thought to order him around. As the dominating partner he chose what pace, position, brutality the woman would experience. Yet the miko's command didn't bother him. With one particularly hard thrust forward he began to increase the pace. Soon he was pounding into her. Their hips meet together as one, hers soon unable to keep up with such speed. Noticing this he pulled her head up, lips crashing together to match the wild and unruly act of their pelvises.

The woman had to pull away as she screamed from beneath him, her chest curving upwards with her bowed back. He didn't let up though, his beast craved more. It had been so long since it could pleasure a woman. His arms framed her body, holding his weight as he surprised her by increasing even further proving that he was no mere man, his beast appearance through his red-rimmed golden eyes didn't scare her. A mouth began to leave a path of wet kiss done her collarbone, suckling, nipping and licking. The tight binding of her core forced her walls to clench around the member once more sending both of them off the edge of sanity at nearly the same time.

Sesshomaru roared as his seed burst to warm the woman. The rasp cry from the woman told him that he had done well in his promise that she would not have a voice to scream. He enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by her and was tempted to remain there to rest comfortably. But he rolled over, releasing the miko from the hold of his penis only to be grasped by his arms to hold her to his side. It was clear the woman was at a loss for words in her silence... something he wasn't sure he would ever really see. Perhaps he should have tried this some time ago.

"Rest," he ordered.

"Oh..." her voice cracked and she licked her lips, "uh... thank... you."



The sun rising above the horizon shined through a threshold to shine in her eyes. Growling she cursed under her breath and tucked her head under a blanket.

Wait... blanket?

An eye peeked open in a slit to find that there was indeed a blanket covering her form. A futon separated her from the cold wooded platform and her warm body. The fire pit in the centre of the room radiated a heat meaning someone had set a small fire some time ago to warm the room. Woven baskets placed around the room at various levels and shelves contained various herbs, leaves, roots and powders for teas, healing, and seasonings. Everything was exactly as she had left it before leaving for Edo a few weeks ago. A chest completely made of wood held a few sets of clothes she had, all now suitable for this era. She made her way to it and dressed in a common kimono much like the one Sango's, she was the one who had taught her how to make it naturally.

Dressing slowly gave her time to think. The previous night's event had made her tired and slightly sore but nothing a dip in the hot spring and a bit of relaxing wouldn't take care of. Startlingly she found she wasn't the slightest bit guilty for the act she committed with Sesshomaru and logically there was nothing wrong with finding comfort in the arms of a man. Of course in her time this was acceptable but in this time she wouldn't be able to really speak of. The only difficulty she had was keeping the heat between her legs cool at the remembrance of the caresses and the pleasure of his skin brushing against her with each...

Stop, she warned herself and continued with tying an obi around her waist.

Walking out of her hut, usually shared with Shippo, she wandered to another completed hut a few feet away. A brief knock on the door warned the occupants of a visitor before she pushed aside the thin fabric blocking the doorway and stepped inside.

"Okaa-san you're back!" a young kit ran to fling into her arms, hugging her tightly as she picked him up manoeuvred him to straddle a hip.

The orange hair tied in a small tail at the base of his head was a little longer and his green eyes sparkled in fierce happiness at the sight of her returned form. The kitsune was taller, much like a nine or ten year old human child, but she knew he was well into his twenties or even thirties. Youkai grew at different paces according to breed, foxes relatively slowly but there were others out there who grew even slower. When she was told this she began wondering if the mind aged faster than the body. The actions of the kit made her believe it was possible Shippo acted like a young pup still because it pleased her. He was completely mature for his age and well aware of the world but he acted like an innocent child nonetheless.

Unknown to his adopted mother, the kit picked up on a scent that didn't belong to her. The musk of another male penetrated her natural essence. He was no real threat to it but he could only imagine what might happen to another male who might attempt to mix his scent with his mother now that she was practically claimed.

"Kagome when did you get here?" a female voice cut into the reunion.

Sango rested with a cup of tea watching the morning meal cook by the fire as Kirara perched in her lap. She had noticed the woman had already changed from her travelling outfit to a casual villager's kimono.

"Late last night," she answered submissively.

"Why didn't you come tell us?" a figure came behind her, slightly startling her with the sudden appearance of the question but she didn't show it.

The monk carried his one and a half year old daughter, who smiled brightly at the familiar face of the one she was learning to call 'Auntie Gome.'

"I was really tired and just wanted to sleep and didn't even really take in the fact that I was back until this morning," she replied lazily, no lies, just the stretched truth.

Carrying Shippo as far as the fire, she placed him down on his feet and headed to a wall where she knew she could find some different herbs for the meat cooking.

"So silence tends to mean something bad," the monk's voice broke through as the miko returned.

Swallowing the lump in her throat she nodded slowly, "Kaede passed away two days ago."

Sango was silent, something the miko expected. However the monk's quiet was unusual. He was one who usually pressed her for details. She was just about to accept it when he spoke up.

