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Trapped by sesshou_lover


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"Kagome get in here."

Kagome Higurashi sighed deeply the moment she disconnected the intercom. Five years she's been working for Mr. Sesshoumaru Taisho and in all that time he never learned how to give the slightest compliment.

He was cold, arrogant, difficult to work with. She hated his guts, yet he paid her the best salary to be a personal assistant. Only he also worked her to death.

His life was her life. She had to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If she had a day off and he called for her to come bring him coffee, she had to get that coffee.

He was so unreasonable, but she was the stupid one who signed a contract saying she could not leave the company until he fired her. And she obviously made him very happy since he called every businessperson he knew to tell them not to hire her when she tried to leave once.

No one wanted to upset Mr. Taisho. He was the richest man in the world. No one disobeyed Sesshoumaru's command. So Kagome had no choice but to either be unemployed, or continue to work with the biggest asshole she ever had the misfortune of encountering.

Since she had bills to pay, she chose to continue working. Which reminded her...

Kagome stood, smoothing out her knee length grey skirt. She liked to keep things simple while at work, a simple suit, crisp white blouse. She wore three inch black heels, not so perfect for the constant walk between the offices. Her hair she kept in a simple pony tail at the nape of her head. Big blue eyes held a hint of sorrow as she prepared to face her boss.

She walked the short distance, passing her friend Sango at the receptionist's desk to knock on the double doors leading to Mr. Taisho's office. Sango gave her a sympathetic smile.

Kagome knocked on the door, opening it before she heard the reply. Sesshoumaru sat behind his large desk. He continued to work as she remained at the front door uncomfortably.

She hated when he did that to her. But as a rule you never interrupted Sesshoumaru when he worked. The results were...not very pretty. She heard once about his last assistant.

Apparently she interrupted Sesshoumaru and not only did she get fired, but the further conversation left the woman completely broken. So much so that she had to be committed to a mental institution because the woman was suicidal.

Finally Sesshoumaru glanced in her direction. He held up a piece of paper for her inspection. "What is this?" he said in his coldest voice.

"A piece of paper obviously," she said. They worked together too long to hold back. His lips thinned. Her answer did not please him at all.

Kagome huffed. She really did not want to have to do this. "Holding up some random paper that I cannot read from here, and expecting me to then be able to read it is not conducive to trying to work. So why don't you just tell me what is going on."

That damn Sesshoumaru had the nerve to glare at her, like she was the problem. "I expected you to get your ass over here and look at what I am holding up. I swear you get stupider every time you come in this office."

Kagome narrowed her eyes. "You asshole," she screamed loud enough for everyone in the office to hear. "Call me stupid?" Her anger boiled over. Five years of putting up with his shit did not make the money worth it.

Slowly, he stood from his chair. She watched as his eyebrow lifted. She was beyond caring if he was upset with her or not. Before he could say a word, she left the office, returning to her own making sure that she slammed the door hard.

"You bastard," She screamed at the top of her lungs.

It was bad enough she was short on sleep. He had a date. But he did not like his date so he woke her up to talk. A five minute conversation she understood, but no, not with Sesshoumaru Taisho. They had to speak for over four hours which mainly consisted of him commanding her to speak to him.

She was tired. She sat through five meetings, avoided the advances of his partners, and took tedious notes for a boss who could care less. She had to stand behind him as he fired numerous employees. She had not had a lunch break at all, so she was starving. She typed too many letters to count for him, dealt with his bitch ex wife Kagura on the phone.

Kagome had to call his equally bitchy divorce lawyer to deal with the Kagura situation. Sesshoumaru never once said thank you for watching his daughter last night, who wore her out because the little girl was so full of energy.

Of course Sesshoumaru decided that his Rin could stay with Kagome, so she had to take his daughter to daycare before she came to work. Traffic sucked, she spilled coffee on herself in the car so she had to turn around and change her clothes, which incidentally, made her late for work.

Sesshoumaru accepted none of her excuses, so she got yelled at by him. Then he demanded she get him coffee from his favorite shop, forcing her to waste gas and mileage on her vehicle.

He could have at least given her money to pay for the coffee, but no, she paid for it. She got to look like the difficult bitch because of all of Sesshoumaru's specifications when dealing with anything.

She had to get him lunch. The copy machine on her floor broke down so she had to go out of her way, many times carrying heavy stacks of papers to be copied. Her feet hurt. Sesshoumaru's schedule changed nearly hourly.

