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Trapped by sesshou_lover

Some Vacation

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Some Vacation

Kagome was not happy. Nope, not at all. She was terribly miserable. Not only did she lose her boyfriend Inuyasha right after they agreed to go on vacation together, but he had the nerve to continue that vacation. She agreed to go only because she paid good money for the cabin.

Inuyasha told her yesterday that he was bringing his new girlfriend Kikyou and that he planned on asking other people as well. So now she had no date to call her own and she still had to come on the damn trip.

Sango and Miroku agreed to come. Inuyasha's weird cousin Naraku had to come. Koga agreed once he heard Kagome was now free. Ayame came because she heard that Koga was coming.

Kagura called Kagome last night. She heard about the trip and demanded to be allowed on it. She claimed she had blackmail material on her if she did not.

Kagome didn't know why Kagura called her. After all, Kagome didn't want anyone on this trip. It was not that she didn't like anyone, she really did. Her problem was that it was supposed to be a romantic weekend with her boyfriend.

Now here she stood, on her porch watching as yet another person came to the door. Inuyasha told everyone to meet at her house. That asshole had the nerve to use her place as the meeting point after what he had done to her.

She opened the door for Naraku, rolling her eyes as he leered at her. "Forget it, Naraku. I am not in the mood for this shit."

Naraku said, "Now Kagome is that anyway to talk to your next boyfriend." He reached out to touch her face, but Kagome smacked his hand away.

"I said no." She almost slammed the door in his face. She wanted to kick everyone out of her house and say forget it. She could do without this trip. She couldn't even have a good cry at losing her relationship as Inuyasha sat on her couch, hanging all over Kikyou who giggled like a hyena.

Just as Kagome was about to close the door, someone pushed it open. "Where is Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru said. Kagome growled.

Now she certainly did not need this jerk here to make her day worse. Sesshoumaru Taisho got on her last nerve at all times. During her relationship with his brother Sesshoumaru constantly annoyed her.

His cold arrogant attitude completely bothered her. He never spoke to her unless with a scathing remark. He once pushed her when she spent the night in Inuyasha's room.

Sesshoumaru took ice prince to extreme. He was actually more than the ice prince he was the ice king. The moment he stepped into a room everything froze. Sesshoumaru could freeze hell with one single glance.

"What are you doing here?" she hissed. He ignored her.

"Inuyasha you have some nerve," Sesshoumaru said, disappearing from Kagome's side to grasp his half brother by his throat. "Who said you can ditch work? Father may accept your lack of discipline, but I will not."

Sesshoumaru's youkai increased the moment people moved to help Inuyasha. Kagome stayed where she was having once been tossed by Sesshoumaru during a fight. She had bruises for quite a long time

Inuyasha struggled against his brother's hold. "Dad gave me this time off long ago you ass. Let me go."

Sesshoumaru growled as he tossed Inuyasha into the wall behind him. Kagome screamed then noting how the wall cracked under Inuyasha's weight. "Who's going to pay for that?"

Sesshoumaru glared. "Who else but your pathetic boyfriend."

"He's her ex-," said Kikyou. Sesshoumaru grunted. Like he cared who the hell his brother dated.

"It doesn't matter," Kagome said, hiding her hurt. "We should just load everything into the truck."

She picked up her small bag, opening the door. She sat on her porch waiting for everyone to follow. Of course they didn't come out. They had a good argument inside for excitement."

Now she did cry. As long as she was alone she got to do what she wanted to do without worry. How was she going to do this? The cabin had 5 rooms. Inuyasha was going to of course sleep with Kikyou, knowing it was going to hurt her bad. She would probably be alone since she knew she could not room with Kagura or Ayame.

A room of her own, to cry herself to sleep for the duration of the vacation. She wiped her eyes carefully. She could handle this. Perhaps she could get away from everyone she could find a sort of freedom.

Suddenly Sango sat beside her on the stairs. "Kagome hon, are you okay?"

"How could he? He's acting as if he did nothing wrong, like he didn't break my heart and is now stomping on it."

Sango hugged Kagome close. "You don't have to come," Sango said. Kagome shook her head. Sango just didn't understand the situation. No one seemed to understand that if she did not go then no one would get the chance to go.