"Two days you say Kagome but the trek between the villages is three days," he pondered aloud, "Did you stay for the burial?"

"Yeah, I performed the funeral and all yesterday," she

"But that leaves..." he didn't finish and waited for the miko to explain.

"Well it was completed by dinner and after a light meal I left. I walked most of the night and day, took a small break, and continued through last night... but I ran into Inuyasha," she began to explain and stopped well aware if she didn't she would be stopped forcefully.

"What? Why?" Sango frowned.

There was no reason to hate the hanyou. Yet there was uneasiness in the atmosphere when the miko was around him. The slayer assumed something had happened and when he stopped showing his face after the battle with Naraku, well they grew apart and rarely hear anything of him.

"I don't know exactly," she fetched for something but she couldn't think of anything reasonable, "He appeared and apparently Sesshomaru was in the area so he showed up, but it was the new moon so there was no attacking since there was no real threat. Long story short Sesshomaru brought me the rest of the way here so that I wouldn't have to be bothered by the nonsense."

This time the slayer's silence bothered her because times like these she would speak up.

"Kagome," the older woman voiced a moment later as the miko began to dish out the meal, "I've been wondering if perhaps we could go to the hot springs together. I would like a bath partner that doesn't try to grope me every five seconds."

The miko laughed not catching the warning glare the slayer gave the monk to keep quiet, "Sure."

The women escorted each other to the heated pool of water just after the meal was finished. As the lowered their bodies into the water each one of them sighed. Sango relieved as the hot water pulled away the aches and pains of her pregnancy and Kagome as the soreness between her legs numbed. But the pregnant woman was concern at the tired eyes the one she considered sister.

"Are you okay Kagome?"

"Yeah," she paused only for a moment, "my feet are killing me. The past few days have been just go, go, go."

Nodding in understanding the slayer slid deeper into the water. She waited a moment before expressing the topic of that day's girl talk.

"Have you ever thought of staying with Sesshomaru?" she posed.

"What?" she was bewildered. Has Sango seen through me already?

"You do so much for Rin. You're not one to sit around the village for long, you're always moving around in the need to do something. I just thought since you're comfortable with him and he obviously sees you as a pack mate you should consider just leaving and stay with him."

"Sango, we're friends, Sesshomaru just doesn't understand the growth of a young human child," the miko thought about her other points for a moment. "I'll settle down more now that I don't have to travel between the villages. Besides I highly doubt he sees me as anything more than a nuisance, that's far from a pack mate. This is my home... you're my family."

Before last night she might have thought she was telling the full truth but now she was questioning her conclusion. Of course she had thought sometimes it would be better to travel with the inu's human ward until she surpassed what she called the 'in between time' but now she figured it was best to keep distance. Her core was already stirring at having to think about the taiyoukai. There was no way in hell she would be able to stay near him for long until she got over what he had done to her.


Eight days after returning home the miko slipped away from the village to begin gathering plants in the dense forest on the outskirts of town before the cold weather set in killing them all. She was finding it hard to keep her mind off a certain inu male whose talented hands plagued her dreams, day dreams, and thoughts. It reminded her that she wasn't sure how she was to act when they met next. Putting herself in the taiyoukai's shoes was hard but she assumed he would want her to act normal. Now if only her body would stop reacting to the thoughts her mind couldn't erase. Her hope was that the inu wouldn't show up, or she wouldn't run into him, until she was able to keep that night out of her head. The problem with that was she was certain just seeing that gorgeous form and perfect specimen of the male species would remind her.

"Damn," she muttered under her breath and shook her head.

Delicate fingers worked the petals of a dark flower that grew at the base of a thick trunked tree. She added the glossy like tear drops to her basket and began to look at a few of the leaves, most of them were sickly, since it was late in the season to be doing this, but she managed to find a few that would work well for a brew that might help dizziness. Sighing she brushed her fingers against the material draped around her waist like an apron. She realized she liked working, it kept her mind on a task and she didn't have to imagine his deep, baritone, smooth, husky voice whispering sweet nothings...

Giving an impressive growl she stopped the line of thought only to have something else pop into her head abruptly.

Does it hurt?

With a smirk of triumph she silently answered in a confident tone: No.

Things were much better. It didn't hurt anymore; Sesshomaru had proven it wasn't something that was wrong with her. Inuyasha could have his whore, his dead clay pot. It was his lost for not seeing her as she was. Kagome wouldn't linger on the suffering the half breed caused but she was grateful she let the inu lord take her as his bed partner for one night. It took the pain away completely given that Sesshomaru saw her... Kagome... not someone else beneath him.

Too bad it won't happen again, she thought but shook her head violently and grumbled when her core began to ache.

"Damn it," she mumbled again, a little louder than the last time and standing up with her basket under one arm supported by a hip.

"You smell exquisite," a voice hummed pleasantly as she was yanked into a solid form behind her.