She had no life. She barely got to chance to talk to Sango at the front. She broke up with her long time boyfriend Koga because she had no time to consider going out on a date. The last time she tried to have sex, Sesshoumaru called so she had to answer the phone.

Koga was still not talking to her because of it. Her mom wanted her to visit home and Kagome had to disappoint her mother. Her grandpa was sick in the hospital. Souta's wife was heavily pregnant.

Kagome felt she was a failure because she was single, had no kids at all, might never have kids considering her job. No man wanted to deal with her, her vibrator was running out of batteries.

She struggled to take a deep breath. She wanted to strangle Sesshoumaru if she could do it and not get caught. Tears of frustration fell down her cheeks again because of that bastard.

After her outburst she was probably in deep shit and had to work late. She had to work late anyway, because she always worked late. She did so much during the day for him that she never got the chance to get her work done until after hours, which she did not get paid for.

She covered her face with her hands. "Come on Kagome. You chose to work with him." When she felt she was ready, she opened the door to her office to find a stack of files right before her door. And on top of it all was the letter that upset him.

She groaned. "You're lucky he didn't rip your head from your shoulders," Sango said quietly to avoid having Mr. Taisho overhear.

Everyone knew how sensitive the ears of a dog demon were, his most especially. Kagome finished wiping the tears from her face as she stepped over the stack.

Kagome seemed to be the only one allowed to talk back to Mr. Taisho. No one else dared to try. Sango certainly had no wish to die; she had to get married at the end of the month.

"It'll be another sleepless night," Kagome groaned. Strong coffee didn't work anymore.

"Keep the faith girl," Sango said quietly. "You have vacation coming up soon."

Kagome snorted. "As if he'll allow me to truly relax. Mr. Taisho has not once given me a full day away from the office. If I tried to go out of country, he'd only hop on his private jet and follow me, then drag me back to work." Sango laughed.

Unfortunately, Kagome was serious. She had tried that once. He had her picked up by the police so he knew where to get her. She had never been so embarrassed in her life.


"Yes Mr. Taisho." She refused to turn around. Turning around would only make them more upset.

"Didn't I give you work?" Sango was too afraid to look away from Kagome's eyes.

"Yes Mr. Taisho."

"Shouldn't you be doing that work?"

Kagome gritted her teeth. "Right away Mr. Taisho."

"First I want you to make twenty copies of each packet for the meeting tomorrow," he kept his voice cold. Sesshoumaru waited for Kagome to come to him. Eventually she turned away from Sango to approach her boss.

The moment she reached out to take the packets from him, he grabbed her wrist painfully tight. "If you ever talk to me the way you did in that office a moment ago, I will not treat it kindly." He released her.

Kagome rubbed at her wrist. How she really wanted to tell him off. Instead she snatched the packets from him before rushing to the elevator without looking back. She was one second away from hitting him over the head with the packets.

How the hell does he expect her to carry this all back up to his office? 'When will this day ever end?'


If Kagome knew she'd be working this hard she'd have called in sick. Sango left by the time Kagome returned with Sesshoumaru's required packets. He wasn't pleased. She didn't put them together right he said.

This meant she had to redo everything before she finally got to the other oh so important files he gave her. That paper they argued about turned out not to be work related at all.

It was something having to do with his divorce. Needless to say, Kagome was not very happy when she finished looking over that. The other files were reports she never got the chance to do.

She still really had no time, but it had to be done because they were due. So she spent who knows how many hours trying to get that work done.

Her only consolation was that Sesshoumaru was working just as late. Unfortunately that left them alone in the whole building. The cleaning crews were gone before she left.

It seemed Sesshoumaru stayed around to criticize her, break her self-esteem. Nothing she did pleased him. Every word out of his mouth incited her to anger, a very rare occurrence before she ever met him.

Kagome used to be a happy person with lots of friends. They gave up on her the second year she started working for her current slave driver. Sango, she met at the office. Their relationship now consisted of a few conversations without ever hanging out together outside the office.


'Not again.' "Yes Mr. Taisho," she said followed by a sigh.

"Did you eat?"

She looked at her watch. It was nearly ten. Her stomach growled loudly. No she hadn't eaten since breakfast. But she knew if she said no, Sesshoumaru would somehow make it about himself. He always did.

"What do you want Mr. Taisho?"