Kagome had all the keys. Kagome knew how to get to the mountain cabin. Kagome paid for it all. She'd be damned if they got to enjoy what she bought. She suddenly jerked to stand. She had to get away from her friend.

She walked around the corner to her back yard. Sesshoumaru stood on the back porch smoking a cigarette. He glanced askance at Kagome. She ignored him completely.

His phone rang. Sesshoumaru spoke too softly for Kagome to hear, not that she wanted to hear any of the conversation. She had to get everyone out of her house so they could just get to the cabin.

She was just about to go through the back door, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "What Sesshoumaru?"

"I'm coming on this trip." She sighed. Why not, she suffered everyone else's presence; why not suffer her worst enemy as well?

"Well we should get going then."


They all stood by the car arguing over who was going to sit where. The car was kind of small. Well that was not the word, it was tiny. They were all about to be packed for the long trip into the mountains.

Sango dated Miroku but didn't want to sit on his lap. Kagome refused to sit on Miroku because of his wandering hands. Inuyasha planned to drive. The front seat was the old fashioned long row style. So Kikyou got to sit beside him.

Naraku had to sit up front since Sesshoumaru could not stand his cousin and refused to sit beside his brother. Koga wanted Kagome on his lap, but Ayame argued for the honor, which left Kagura, Kagome, and Sango without a seat.

Sango refused to go near Sesshoumaru. Kagome refused Naraku's suggestion much to Koga's and Inuyasha's relief. So finally Kagome grew tired of it all. She forced Miroku up front on Naraku's lap. Kagura sat on Koga's lap because Sango and Kagura hated each other.

Kagome had to sit on Sesshoumaru's lap, much to his and her dismay. The whole trip she spent staring out the window, while listening to everyone complain.

Sesshoumaru moved once, only to move her hair out of his face. Other than that one time they ignored one another and everything around them. Kagome felt very uncomfortable being this close to Sesshoumaru.

He was all muscle, hard thighs beneath her butt, a hard chest against her back. She leaned back further against him to avoid Ayame's elbow. She was tired of it all. If she were comfortable she would rest.

She felt Sesshoumaru's breath on the back of her neck. It sent a strange shiver down her spine that she immediately stopped. She tried not to notice how Kikyou kept leaning against Inuyasha, constantly kissing him.

"It bothers you doesn't it?" Sesshoumaru whispered in her ear. "He moved on so easily. Could it be that they were dating before he broke your heart, simply crushed you beneath his boots?"

She knew he toyed with her. He hated her so much that he did everything possible to break her, make her cry. This time was no exception, except she tried not to think about him.

Sesshoumaru was probably just as miserable as she was. His life revolved around work. He dated no one. He never went out. Sesshoumaru had no idea what the word fun meant. She at least lived.

"Are you so miserable that you have to resort to Naraku's tricks?" She heard the growl vibrate from his chest. She smiled as she made him lose control. At the very least she could bug him as he bugged her.

"Never compare me to that hanyou." She felt his claws on her hips, digging in deep. She hissed. Why did he have to resort to violence all the time?

For the rest of the trip they said nothing. She learned to shift suddenly just to bother him. He dug his nails into her hips every time she did. By the time they reached the cabin, their dislike for one another increased to extremes.

She jumped out of the car the moment Inuyasha stopped the car. She opened the main door, eager to see everything. It was beautiful, perfect. Hardwood floors, beautiful dark wood furniture. There was a fireplace with a dark red couch before it. The kitchen was separated by an island.

She loved it. On the second level she saw the doors leading to the bedrooms. It was hotel style. Winding stairs led up to the second level. Each room was locked for personal safety. Kagome had all the keys in her purse.

She took them out now, setting them on the island. It was quiet as she waited for everyone to come inside. She figured she'd get her bag later. She searched the cabinets and refrigerator.

It was all fully stocked with food. It worked.

"What the fuck is this?" Kagome heard Inuyasha yell. He hated this place. It sucked. "Kagome what the hell is wrong with you? This will not work at all. How the hell can you party in a shithole like this?"

Kagome had enough of his shit. "Because it wasn't meant for everyone," she hissed. What did she care when everyone walked in. "This was supposed to be a getaway for us before you dumped me you jerk. So be glad that I don't want to waste my money and allowed you to invite all these people that I didn't want here."

Sango looked scandalized. "Kagome?"