Looking at the weight that had formed around her waist she noted twin magenta stripes around the stranger's wrist. The voice was recognizable but she had thought she was alone so she jumped slightly. The markings only confirmed her suspensions.

"Sesshomaru," she hushed flabbergasted that he had appeared so suddenly, "Why... what are you doing here?"

He released her so she could turn on her heels to face him. The miko studied the mask he had yet to drop. Looking at him, seeing him so close, feeling the heat of his body made her want him so much more. His presence was dangerous so she planned that it would be best to find out what he needed and then send him on his way.

"Sesshomaru?" she tilted her head to the side in a gesture that Rin had picked up and used against him on more than one occasion.

"This Sesshomaru would have thought that to be obvious," he mocked in a tone suggesting his cold lack of concern but it traced with hints of playfulness that anyone would probably miss.

"I can't read minds," she retorted and attempted to side step him.

The inu easily blocked the woman to stand only a few inches apart. A finger curled under her chin as he tugged her head in an upwards angle.

"Are you as wet as you smell miko?" he asked boldly cutting to the point.

"Why does it matter?" she asked trying not to show how much she wanted to reach over and strip him of the many layers he wore.

"There's more this Sesshomaru can teach you," he sounded innocent but his words made her think he was toying with her.

"That was a onetime thing," she told him firmly.

"Hn," he didn't say anything else before turning the way he had appeared leaving the miko alone once more.

One, he counted slowly the pace of his feet unhurried.

Two, his beast growled.


"Wait!" he heard the woman cry out.

Perfect, he rumbled silently in pleasure standing still for the miko to catch up to him.

It was better for her to come to him; it was below him to return to her when she was the one to call to him. At first he wasn't certain why he had sought her out. He had watched her closely for more than an hour before his appearance. But his beast desired the woman's touch fearing that they would once again wait a near eternity in taking a woman to their bed. He watched the woman run to him, leaving the basket back in the clearing.

"I... I want..." she flung herself at him suddenly refusing to speak her request and letting her lips sealed against his speak for her.

He nearly chuckled, more and more of his traits were rubbing off on her. She was learning to take what she wanted instead of asking. Enjoying the soft flesh of her mouth he licked both bottom and top lips before sliding his tongue into the warm little cave. When she pulled away there was a coy smile on her face with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Is this okay?" she asked nervous to receive his answer.

"Hn," his hands were already beginning to tug familiar ties to release the heavy weight of his armour.

Kagome helped mimicking him on the opposite side. As soon as the bone plates were set upon the ground he was on hands near a frantic stage as if trying to cover her body all at once. She was solidly but gently pushed against a tree. Her kimono was opened in seconds and the layers floated in the air to the ground one at a time. When the skin he was mesmerized with was uncovered from the last garments he pulled back to discard his own clothing letting everything pool at his feet before stepping out of them towards her.

"Are you willing to learn what this Sesshomaru has to teach you?"

He had reasoned it was okay to give into his beast's need for now since there was so much the woman could learn in the act of pleasure. It was duty that drove him to such needs; it was instinct. Of course lust would factor into this as well. Given a slow nod he wrapped his arms around the miko and tugged her to the ground. He twisted as they descended to lean against the tree with the woman facing him between his legs.

A hand reached to hold hers so he could bring it to his length. Sapphire eyes followed the motion startled and curious. Her hand tremble with uncertainty as she took hold of the organ as he was requesting. Demonstrating what he wanted he pulled her hand up and down a couple of times and let go. She stopped for a moment when he released her but continued. He soon had to grasp her hand again, this time to squeeze the limb forcing her to grip him a bit more forcefully. He groaned when she experimented with both hands. The muscle in her hands tightened further and she stared at it, fascinated at the control she had been given.

The taiyoukai leaned his head against the tree to watch the woman and when the bottom lip of hers was pulled into her mouth he wanted to feel what it would be like to bury himself in her mouth. But how to go about such a, dare he say request, was a problem. Most women were only bed bitches for a night or two at most. He could order the whores to do whatever he pleased. The miko was independent and would not take well to being ordered.

"Kagome," he growled to get her attention.

Later he would have to recall when he began calling her by name but for now those deep depths were trying to drown him as they stared into his sun-kissed eyes. He pulled her lips to his to steal a quick kiss.

"I wish to feel the pleasure of your mouth," he kept the demanding order from his tone but mentally noted that he had also dropped formality in his words.

Yet all thoughts washed away when the miko obediently knelt down further and licked the head in a circle. As the mouth sealed over his length and bobbed down he reached for the hand on the base of his shaft and guided her to move it to opposite to that which her mouth was working. Wave over wave washed past him dragging him down deeper and deeper. The warm tongue would circle around the head of his member before making a few strokes with her mouth and then repeating. Eventually she felt the twitch in the organ and tried to increase the pace.

