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Until The Last Rose by Mimiru

Chapter 1: The Last Rose

This just sorta popped into my head one day, idk how or why it just did.

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A small smile curled his lips as he handed her the roses and the chocolates, a soft kiss was laid upon her cheek. A bright smile that lit up her entire face caused his heart the beat faster in his chest "Read the card" it was a simple order, a simple request from him to her. From the lord to his lady, from a doting mate to his soul mate, his one true love.

With a slow nod of her head she opens the bright red card, it was just a tiny 8X16 card, no bigger then a notecard one would use in class. But what was written on that card sprung tears to her eyes and her lips quiver with such happiness it made her heart soar, those simple little words of..

"My love for you is forever never dying until the last rose falls"

                                                                                    Love, Sesshoumaru.

It was then that she knew that one of the roses hidden in that beautiful bouquet was fake, not that she minded a rose was a rose to her. And that fake rose only proved that his card was true, that since the fake rose in the bouquet would never die neither would his love for her. It was perfect, a beautiful card a beautiful bouquet and a beautiful, beautiful man that had given them to her.

Nothing could ruin this night.


------4 years later-----

All of them were dead and gone, except for that one fake rose that stood alone in the vase and of course she had kept the card, it was lamenated and stuck to the very vase that the beautiful decoration sat alone in.

A bright smile still curled her lips as she made her way around the house picking things up, wiping things down, a softly melody played in the background as snow fell gently outside.

She stood by the window looking out as nary a car passed by her home, it was close to 10:00 by now, and he still wasn't home. Of course she wasn't worried, so what if he was a little late? She knew how hard he worked, she also knew that his father had a habit of sneaking off and slacking off on his paperwork and leaving her beloved mate to pick up the slack. At this thought a laugh of merriment sounds from her throat and the raven haired woman would turn from the window to resume her musing.

Shivering slightly she'd turn the heat up on the thermostat humming softly, her oceanic colored eyes turn to the clock and she frowns, wiping the tiredness from her eyes "...its past 11:30 where could he be?" she'd whisper to herself. It was now that the worry had begun to set it. He always called if he was going to be late, ALWAYS, no matter what the circumstances Sesshoumaru always called her.

The timely ringing of the phone would snap the woman from her musings, scurrying into the kitchen quickly she didn't seem to notice that, that last rose. The eternal rose that would never, ever died, had begun to wilt, as if time and fate had allowed it to become real and live a realitively short life.

Picking up the phone, the woman would answer it "Hello, Hattori residence, Kagome speaking?" the other end was silent for a moment before a soft male voice responds

"Little On...its me" the other voice would say " uh, need to come down to the office..I'm so sorry sweetheart.."

"Inu-papa?" Kagome would shake her head "What's wrong? Why're you whispering?"

"You just need to come down here, I'm so sorry.." the man repeats, it was easy to hear that he was reigning hard over his emotions, what emotions Kagome couldn't tell but she could tell it wasn't good.

"I'll be right there"

The line went dead.

+++15 Minutes Later+++

No wonder he had been whispering, no wonder why his eyes were tinted red with anger, no wonder why he kept apologizing over the phone.

No wonder why he was gripping her shoulders right now as she watched the tape over, and over, and over again. The image forever burned into her retnas would scar her for the rest of her life. There he was, her beloved mate, her Sesshoumaru plowing lustfully into the ever willing body of his newfound 'play thing' his whore of an ex-girlfriend, Yura. Heated kisses, forceful growls, grunts and groans could be heard as Kagome whitnessed this betrayal of her heart happen before her very eyes.

"where is he?" she whispers softly "Where. Is. He?"

"..In his office...still with her..I caught their scents still there, the scents of sweat and sex" Inutaisho would say softly "Kagome...I...I never thought that...that he would.." he would squeeze her shoulders "I'm so sorry..."

In a flash she had torn from his grasp and would proceed to throw the nearest chair into the screen that had held that horrendous image before she'd run from the security room ignoring the cries of her name from the demon lord and his cries of 'stop!'. Bursting into Sesshoumaru's office she'd take a sharp intake of breath, the slamming open of the door would've startled the two lovers out of their antics. The demon male's eyes wide from his adulterous ways being exposed but not by his father, but by his own mate. The female under him would shreik from being startled and would hurry to cover herself, Sesshoumaru would've all but thrown himself from Yura.