Kagome sighed. "It is not like I don't like you guys. I just didn't expect all of this to happen this way."

Everyone stood around confused. From the way Inuyasha made it sound Kagome had known that everyone was coming up. This was supposed to be a party place for the week. They didn't know that Inuyasha had dumped Kagome then still expected to use this place for his enjoyment.

Kagome set the keys out by the separate rooms. "Forget it. These are the keys to all the rooms. The couples obviously get their own rooms." She set aside for keys for the two rooms. "The rest of us will have to work out something, because the rooms are set for doubling up. They each have one bed, so we might have a problem.

The guys would not want to share a bed together. Then there was a fact that there was an odd number so one guy and one girl was going to have to sleep in the same room. She had wanted to save that room for her, now Sesshoumaru ruined that plan.

"We can do this one of two ways. A guy and a girl are going to be in one room together so we can decide who that will be or we can draw straws or something."

"Well obviously it's going to be me and Kagome," Koga bragged. "After all she is my girl."

Naraku growled. So did Inuyasha. Ayame made a complaint. Kagome ignored them all. She grabbed the hat from Miroku's head, dropped all the remaining keys into the hat and shook it around.

They were going to do it this way. "Everyone is going to close their eyes and pick out one key. You cannot exchange the key you have so deal with it. If you share with someone you hate then you have to share." She didn't want to share with anyone, but couldn't really say that.

Kagome waited for each person to come. Sesshoumaru reached in first. Ayame followed his example followed by Naraku, Kagura and Koga. Kagome picked the remaining key. There, now they each had a roommate.

As everyone moved toward their room Kagome went back to the car to get her bag. She spent a moment breathing in the crisp mountain air. Maybe everyone will want to stay in the hot tub so she could simply explore as she wished.

She almost forgot about going in while she watched the sunset. It was so beautiful. Maybe she should come back another time on her own. She loved the mountains, always had.

Her family used to come here when she was younger. She found it to be the best place to just relax at all times. If Inuyasha hadn't invited everyone she would have come up here alone to find herself again.

'Give me the strength to just be happy.' She sent a slight prayer to heaven. She just wanted to be happy, to have someone love her the way that she needed to be loved.

She sighed before returning to the cabin. She looked down at the key in her hand. It was actually the room she wanted, the largest suite. Kagome almost gave it Inuyasha and Kikyou, or Sango and Miroku, but thought better of it.

Why should she give up her best room to a jerk that didn't deserve it? She climbed the stairs noticing that she encountered no one. She didn't really expect anyone to talk to her after what happened on the first level.

She stuck the key in the door. Hopefully she roomed with Ayame. She figured she could handle her for the duration. If not then Kagome had no trouble sleeping on the couch.

She opened the door to find the biggest surprise. She did not have to share with Ayame. She did not have to share with Kagura. She had to share with none other than Sesshoumaru.

"This is just not my day," she whispered.


Sesshoumaru watched Kagome as she ignored him. She put her clothing in the dresser carefully, making sure to keep her back to him at all times. He smirked.

It figured that they had to share this room. Fate was against him putting him with his brother's ex. He got stuck with the moody bitch. "I'm surprised you haven't screamed yet," he said. Not that he actually cared or was curious, but because he loved to bother her.

Kagome refused his charms. He hated that about her. Well he actually liked it because it was fun to be able to break her.

Kagome had that look about her. She was skinny. She needed more curves on her body. Her breasts were decent sized at least. He knew of much better looking females, had dated and fucked them all for his pleasure.

Yet he often imagined fucking her senseless. It would bother Inuyasha; prove who the better demon was.

"I will stick to my own rules. I cannot change who I am living with." Besides complaining will only give him pleasure. 'I just hope I will not have to actually sleep in the same bed with him.' "We can handle this like the adults we are."

She missed his smirk. He knew what she thought. He refused to sleep on the floor. The Great Sesshoumaru did not do floors. "I'm sure we can." 'I hope she realizes that I don't have clothes to wear.'

His father forced him on this trip to watch over Inuyasha. That damn half breed always did whatever necessary to get out of his duties. If allowed to do what he wanted, then Sesshoumaru knew that Inuyasha was going to do something stupid and get in trouble.

Sesshoumaru took off his suit jacket. Somehow he was going to have to get some clothes to last him for the week. None of the other males were as tall as him and he doubted he wore the same size as any of them.

