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BOOM! Headshot! by Walter205

Bunnywunny wants his headshot!

 I don't own Inuyasha, nor will I profit from it.


 "Boom, headshot!" yelled Kagome excitedly over her vent channel mike.

 "Congratulations, but I'm still ahead with twenty five kills and five deaths," replied Sesshomaru from across the room on his own computer.

 "I'm only five kills behind though, and I think I see Miroku's shadow...BOOM! Headshot on Miroku!" remarked Kagome with a near screech that made Sesshomaru's ears hurt.

 "Five is still five away though," teased Sesshomaru.

 "Four with Miroku's death," backfired Kagome.

 "Four, five, whatever," said Sesshomaru sarcastically.

 "Aww, Sango knifed me from behind. There goes the eight thousand I was saving up for the M249," whined Kagome as her SEAL character slumped against a crate on the computer screen.

 "This is her fifth time knifing you, is it not?" asked Sesshomaru in an amused voice.

 "It won't happen again. If it does, I'll let you do doggystyle to me," growled Kagome in response as a new round began.

***1 Round Later***

 Kagome sighed as she finished stripping and got into bed.

 As Sesshomaru settled into position behind her, he could not resist one last taunt.

 "This is what, the fifth time you've lost a bet this week?"


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