"Order my usual." He disconnected. Kagome held back her scream. She hated his restaurant. They were so pretentious and persnickety.

She dialed the number, made sure they knew who called, prepared for the attitude they were bound to give her. She ordered Sesshoumaru's food, forgoing anything she would have ordered for herself.

Maybe she could get something later. If only she weren't starving after missing both lunch and dinner. She called a well known Chinese restaurant in the area, that just so happened to have late hours.

She made sure to let Sesshoumaru know that she ordered his meal, then returned to her work, hoping beyond hope that she could finish up before a decent hour.


Kagome was just about to fall asleep on the desktop. Then BANG. She almost fell out of her chair in fright. Sesshoumaru stood in the doorway, his cold mask in place. She knew he enjoyed surprising her.

She was too tired to care at the moment. She looked at her watch. She struggled to make sense of what she was seeing. Did it really say that it was two in the morning?

She groaned. "Kill me now."

Sesshoumaru sniffed indignantly. "I wouldn't dirty my claws in your ningen blood." She flipped him off, then realized something.

"Why are you here?"

He lifted an eyebrow. "I own the building."

She grunted. It was, of course not what she meant. It seemed strange that he actually came to get her. Usually he just left her without saying a word. She shouldn't really complain considering she did not want to sleep at the office though.

So she said nothing about his comment. While she pulled on her suit jacket and grabbed her purse, Sesshoumaru left. She assumed he was going to return to asshole mode and take the elevator without being courteous.

She never found out the answer because she managed to reach the elevator right before the door closed. "Perfect," she murmured.

"Not for me."

"It's after hours so I really don't care." She wanted to get home and crawl right into bed. Maybe she really would call in sick. Her health was not the best at this point.

She leaned against the corner, closing her eyes briefly. It should take only a moment to go from the fifty-second floor to the basement where the parking lot was located.

It should have taken a moment. The elevator car suddenly jerked to a stop, tossing Kagome into Sesshoumaru. He pushed her away from him.

The lights went out. They only had the dim lights of the emergency lights. "What the hell? Kagome said.

Sesshoumaru was too busy pressing buttons to pay attention to her. Nothing he did worked. They remained unmoving. "I don't believe this," he said. "It must be a blackout or something."

"Shouldn't the emergency system take care of it?" She hoped it were true. Because if she had to stay with Sesshoumaru another moment longer than necessary, she was going to either kill herself or kill him.

"Obviously not if we are still here," he said.

Kagome cursed every curse word she knew. She then shouldered Sesshoumaru aside to try her hand at the buttons. Nothing worked.

When she ran out of ideas, she cried. She screamed. She threw a tantrum. She did anything possible before finally sliding down the wall. She kept her legs out before her, making sure she showed nothing.

They were stuck, truly stuck.


Kagome learned that if she kept her eyes closed then she did not have to be bothered with Sesshoumaru. He refused to speak to her, so there was no conversation. It gave her a chance to catch some sleep. She took full advantage of this.


It was hot. Kagome felt the sweat dripping down her neck uncomfortably and between her breasts. She took off her jacket a long time ago. Still the stifling heat bothered her. Didn't the back up connect to the air conditioner at all?

Obviously not she answered for herself. She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

She could no long avoid Sesshoumaru. His legs were in her way. He was so tall and the space was just too small for them both. His presence just insisted on overwhelming her.

He didn't seem to be bothered by the heat. He sat perfectly composed, staring straight ahead at some imaginary point. Well she certainly didn't want to talk to him. She could ignore him too.

She took her heels off. Why not? Her feet were killing her. She wanted to take off her hose as well. They were hot and sticky on her long slender legs. But with Sesshoumaru around she didn't dare.

That was until she decided she didn't care what he thought. She was hot and as long as she did not show her panties, then she was fine. Besides, she knew Sesshoumaru was not interested in her.

She bunched them up carefully, setting them with her jacket. Now her legs appreciated her and she could better feel the foot massage she gave herself.


Sesshoumaru seemed so engrossed in that same spot he continued to stare at. He did nothing.

Well, okay, at one moment he took his black suit jacket off and loosened his equally black tie. But other than that nothing.


Kagome played a game by herself. How long could Sesshoumaru stare at the same spot? Kagome gave up the game in favor of fanning herself.


Sesshoumaru took off his tie. Kagome unbuttoned the next button.