Kagome finished unpacking. With Sesshoumaru staring at her she felt unnerved. In her mind she wondered why fate did this to her. Why did she have to room with him? Of all the people it had to be him.

She dreaded nighttime. She just knew Sesshoumaru. He was not going to allow her to convince him to sleep on the floor. She refused to give into to him. If she had to suffer the embarrassment of sleeping in the same bed then she was going to have to do that.

She was grown after all. "I suppose we have to share the bed then," she said. He said nothing. She felt so awkward that she simply left the room. In the back she heard the others in the hot tub, so she went the front door to the porch, where she just sat.

She allowed herself the time to cry silent tears. After this night she could do other things. Maybe tomorrow she could finally hang with her friends. She honestly did not plan to avoid them forever, just right now so she could have the time to just think.

"Kagome," Sango said. Kagome turned her head to see Sango wrapped in a yellow towel, her long dark hair twisted up. "We really didn't know."

Kagome smiled sadly. "I know. How could you guys? It was supposed to be just Inuyasha and me to celebrate our three year anniversary. When he left me I thought to come up here by myself but Inuyasha had already invited you guys to the cabin."

"That jerk," Sango hissed, then sighed. Kagome moved over on the bench to accommodate her friend. "I swear that bastard should have his head bashed in for doing this. Not only is he inconsiderate, he is just plain rotten."

Kagome chuckled. "Yeah. Of course he expects me to forgive him as I always do. I guess he thought that if he invited you that I wouldn't be as upset about him wanting to bring Kikyou. He never asked me once if I minded any of this." She wanted Sango to understand that it had nothing to do with them.

Sango hugged Kagome about the shoulders. "I'll leave you alone to think then. But I'll let the others know what we talked about. None of us thought that he did this without your knowledge."

When Kagome was alone she closed her eyes. She knew it was not her friends' fault that they intruded on her privacy. She knew the blame lay solely on Inuyasha's back. He always did this to her.

She went inside to cook dinner for everyone. It gave her time to occupy herself as she kept the tears away again. She contemplated the subject of Sesshoumaru sharing a room with her.

As long as she shared a room with that man she could not relax. The demon got under her skin so easily. He bothered no one else but her. His ignoring her seemed different than the way he ignored other people. He ignored her while setting his presence around her.

She may have been a miko, but his youkai simply pressed against her thickly, almost tangible. She hated it when he did it on purpose, as if he ignored her but wanted her to know that he ignored her.

Kagome made a nice meal of chicken alfredo pasta. She actually had the time to make the sauce from scratch. She found some garlic bread in the freezer and put it in the oven.

Koga noticed Kagome cooking first. When he told the others about the food, Sango came in to help her. She made salad while Kagome finished the last touches of dinner. For desert she planned to do a fruit plate with melted chocolate.

Everyone set chairs around the island. Kagome passed out the plates. This was her way of apologizing to everyone for her outburst. She hadn't meant to be so rude.

Sesshoumaru refused to come down. They all assumed he wanted to sulk about having to be stuck with them. He never hung out with any of them anyway so he certainly wasn't missed.

Kagome, albeit reluctantly, put aside something if Sesshoumaru got hungry. She felt it her responsibility since no one else wanted to be considerate to the ice king.

Everyone after the meal sat around the fireplace talking. Kagome sat for a time, trying to ignore Inuyasha pawing at Kikyou. She felt a little bit friendlier. Her friends Sango and Miroku stayed by her side (Miroku still far away enough not to touch Kagome).

She saw Sesshoumaru come down stairs toward the kitchen. He saw the plate Kagome set aside for him. Once he sat down, Kagome made her way up to the room. Hers was the only room with an inside bathroom.

She loved this room best of all. It was a soft earthy room made up of browns and greens. The walls were slightly darker brown with some green accent pieces around. In this room she felt safe. It fit her current mood.

Kagome took a shower, planning to get ready for bed. She was tired after the emotional roller coaster her day had been. She felt better than she ever had before as the water caressed her skin.

She forgot for a moment that she was alone. She had no one to be interested in other than Inuyasha and she determined to forget about him. He broke her heart with his attitude as if she weren't important. She should despise him for the way he treated her.

Instead she just felt lonely, hurt, betrayed, annoyed, and anything that she could think of that was not good.