A hand reached behind her head tangling in her locks just before his seed shot forth filling her mouth and forcing her to swallow before she chocked on the liquid. The heavy, musky taste was bittersweet and enjoying it she began to lick him clean not realizing that the touch of her tongue was arousing him once more. The inu pulled her away to straddle his lap. Gliding between their bodies he flicked the hidden bead and then inserted a couple fingers between the glistening folds. He held still when her hips bucked against his hand. Noting that he stopped moving the woman gave an impressive growl and thrust her pelvis up and pressed into him. He bit back the chuckle but didn't give in. The woman repeated the actions thrusting on the digits again and again until she cried her annoyance.

"Please Sesshomaru."

"Please?" he innocently inquired.

"I want you inside me," she hissed her walls hugging his fingers as her need increased.

"But I am," he pointed out finally giving in to her, he thrust up his fingers as she came down.

She had hoped he wouldn't make her say it, her innocence made the idea fairly embarrassing and so she timidly grasped the now stiff length in her hand and pulled away from the long fingers so she could plant the member deeply within her cavern.

He let her pound herself into oblivion watching the heavy mass of her chest bounce with each upward thrust. It amused him that the woman could take control but couldn't speak about anything intimate. Eventually tired bodies soon protested to the lengthy act and he let her reach one last release before grunting as he his seed flowed freely to warm her internal walls. She rested against him for a moment but remebered that she was supposed to help with the afternoon meal.

"I have to go, they'll get worried," she mumbled retreating from the inu and looking for her clothing.

"Hn," the inu wandered to his pile of belongs.

His speed let him finish dressing just as the woman finished tying her hakamas around her waist. He said nothing as he drew near and placed something around the miko's neck. A small, simple, silver chain braided in a complex coil.

"What's this?" she asked looking down.

"You have pleased this Sesshomaru greatly and thus I am bound to show you my gratitude. If it is not too your liking I will bring you something more on our next visit," he told her walking away uninterested.

" this is fine," she was already aware she couldn't decline a gift because it was an insult. His last words had her re-think something, "Wait! What does that make... us?" she asked turning, torso bare for viewing pleasure, before the inu could leave.

"Us?" he paused in step and looked intensively over his shoulder.

"Yes, us," she crossed her arms over her breast to block them from prying arms and clarified, "What is this? I know it's not a relationship but..." her voice trail off to silence hoping he would understand now.

"Think of it however you wish," he replied with indifference and continued on his way.

The answer was almost smug but deep down she knew that he wouldn't really explain. Youkai and human societies were completely different. The way he saw things were not the same as how she would see them. Therefore leaving Kagome to conclude... fuck buddies?

Slipping into her haori she realized if they continued this they would turn out to be the feudal era equivalence of modern-day friends-with-benefits. The thought was a bizarre one and she wouldn't have believed it if it weren't for the fact that she was living through it. A strange as it was though, it was comfortable.

Does it hurt?

There wasn't anything to be pained about anymore. She was over the half inu. This final decision proved that. But for now she was happy. Content. Pain free. There were no feelings behind it, no emotional attachments, and this meant no hurt or pain when things were broken off. If anything she like the idea that Sesshomaru would be the one she could lean on when she was stress and wanted some sort of relief. Yes, her life was definitely strange and she wouldn't be able to let a single soul know but she was willing to let things work out one at a time.


Kagome spent the next couple of weeks in the presents of Miroku and Shippo during most of the day to help in the preparations of winter. Evenings were spend together, except the times Kagome went to the hot springs, most of the time with Sango who needed the heat for the pregnancy pain. It was one such evening with Sango that she thought she felt something drawing near. Flaring her aura she distinguished the recognizable brush of the inu's aura against hers.

"Sango I'm going to soak for a bit longer," Kagome uttered as the other woman got out and began to dress, the miko standing by the pool with a towel dangling in her hand not really covering much of her nude form.

"Do you want me to stay?"

"No that's okay, you're tired. I'll just head bed when I'm finished," she explained.

"Well scream if you need anything," concern and worry traced the lines of the slayer's face.

"I'm not the young innocent girl I was before," she growled just as the slayer gather the rest of her things and headed back to the village.

"Quite well spoken," a voice whispered into her ear as a hand reach around to shape one heavy mound in his hand.

"Sesshomaru," she gasped leaning further into the strong male form, already bare, behind her and dropped her towel.

Fingers of his spare hand found her folds already wet, ready, waiting for him, begging for him to take her. The idea of just bending her over and taking her to pound into her was promising. He contemplated torturing her slowly but the mew that greeted him when his digits dug their way through her walls and curved over the tender flesh pushed him to think that there plenty of times to come that he could do just that. The tight clamp of the walls amazed him. With the way he took her he had assumed she would loosen but she hugged him so.

"Ah," her little cries pushed his decision over the edge.