Kagome learned that Sesshoumaru liked to crack his knuckles. A lot. He did it often once she glared in his direction. The sound was unbearable. Even when he did not crack his knuckles, she imagined that he did.

For his part Sesshoumaru hated how Kagome kept tapping her fingers all the time. The woman could not keep still for the life of him. So he cracked his knuckles, hoping to teach her a lesson.

If she ceased that incessant sound, then he'd stop. They did not stop until Sesshoumaru finally took her hands into his, forcing her to keep them away from all surfaces. "Stop," he commanded.


Kagome wished she could lay in a nice bath with candlelight. She imagined soft music playing, some jazz as she relaxed for the first time in years.

She did not realize she moaned until Sesshoumaru snorted. She opened her eyes to find herself staring into a cold pair of golden eyes. She narrowed her deep blue eyes on him.


He said nothing, not that she really expect him to. He never said anything to her unless he deemed himself wanting to. She was not going to let that bother her she decided.


Kagome forgot she had a skirt on. She lifted her knees off the floor. Her skirt gathered to her hips. Sesshoumaru noticed that she wore blue silk panties. He, of course, did not tell her this. He was a man after all and it was the only real entertainment to be had at the moment.

He stopped looking at his watch long ago. He was tired. He wished that he was at home with his daughter. He had things to take care of. He could not afford to waste his time here with his assistant stuck in an elevator.

He narrowed his eyes suddenly. How long will this blackout last? Something had to go wrong for so much time to have passed without the lights coming back on.


Kagome could not be cowed by Sesshoumaru. She had every right to cool down. It was not her fault he took up all the space.

Though her words were brave her fingers did not get the message. She fumbled to unbutton the rest of her blouse. She had to get it off her skin. She felt sticky, hot but not a good way.

She exposed her black lacy bra. Hey, the bra can be nice, but she hated underwear that got in her crack. She was at least not wearing granny panties, but they were pure silk.

She pulled her hair up off her face and neck. That felt so much better.

"What are you doing?" he demanded.

She spared him a single glance. "I am trying to cool down."

"You are exposing yourself to me."

She snorted. As if she was doing this for him. She did this purely for her own enjoyment. It's funny. It gave her a feeling of power about herself. It was defying Sesshoumaru.

If she masturbated at this moment, it would be for her. She did not have the nerve to do something like that, but she could if she wanted to. Or maybe not considering the dirty look he gave her. What did he expect her to do, become smelly from sweat?

"Believe me Mr. Taisho, I'd like nothing better than to be at home where I can relax instead of being here with you." He made a strange sound at the back of his throat to which she promptly ignored.


Her butt hurt from sitting for too long. She had to stand, which meant she had to fight with his legs to be able to stand. Which meant she tripped into him. He caught her by the hips to keep her from falling further into his face.

"If you desired me so much, you could have asked," he said. Kagome pushed away from him.

"I fell. I wouldn't give you the time of day." If he weren't such an ass she knew she'd be lying. I mean Mr. Taisho was gorgeous, smooth skin, perfect lips, those stripes across his cheeks and that crescent moon on his forehead.

Damn how she wanted to just lick it. Naturally, the thought aroused her. And in such a tiny space, Sesshoumaru smelled it. He said nothing, but Kagome saw it in his eyes that he knew she was now aroused by something.

Arrogant jerk probably thought it was him making her all hot. He even had the nerve to take off his shirt. Kagome refused to admit to herself how nice his chest was. The way those muscles danced underneath his tightly stretched skin.

Man, it got hotter in that space. 'Don't think about how nice he looks shirtless. Think about how much of a jerk he is. That should turn you off quickly.' Only she then wondered what he looked like with absolutely nothing on.

She growled inside her own mind. She had no one else to blame but herself for this mess.

"Is something wrong Kagome?" She wished he'd just stop speaking.

"No, I was just thinking about my boyfriend is all." It's not as if he knew she broke up with Koga. She figured he knew nothing about her personal life period. How could he when he was so consumed with himself.

Suddenly he was standing before her, pressing her into the wall. Kagome felt a nervous tingle run through her body. What was he doing? He hated for anyone to be anywhere near him, so why invade her space?

"Mr. Taisho?" she squeaked.

He set his hands on either side of her, trapping her. "I think you lie Kagome. In fact, I know you are lying."

She laughed nervously. Could he detect her lie? I mean, she did not know all that much about demons although she dated one for many years.