She turned off the water. She thought about having to share a bed. She really didn't want to - well she wanted to share a bed, just not with Sesshoumaru. Maybe she could...

"Forget this. If I go to sleep first then he can't bother me." With that in mind, she finished drying her hair, dressed in a pair of boy shorts, and a tiny spaghetti strap pajama top. She used to wear Inuyasha's shirts to bed. Now she thought it inappropriate to do such a thing.

With another sigh she climbed into bed, pulled the lush covers over her then promptly fell asleep.


Sesshoumaru entered the bedroom late at night. He saw Kagome asleep in the bed, on the side he wanted. He held in a growl, he could get through this week. He could get through all of this if he just focused his attention to work.

He went into the bathroom himself to take a shower before he went to bed. He acquired some clothing from Koga and Miroku, the only males he tolerated at the moment. He planned to go into town the next day to shop.

He returned to the main room to see Kagome now in the middle, the classic, I'm used to someone having a side that now is not there anymore. He grunted in annoyance as he shifted her over to climb in.

'If she doesn't touch me then I will be happy.' He made sure to move her as far away from him as possible before he closed his eyes.


12:30 am

Kagome shifted toward Sesshoumaru's warmth. Sesshoumaru pushed her away again.


12:45 am

Sesshoumaru turned to his side, facing Kagome. His hair tickled Kagome's nose, so she swatted it away. She accidentally touched Sesshoumaru who grunted.


1:45 am

Kagome rolled closer to Sesshoumaru. He pulled her body toward him. Both still slept soundly.


1:50 am

Sesshoumaru buries his nose in Kagome's neck just behind the ear. She shifts to give him better access to her neck, letting loose a slight moan as she does so. Both sleep on.


2:10 am

Kagome turns in Sesshoumaru's arms. They now face each other. Kagome lessens what little space is left between them. Sesshoumaru's hand moves down to her hip. Kagome's leg winds up over one of his own.


2:30 am

Kagome unconsciously notes that Kikyou and Inuyasha are having sex. She buries her head in Sesshoumaru's neck. He growls slightly, whether in warning is unknown. Somehow he finds his lips pressed to her forehead. He doesn't notice he does this.

Kikyou screams loudly as she climaxes. Someone is banging on their door. Kagome's presses her lips to Sesshoumaru's pulse in imitation of what he did to her.


5:00 am

Kagome smelled something very nice. She pressed her nose deeper into that smell. It was something spicy, deeply powerful. It was sort of arousing in a way, the way the scent wrapped around her body.

She nuzzled whatever she pressed against, trying to get closer to it. Sesshoumaru felt something nuzzling him. He growled low in his chest as small kisses replaced the nuzzling.

He then noticed a beautiful scent reaching him, something delicate. He rubbed against the scent. His hands roamed across some fabric. His foggy mind forgot what this fabric was. It hid what occupied the scent, kept him from connecting with the scent.

Kagome felt something against her skin. Something was ripped away. She then felt something hot on her skin. It was the scent increased. She felt it in every fiber of her being. Her mind was too fogged to know what was actually happening beyond that scent.

She writhed against that something, pressed heated kisses against the something with the wonderful scent. She moaned when that something pressed her on her back. Now a weight settled over her. She liked this feeling.

Sesshoumaru pressed the scent beneath him trapping it. Something wet coated him lower down, something that increased the scent. Much of him wanted to go down to the scent, to see if there was a taste.

But he enjoyed pressing his nose deep into this unremembered crook of something. This he tasted, hearing these strange sounds. Experimented moving around. One shift brought his lower extremity to something hot, almost burning.

He was interested in exploring this heat coupled with wetness. Did not heat turn liquid into vapor? His body throbbed to be allowed to touch this heat. So he pressed inside, amazed by the tightness surrounding him, almost cutting off his circulation.

He felt this feeling somewhere before. He knew he felt this so where did he before? 'No matter.' He thrust his hips pressing deeply into the heated wetness.

Kagome could not believe this feeling she experienced. Something invaded her body, stretching her to incredible lengths. Should she feel pain? She didn't feel pain though, besides this strange tightening in her body.

This invader pressed deeper into her before pulling out, almost all the way. She nearly cried, thinking it was going to leave. But it returned, stretching her again. It felt so good.