Turning their forms together he pushed her to bend at the waist, a boulder before her let her support her upper weight. He happily buried his hard erection into her with a grunt as he felt the snug fit. He didn't pause for long and at the miko's request he was pounding into her long and hard. His hand on her hip held her still and the hand of the small of her back offered support. The miko cried out suddenly with her first release just as his pace picked up.

Sounds echoed through the area, ringing in his ears. Skin against skin, the suction of his length plunging into her blanketed by the juices, the smack of his pelvis against hers. Her mews like a song weaving through the wind and trees to be recorded in their memories and history. And they danced to the grunts and groans they each emitted. Roaring his pace became a dominating hammer, each thrust telling the woman that she was his to let him do as he pleased. The walls around his shaft convulsed while she muffled her scream with her mouth.

As the inu pulled out she could feel the mixed cum drift from her core down her inner thigh. It reminded her of something she had been worried about earlier that week.

"Sesshomaru what if I get pregnant?" her voice a little more than a concern hush.

"You won't," he answered pulling her to lay beneath his muscle laden form, "You are miko and this Sesshomaru seed is that of a youkai. Your powers kill any seed that would fertilize you with something other than human."

"Oh," for some reason the thought depressed her.

The inu ignored the sorrow in her aura and brought her back to her stupor of passion. Mouth latching like a newborn onto her tit, his fingers dipping into the folds dripping with both of their essences.


Miroku and Shippo left for a nearby village for supplies the miko would need for the pregnancy drawing near. The first snow had fallen, only a couple of days had passed since her last visit from the inu and already her dreams were plagued with the new way he had taken her.

"Not too much longer," the miko murmured to the slayer, handing her a strong cup of tea.

A weak smile greeted her, telling the miko that her friend was tired. Keisha slept beside her mother's bed soundly with Kirara cuddled next to her for warmth.

"You can stay here Kagome," the slayer offered.

"I have some things that need to be put away from gathering this afternoon," she had gone out to replace those plants that were picked after being kissed with snow. "If you need anything send Kirara," it was Kagome's custom evening farewell.

The miko left and headed to her own hut wanting nothing but her bed. Entering the four small walls she immediately picked up on the intruder who curiously walked around investigating her belongings. But as soon he pivoted on his feet to stare at the woman who had returned home. His eyes ran over her form slowly and she gulped as the mere gaze stirred her, barely catching the self-satisfied smirk that formed.

The inu had always waited on the outskirts of the village sending Rin or Jaken to fetch her and return to their camp so he could keep an eye on them. Never, not once, other than for the night that he dropped her off had he entered the village. She assumed this was because...

It sunk in that he had gotten pass the barrier that she had formed around the perimeter of the village not once but twice if she included that time he had brought her back to her hut the first time they spent the night together. Only those whom were invited... it dawned that she had told the inu she could visit her anytime. Of course she had been telling him previously that she would help him with Rin and he need only find her. But the open request allowed him access to the slayer's village.

"Sesshomaru what are you doing here?"

His armour had been neatly piled against the wall. It was unusual; most of the time their things were scattered here and there without care. Seeing the folded material she made the assumption that he had been here for some time now.

There was a flicker in his eyes, but it was so quick she couldn't place it. Although she was learning more about him she wasn't able to understand him fully. He was still a mystery to her and there were many times she could be left in the dark.

"Is it necessary to ask that question?"

"Well... um... you were here only a couple of days ago," she pointed out.

Walking to the fire she looked the inu over. There was tiredness about him, she was sure of it, but she knew well he wouldn't admit such. Tossing a couple of logs onto the fire she watched it burst into a larger blaze that would last until dawn at least. The taiyoukai stood near her bed and she slowly straightened her form and padded her bare feet across the wood planks.

"Very observant," he growled and she was unsure if it was playfully angry or he was growing weary of her for some reason.

"How's Rin?" she asked coming over to him discarding a few of her outer layers as she usually did before bed.

"Fine," his mood seemed to lighten considerably when her hands reached to pull away his haori.

"Did something happen?" she inquired running her nails over his torso to etch out the details of his tight abdominal muscles.

"My lands were attacked by your pitiful race. They seek to destroy youkai, erasing them from this world," he bit out, hating that he came to this woman to speak of his problems when he usually kept his concerns and stress to himself.

Kagome didn't know what to say, she after all knew youkai were not part of society in the future. It was preordained that all youkai, even Sesshomaru would die... right?

"Things are fine now though right?" her tongue began to kiss his skin leaving behind wet stains that dotted his fevered body with cold spots.

"Yes," he groaned when her delicate slender fingers found his erected length and pulled it out of its hiding place.

His beast wouldn't elaborate why things were fine now, but the miko acted like a reassurance. He could ease away from the front he had in place around everyone else.

"Good," she mumbled and proceeded to give his shaft a long stroke as she licked his lips.