"K-Kagome...I-" Sesshoumaru would reach towards her and felt his heart break as his beautiful mate flinched away from him whimpering softly.

"Dont you touch me" she'd whisper "Not with the hands that you used to pleasure her with, not with the hands and body that you defiled yourself with by touching her.."

"I-" he'd try again eyes wide, he hadn't meant for this to happen, really he hadn't he didn't even know what happened one moment he was on his way out and the next thing he knew he had Yura pressed against the wall kissing her passionately.

"You promised..." shattered soul would whisper so softly that Sesshoumaru could barely hear her "...Until the last rose fell"

And with those words Kagome ran out of the office, and out of the building leaving a bare Sesshoumaru a shocked Yura and a down trodden and very pissed off Lord Inutaisho who was seeing red as he turned on his son and the woman that was trying to wiggle herself out of the anger lord's gaze.

But Sesshoumaru could do nothing about the fury of his father, he knew he had crossed the line with his forgiving mate. It was a mistake on his part, a mistake that had just costed him her a punishment he'd have to live with for the rest of his life.


Kagome drove wildly down the road, speeds clocking in up to 150mph, she ignored the blaring of the police sirens and urged the car to go faster, higher and higher the speeds climbed until she screeched the breaks to a halt. Parking infront of the home that she USED to share with Sesshoumaru the woman would practically break the door from its hinges sobbing hard her powers flaring dangerously around her.

Eyes rimmed red she heard the wailing of the sirens nearing her home and she smiles bitterly as she looked at the lone rose on the table. The rose was now wilted, brown and as dead as its 11 other companions, she'd look at the card again and rereads it "Ha...what a bunch of bullshit" the broken woman would say laughing bitterly as she ran to the room card and rose in hand she would pull a gun from beneath the bed, a gun that her mate had bought her if she ever needed the protection.

But now she just needed the relief.

Pressing the barrel of the gun to her temple as she sat in the middle of the bed, she heard the police swarm the bedroom door. A cry of her name from a policewoman would advert her attention only slightly, looking into the doe brown eyes of her best friend Sango, Kagome smiles bitterly her finger tightens on the trigger as she utters her last words...

"Until the last rose...falls" closing her eyes she pulls the trigger.

A loud bang, Sango's scream and the continuous sounds of the police were all that could be heard throughout the night.

+++2 Months Later+++

Inutaisho was beside himself with grief, he stood there infront of a coffin in solid shining ebony throwing his arm around the petite shoulders of his mate, he felt her hide her face in his suit as she bawled her eyes out. He looked to his youngest son who was seated his head down, puppy ears drooped to the sides of his head, his face buried in his hands as he shook his head sobbing uncontrollably.

Another figure stood ways away from everybody else, he dare not approach the funeral proceedings he didn't deserve to be there. If he dare to enter, every demon, human and hanyo there would rip him to shreds, leaving none for the birds or bacteria that littered the ground. And so he vouched to watch in silence and heartbreak as all of his sins and his adultery were laid out before the entire congregation.

The demon lord would stand before the coffin and gazed down into it, he felt a whole new batch of tears prickling at his honey golden colored eyes as a pained whine rips its way threw his throat. Reaching a hand downwards he'd brush the stray strands of raven colored hair away from the peaceful expression of the woman inside. A dead, wilted rose and a bloodstained red card was clasped tightly in her deaths embrace.

Not even in death did she relinquish hold of that card and wilted rose, a rose that was supposed to be fake, a rose that was supposed to remain alive the one fake rose out of 11 real ones was supposed to symbolize that they were going to last for eternity. He was supposed to love her until the rose wilted, but given that it was supposed to be fake that flower would never wilt. For all eternity they were to be together, not even death would break the bond and love that the two had shared.However, for Kagome and her wilted red rose, eternity with her beloved Sesshoumaru...

Was never to come.



Wow I literally and seriously CRIED as I wrote this.

I really tried not to make this cliche but w/ so few whores to choose from it was really hard, and besides I like Kagura lol she's a pretty cool character. Yura on the other hand, nope I really don't like her soo...she was a good choice I think and like all whores she served her purpose and disappeared lol.

Read and Review I really hope you liked this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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