Her body struggled to keep connected to this thing, this hard, thick, incredibly large thing. She felt her muscles tighten, trying to keep it inside her. 'Yes. Stay with me.'

She felt this coil tighten to almost painful heights. She wondered vaguely what would happen if the coil released.

She got her answer as the invader increased its pace. It pressed in hard over and over again. Suddenly she felt an explosion that woke her up fully. She looked up into the eyes of Sesshoumaru as he suddenly climaxed inside her.

They both looked surprise to be staring at one another, the full reality of what happened hitting them.

Kagome tried pushing him off her as he growled threatening. "Get off me Sesshoumaru," she hissed low enough to keep everyone from hearing. She did not want people breaking the door down to find out what is happening.

"I can't," he said. "Do you honestly think I want to be here?"

Kagome opened her mouth to say something cutting. But his narrowed eyes stopped her. "What?"

"What trick are you playing on this Sesshoumaru?"

She growled. "You asshole. You think I want to wake up with you fucking me? You are the one on top so don't blame this on me."

They glared at each other. They were stuck together. She should have known that something like this would happen. Bad things always happened to her.


7:00 am

Kagome tried not to look at Sesshoumaru above her. They were still connected at the hips. Her damn traitorous body kept pulsing around his length. If he so much as shifted her body reacted.

They heard the rest of the group getting up and going about their busy way. Kagome groaned as she imagined the embarrassment of having to explain why she can't leave the bedroom with Sesshoumaru. She had this feeling that he did this on purpose to torture her.

He lay down, resting much of his weight on her. She sighed as she felt his nose in her neck. "Can you stop?"

"I can't go anywhere. I might as well be comfortable."

"You're breathing on me," she said.

"Since we're still connected I can do much more."

Kagome gasped. "You wouldn't dare."

Sesshoumaru suddenly thrust into her, causing her to moan. He kept the pace hard yet slow. "You're so wet. Say what you will, but you like it when I thrust into you," he whispered in her ear.

Kagome bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning. It did feel good. She wanted it so bad, even if it was Sesshoumaru connected her. "Oh God," she panted. "Sooo good."

Sesshoumaru nipped at her neck hard enough to draw blood. It sent Kagome into orgasm. Sesshoumaru kept going. He hardened his thrusts further as Kagome contracted around him.

He licked at the blood sliding from the wound he caused. He smiled as she shivered beneath him. "I didn't know you liked it hard," he said.

Kagome couldn't speak. All her blood seemed to be concentrated in one place. Her nether lips were so sensitive from his invasion. If they didn't get loose soon she didn't know what she was going to do.

He might find more reasons to fuck her. "Stop." He didn't until he climaxed again.


"Hey guys, where's Kagome?" Miroku asked at the breakfast table.

Sango looked up toward where the room lay. She remembered the conversation she had yesterday with Kagome. She glared at Inuyasha, who was too busy with his new girlfriend. "I imagine she might want to focus on herself for a bit. After all Inuyasha, being the asshole he is, hasn't treated her the best."

Everyone nodded. "Yes. I imagine that she doesn't want to be around this." Miroku agreed. They all decided to leave her alone for the day, figuring that if she wanted to see them that she would come.

To bad they didn't know what was going on in the bedroom. It was fortunate for the unlikely roommates that no one thought to check.


12:00 pm

Sesshoumaru and Kagome were still connected together. Kagome had to leave the bed. It gave Sesshoumaru too many chances for sex. He took her five more times before now and she wanted a shower.

Unfortunately, all Sesshoumaru did was press her against the wall and begin his thrusting anew.

He held Kagome in place, holding her beneath her legs so he could lift her on and off his cock. He had to admit that he enjoyed this. He didn't bother to wonder why they were connected in such a way.

He had not mated Kagome. His beast didn't particularly go crazy to mark her. So he wasn't in heat and she didn't smell like she was in heat. It just gave him someone to fully satiate himself with.

Kagome didn't scream like most women. She panted a lot breathlessly. All her moans were for him only. He liked that. It made him feel special.

He varied his thrusts as the water beat at his back. He slowed down just as she reached near completion, teasing her. He did this for him, torturing her as he loved to torture her.

"You should have let me stay in bed Kagome," he said. "I can take you anywhere." He thrust harder. As he learned Kagome loved it when he took her hard. The harder he took her, the better she moaned for him.