Letting her pump the organ in her hands he threw his head back and closed his eyes and a rumbled vibrated through his chest. He would hate himself later for letting the miko see him in such a weakened state but for now he would let her have her way. When her arousal hit his nose he felt the need to be within her feeling her walls. He snapped open his eyes, they were bloody red in his lust and she let him pull her to the ground. Opening her kimono to expose her glorious body to his eyes he didn't bother pulling it away from her as his fingers sought her entrance. It wouldn't do if he harmed her by taking her before she was ready.

A gentle plead reached his ears, she was as eager as him, and so he drove forward in a delirious thrust to take what was his to take. He wasn't easy on her but he had told her before that he wasn't always a gentle lover. The woman didn't mind the almost violent strokes of his hips as he took out his stress on her body. He continued this ruling pace bringing her over and over again.

"Scream for me," his order sounding much like a pleading whisper.

"I... I can't... they'll hear me," she tried to put the words together, a task quite hard in the passion-filled moment.

"The slayer sleeps deeply because of the tea you gave her," he pointed out not once letting her pausing in her dance above him, " and the only other are the nekko and pup. Scream the name of the being that you take such pleasure from. Tell the world the name of your lover."

Lover, a term that wasn't used in the form she was thinking of she was sure. It was obviously something different for Sesshomaru because they were far from lovers. Yet the word and the statement of declaration turned her on in a way she never expected. After a few more meetings of their hips she found she couldn't keep quiet and giving into him she screamed his name as he requested.

He pulled away and held her closely not bothering to reach for the blanket since his body heat would keep her warm for now.

"Sesshomaru?" she whispered a moment later she was certain she had his attention so she continued, "There's a black pouch dangling by the door; it has some tea leaves good for female cramps. If you could give it to Rin for me."


Snuggling deeper into the inu for his warmth she fell asleep.


Waking to the dawn light filtering through the cabin the miko instantly sat up and looked around. The inu was gone without a trace. Before he had left he covered her with the fur she slept with and the one of the extra furs hidden atop a set of shelves she had built. Smiling she wrapped the blanket around her form and noted that a small lump was buried under the blankets of Shippo's bed only a few feet to her left. The smile turned to a frown. Normally the kit would wake her when he returned from one of his trips and she had assumed that he would have stayed the night with Miroku. The change in plans made her wonder is something had gone wrong. Of course she was also worried he would be able to scent what had gone on. There was no doubt in her mind the kit would be able to scent who it was but she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about sharing what the meaning behind the meeting was.

Kagome slipped from bed and rushed to the chest to change before the kit woke. She set more wood on the fire and began to heat some of the left over meal from the previous night. It wasn't unusual for the miko and kit to eat separately in the morning from the others. They all woke at different times and had served to independent families technically. The kit roused a soon as the tea had finished seeping. Running over to the fire for warmth he sat to eat his meal and smiled when his mother handed him

"You came home earlier than expected," she began.

"Uh... Miroku's too much of a nervous wreck. He thought Sango would give birth while he was away," he laughed followed by the miko joining in with him.

His nose twitched reminding him of something he had to, but didn't want to bring up. Finishing his meal he waited for his mother and took her plate the second she moved to stand.

"Okaa-san?" he began scooting closer to her.

"Yes?" it was uncomfortable to see the uneasiness in her kit's eyes.

"Miroku and I came home just a couple of hours ago and... I just thought it would be best for you to know he saw Sesshomaru leaving here. You don't have to tell me what happened..." he kind of turned his head, "I don't care really but... don't leave me," he whispered.

Does it hurt?

Kagome's heart had stopped. She should have known the fox would have smelt the sin radiating off her form earlier. It pained her that she hurt him so. Her son deserved happiness and hurting him was something unacceptable by her. Yet she didn't feel like she was ready to give up that connection she had with Sesshomaru.

"Shippo how could you think I would leave you!" she grabbed the adolescent kit and tugged him into her lap for a hug, "You're my son. I never thought of leaving you," which was true but should she explain the situation fully? "Sesshomaru's just... company," she whispered, "but I wouldn't leave you for him."

After reassuring the kit she thought it would be well worth it to go see her other companions. Entering the hut with a knock on the frame she was greeted by a grinning monk.

"So Kagome you're hiding away midnight visitors," he chuckled with perverted suggestion.

"No, Sesshomaru just needed some tea leaves for Rin," she replied casually.

"Why so early in the morning?" the slayer fed her daughter by the fire.

Thinking on her feet she remembered the conversation she had with the inu: "He's lands have been under attack lately."


A little over a week later Kagome was in her hut playing a game of cards with Shippo when the kit smirked. His eyes sparkled as his mother got up and rushed out of the hut bumping into Rin in the process. The girl now reaching the miko's shoulders smiled as she hugged the woman who was practically her mother.

"Rin," shock evident in her voice, "What are you doing here?"

"Sesshomaru-sama told me I could come talk to you," she had dropped her third person some time ago thanks to the teachings of the miko.

"I just boiled water for tea would you like some?"

