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Bento Dreams by thirteenxwishes

Eyes For The Stars

A/N: This drabble was written for the prompt 'Star[s]' at the LJ comm ebonysilks. Proudly placed third. :) As a side note, for anyone reading my Sess/Kag series Two Colour Palette, (now morphing into epic!connected story, much to my exasperation) an update should be on its way sooner rather than later. Apologies for the delay.

Word count, 243.  AU.


Eyes For The Stars

He sees her across a crowded room, radiant in a dress the colour of the night sky, stars draped around her neck and captured in her soft hair. They outshine every light, every glittering piece of wit or conversation, and he can't stop his eyes from sliding back to her, again and again and again. Irresistible.

Inuyasha, lounging in his tux and lazily admiring every woman in the room, notices.

"Oi. If you like her so much, go and talk to her."

He ignores him, turning to the next associate and welcoming him with a slight bow and murmured words. It doesn't take long for the syllables to blur, and his gaze shifts over the short man's shoulder - to her, absently twirling a champagne flute in her hand, fingers catching the colours and weaving them into the starlight surrounding her like a second skin, all silver and satin.

He can't look away.

She glances up, meets his eyes, and he sinks, stunned, into startling blue. Pale pink plays across her cheeks, turning her into a nebulae of colours, shifting seamless from one to the next in beautiful cosmic array.

The decision makes itself.

"Excuse me."

Another bow. The man nods, moves on, and he crosses the room in long, easy strides. When he stops - inches away - she smiles, and speaks, extending a moon-pale hand

"Kagome Higurashi. Nice to meet you."

The stars sit outside the wide windows, and Sesshoumaru falls.


Thanks for reading - all feedback is appreciated and earns hugs. ^^


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