She clutched at his shoulders. She never imagined it could be like this. She was ashamed that she enjoyed this so much. He had complete control over her. He thrusted when he wanted to. She had no control over what they did.

She can't say how many times she came or how hard she came. Sesshoumaru knew what he did.

He stopped suddenly before Kagome could come. She cried in frustration. He was such an asshole. He made sure to hold her hips so she could do nothing or go anywhere.

"Beg me," he said.

She shook her head. "No." He reached between their bodies to rub hard on her clit. Kagome gasped. She was so close when he stopped again. He was a miserable person to know.

She was not about to give in to him. She couldn't give in to him. It just went against her stubborn nature to give in to him. She despised Sesshoumaru with all her heart. Nothing about him except his body appealed to her.

She closed her eyes tightly as she fought against the pain of not releasing. She could get over this feeling if it taught him a lesson. "You don't control me."

He smiled devilishly. He leaned further into her, "Just for that, you might not come again as long as we are connected."

She smiled a smile of her own. "Well then I hope that you can come before I do because I usually come more than once before you." She expected silence or some comment. What she didn't expect was for him to kiss her roughly. He took her then, harder than before. He forced a hard orgasm out of her then.


5:00 pm

Sesshoumaru sat on the floor, Kagome held in his lap. He wanted to be able to dump her on the floor and be done with her. He couldn't.

Kagome held her head on his shoulder, crying. She wanted off him. Neither understood how the hell this happened. Sure, he smelled great and everything. But he was not her kind of guy.

They both tried not to shift. At this moment they both agreed that this sucked. They wanted to get it all over.

Maybe it was something else that made it this way. Was it because Sesshoumaru was just too thick for her small frame? He was so large compared to her.

Kagome sighed. "When this is over I want to just go home." She at least had no time to focus on the pain Inuyasha caused her. As strange as it seemed, she liked being in Sesshoumaru's arms. He felt good skin to skin.

"So Inuyasha left you for another woman," Sesshoumaru said suddenly. Kagome grunted.

"He decided Kikyou was better."

They had nothing to do but talk and fuck while they waited for whatever strange occurrence this is to end. Sesshoumaru ran his clawed hands up and down her thighs. He allowed himself to think that this moment happened because of the circumstance.

He did not like Kagome. After this he would avoid her like the plague, unless she allowed him to fuck her. They could have that benefit sort of relationship.

"Kikyou is not all that good." He slept with her years ago. She liked to think she was kinky. She was just a hoe. She wasn't good at all, which made Kikyou perfect for Inuyasha.

Kagome hugged Sesshoumaru more around the shoulders. Her body kept grasping at him, moving to bury him deeper within her. She moaned. "Not again."


12:00 am

Kagome lay exhausted in Sesshoumaru's arms, still connected to him. They heard the others downstairs talking. No one seemed concerned that they had not seen any sign of her and Sesshoumaru all day.

"You'd think they come and at least knock on the door," she muttered.

He grunted. It wasn't as if they could just open up the door. He was trying to concentrate on their situation. He did not want her to get pregnant, which seemed very likely in this current position.


1:30 am

Kagome awoke to Sesshoumaru's thrusting motions. She participated eagerly.


3:15 am

Kagome woke up Sesshoumaru.


5:30 am

Sesshoumaru woke to realize that he was now free from Kagome. He immediately got out of bed to fix himself a sandwich. He brought one back for Kagome so she wouldn't whine about being hungry.

Kagome didn't complain about being hungry when he woke her up. She complained about being very sore between her legs. Sesshoumaru responded by finger fucking her, followed by more vigorous thrusting.


End of vacation

"So did you have fun Kagome? You never showed up for anything that we did," Sango asked quietly as they all piled in the car. Inuyasha up front feh'd.

"She probably spent all her time mourning me." He and Kikyou laughed their heads off.

Kagome felt Sesshoumaru smile against her neck. He knew that Kagome hadn't thought about Inuyasha once during the whole vacation. She was much too busy to think about that hanyou.

"Well besides hurting my leg," which was the excuse they had given for why Sesshoumaru carried her to the car. Something did hurt alright, "I had a good time. I'd do it again."

"Don't think we won't Kagome," Sesshoumaru whispered for her ears alone. "Don't think we won't."


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