The young girl nodded and sat down beside the fox youkai, "Good morning Shippo," she giggled when she saw the blush on his cheeks

"I'll just..." he stood up suddenly, "see if Sango and Miroku need me."

He ran out of the hut immediately with both women looking at him curiously. Kagome smiled sadly and Rin's eyes glittered.

"What's wrong Rin?"

"Uh..." she accepted the tea cup given to her and set it on the floor in front of her bend knees, "I-I'm scared."

"About what?" the woman let some ideas run through her mind.

"I thought maybe you could ask Sesshomaru-sama not to find me a mate," she whispered slowly.

Kagome chocked on the concoction running down her throat, spitting it unladylike back into her cup.


"I heard the servants say I was old enough to mate off and ... I ... want to find someone on my own."

"Rin you're a human not a youkai," Kagome pointed out.

"But I started bleeding meaning I am supposedly ready to bear children like you said," the child let a tear slip.

"I'll speak to Sesshomaru for you," she settled resting her hand on the girl's shoulder.

Out of habit she let her reiki flicker to act as a soothing aura, something she did with Shippo whenever he was upset. It shocked her when something flickered against her. It was distance but still there nonetheless.

"Where's Sesshomaru anyway?" she asked.

"Uh... I ... I'm not sure," she told the older woman.

"What do you mean? Didn't he bring you here?"

"Well sort of..." she trailed off.

"Rin what happened? You said Sesshomaru told you that you could talk to me."

"He did but he told me when he returned. Jaken was taking me out to the gardens and I took Ah-Un and flew here. I thought Sesshomaru might be looking for my mate and it couldn't wait. I'm sorry."

Spending so long with youkai she automatically lowered into a polite bow and bared the side of her neck.

"Rin, you realize Sesshomaru will kill us both when he..."

Looking up she saw the crimson eyes of the inu who had just entered the hut. Rin looked over her shoulder with worried eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but movement of the one she considered mother stepped between her and her lord.

"Sesshomaru..." her words were interrupted when her kit ran into the hut barely avoiding the new visitor.

"Okaa-san the baby's coming," he shouted.

He raced to the basket with everything gathered. It was better than having to find everything in the dead of night, his mother had explained.

"Sesshomaru I would like to borrow Rin's assistance while she's here," the miko stated and took the basket from the fox, "Shippo take Miroku for a walk, a long walk," she added and the kit ran off.

When the woman head to the door the inu paused a moment but then stepped to the side to the let women pass. Rin followed obediently bowing her head when she walked by her lord in an early apology for her actions.

"Shouldn't we hurry?" the young girl asked.

"Men always over exaggerate," Kagome smiled, "It's best to save our energy and walk rather than worry and rush."

"Oh," Rin accepted.

When they entered the hut Miroku was in the process of being pushed out the door. Kagome walked passed and scrutinize the woman who was propped up on her bed.

"Take Keisha with you," the miko added before the males left.

"Kagome what should I do?" Rin asked.

"You will keep Sango calm by talking to her, but don't let her get a hold of your hand," the miko noticed the slight confusion but there were other things to see to than to explain.


"Kagome I don't want pups," the child confided to the miko.

The girls, along with Shippo were heading back to the miko's hut after assuring the protective monk that after three long hours both mother and son were fine.

"I don't blame you," the woman agreed, "But then again, Sango tells me it's not as bad as it looks."

"Miko," a voice interrupted the group from entering the hut.

Turning she noted that the inu was waiting by the gate a few hundred feet away from the small circle of living and storage huts. His back lean against the main frame of the threshold his legs crossed and his arms tucked within the sleeves of his haori.

"Sesshomaru would you like some tea," she asked innocently while guiding the children to the fire.

He didn't budge from his post and with a sigh she entered the hut. Quickly she set to work making a small meal for the young ones and when she was certain things would be fine if she left for a bit she walked back out of the hut. The inu hadn't twitched a centimetre.

"What do you want?" she asked, whispering in case a certain suspicious monk decided to wander.

He growled dangerously and led the way through the gate. For five minutes they walk in silence until they reached the end of the forest. Assuming what this was about she figured she would start. Placing herself to stand before the inu she tried to reason with him.

"Don't be mad at Rin, she's fine and there was no harm done," she pointed out bravely speaking out to the obviously irritated inu.

"She deliberately disobeyed direct orders to stay within the castle walls," the beast within him brought out the instinct to protect their pack.

"Can you really blame her? You didn't tell her where you were off to and she feared you might be searching for her new husband. There wouldn't have been any problems if you were more open with her," her own motherly instinct came over her.

A little taken back that the woman would tell him, Sesshomaru, what to do. It was his pup, he could punish her as he saw fit for her disobedience.

"Miko you walk dangerous grounds," hissing the words under his breath as his aura crackled.

"So do you!" she retorted letting her aura flare precariously over his.

Claws wrapped around her neck and he pushed her off the ground against the tree behind her. He watched her as her nails bit into his hand holding her airway tightly.

"Have you truly forgotten the true nature of this Sesshomaru?"

Angry blue eyes greeted his. Even with the lack of air she challenged him. Hating her guts he could help but lean and steal those damn rosy soft lips. His hand released her throat to show the gentleness of them as they caress the curve of her waist and the mass of her breasts.

"Sesshomaru stop, we can't," she pushed him away.

His extraordinary mass made her little jab nothing more than a poke but he did pull away to see what her issue was. With a sigh she lowered the natural shield surrounding her form at all times, except intimate moments when she fear frying the inu. A slight sniff of the air told him the miko was a typical human, ashamed of the blood that flowed between her legs.

"Very well," he stepped back.

It occurred to him that he was no longer angry with the woman, or the child. Strangely the miko had eaten the rage of his beast. But there were still things to work out.

"Rin request that I ask you to allow her to pick her... mate," Kagome brought back the issue at hand.

"No," he stated firmly annoyed when he saw the look of protest in the woman's eyes, "A young female knows nothing about what would be good traits in a potential mate."

"She's human."

"But lives within the laws of youkai society as my ward."

"Sesshomaru I think she might like Shippo," she bit out finally in hopes that he would just see what she saw.

He paused for a moment as if contemplating for a moment.

"Your fox kit," he began slowly, "still young but might grow to be a powerful companion," he admitted finally.

"Then don't say anything and just watch to see what happens," the woman added hating she had to use such a low trick to win. "There's something else," she added quickly.


"I think she has spiritual powers, I can feel them reaching to the surface," she explained.

"Then you will teach her," he ordered and began the trek back to the village and stopped when they reached the gate. "She may stay here for the period of two weeks. I will send Jaken and payment for your services."

Before she could oppose he had taken to the sky leaving her to mutter incoherently under her breath.


The inu had sent futons, furs, pillows, not just for the young pup but also for the kit and the miko. His ward was given more casual kimonos compared to what she wore at the castle and the miko had also received some as 'payment'. But two weeks had drawn to an end and any minute the inu would return to take the young miko in training back to the Western Palace.

"Come with me okaa-san," the girl pleaded with her saddest set of puppy-dog eyes.

"Rin my place is here."

"But I'm sure Sesshomaru-sama would let you come," she argued.

"Rin I would be a nuisance and I would hate that," the miko was pouring another cup of tea.

Kagome could feel the inu before he entered the hut; today he wasn't hiding his presence from her.

"Come Rin," he ordered.

"Sesshomaru-sama can okaa-san come with us?" she begged.

If anything he was more shocked at the question than the new title the girl gave the woman. The miko appeared to be a natural mother. An ideal strong female.

"Rin I must stay here, I have a duty to see to Keitaro's health until he grows a bit bigger.

Finally giving into defeat the young woman hugged her mother goodbye with the promise she would be back in a couple of weeks to continue her lessons. Looking to the inu the miko manage not to let her thought turn against her but that didn't stop her body from responding to his vicinity. The gold in his eyes danced with lust before he turned out of the hut and escorted the young girl to the two-headed dragon that was cared by Rin and Jaken the entire visit.

That night as Shippo and she finished dinner she felt something reach out to her in the distance.

"Shippo I'm going to go for a walk," the woman told him and got up.

"It's freezing outside," he pointed out.

"I'll be fine."

She walked leisurely to the gate but once pass the wall of the city she ran to the inu waiting for her within the forest. Out of breath she leaned over before him gasping for air with hands on her knees.

"Eager?" he asked teasingly.

"No... but you hate waiting," she pointed out looking up to him.

"That's right," he acknowledged and reached to bring her close, "and this Sesshomaru and his beast had to wait many long weeks."

Thankfully the woman wore something he could slip between without removing too much clothing to expose her to the winter weather. Of course she would be sweating soon and the heat would make the cold bearable but he really didn't wish to see her sick.


"Rin, what are your feelings for Shippo?" the woman asked as they bathed on her third visit to the village.

"I-I-I," her cheeks were a bright red, "I think... he's sweet."

"Sesshomaru wishes to see you mated to him by the end of next spring. That gives you a year to court him and for him to begin training," she hated the inu for sticking her with the job.


"Yes, one of Sesshomaru's generals and a couple of men will be escorting you with your next visit and spending the time training him. Which is good," the woman assured herself more than Rin, "I can't teach him everything he needs to know."

Does it hurt?

Even now those words came up. It wasn't just haunting her with Inuyasha but everything that cause her a bit of pain. Like seeing her son grow older and beginning to change into a young fine fox. It was time for him to forage his own path. She knew this. But still, there was an ache in knowing her time with him was drawing short.

"Okaa-san I'm sorry, I don't want to take him away from you," the girl whispered.

"It's bound to happen eventually anyway," she tried to shrug, "Just visit often."


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