"Why would you say that?" she blurted out before her brain fully processed the information.

He answered by sniffing her just behind the ear. His lips brushed her skin causing her to shiver. Her breath hitched in her throat as he drew closer to her hammering pulse. She felt him smile against her skin. Yep, she just gave herself away. She swallowed hard.

"I'd say you are definitely lying to me." If Kagome had the room to move away, she'd do it.

Sure she was aroused by the thought of a better personality Sesshoumaru, but that did not mean that she liked this one standing before her. "I don't like you," she said between gritted teeth.

He pulled back enough to look her in the eye. "You don't have to like me to want me. You are practically flooding your panties as we speak." This time his smile was wicked. "You are wearing blue underneath that skirt right?"

Kagome blushed a deep crimson. 'That pervert.' Her immediate reaction was to smack him silly. Fortunately, she knew better than to strike Sesshoumaru Taisho. She did want to actually live a long healthy life. That did not stop the impressive imitative glare of Sesshoumaru.

It actually made him smile. He smiled. Not an "I'm mocking you" smile, but an almost pleasant smile complete with lightened features.

Don't ask why, but it upset Kagome more. Sesshoumaru was a demon not meant to look almost normal. It was just plain frightening. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she demanded.

"Can't I be nice?"

'No.' Kagome curled into the wall as best she could, praying for the return of her usual tormentor. Nothing good ever came from Sesshoumaru smiling.

"Oh come now Kagome. Don't be shy." He gripped her hips tightly, pulling her flush against him. Kagome felt something very hard poking her stomach.

He didn't expect...did he? Kagome opened her mouth to say something, anything. She found it occupied the moment she tried. Sesshoumaru smashed his lips against Kagome's, bruising her soft lips, but enjoying it.

He tasted the inside of her mouth, finding it very appealing to his taste buds. It was sweet nectar he wanted more of. Kagome tried to bite back the moan of such an assault on her mouth.

As much as she hated the man she had to admit that he was a divine kisser. He tore into her mouth with a wild abandon she never received from Koga. Maybe it was because she had been trapped in the elevator too long. Or maybe it was just that it had been too long for her. Whatever the answer, she did not care. She had to keep kissing.

While Sesshoumaru distracted her with his mouth, he lifted her skirt, finding the material of her panties. He quickly ripped them away to get to his prize. As his fingers brushed by her sex, he received a pleasant surprise.

She was already coating his fingers and he had done nothing yet. He pulled away from her lips, pleased to note that she tried to follow him. He wanted her paying attention to what he was about to do.

Very lightly, he stroked her, her wetness almost dripping off his fingers. Kagome shivered under his touch. "I think," he began, "that it is time we are productive in this situation. Since I can't ride the elevator, I think I should at least be able to ride you."

Kagome groaned as she felt three fingers penetrate her. She almost lost what Sesshoumaru said. "Why...should I?" Her fogged mind already knew it was too late. She was close to coming already. And she was about a stroke away from begging him to pound into her.

That kiss really got to her. She never knew she liked it rough. Now she had his fingers forcefully entering her, him talking about riding her like you'd ride a horse and all she could think about was getting down on hands and knees for him to actually do it. My God she had to be sick.

Sesshoumaru licked his lips. "You are my assistant which makes you my bitch. As far as I am concerned, if I want to ride you I can." He leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "And I intend to ride you hard."

As he spoke he unbuckled his pants. Forget foreplay, she was dripping wet and her body was begging for him.

Once he had himself freed he wasted no time lifting her off her feet. With one single hard thrust he buried himself deep within her wetness. She was so tight, tighter than anything he ever had in his long memory.

Kagome could not get over how huge he was. He filled her to capacity, stretching her almost to the point of pain. But it felt so good.

Sesshoumaru began his pounding thrusts into her willing sheathe. She pulled at him, tried to keep him inside the moment he pulled out, but she was always welcoming him back inside.

He could not get enough of her heat. She convulsed around him, climaxing in his arms. He was far away from his own release.

He pulled out to toss her on her hands and knees like the bitch she was. The sight of her ass presented in the air drove him nuts. He lost control of his sanity. Every thrust lifted her knees off the ground.

He brutalized her body. Kagome snarled like a wild animal as he continuously hit her sweet spot. She came again and again as he rode her.

Sesshoumaru leaned over her until he had her caged in his arms. He pushed her down until she nearly lie on her stomach, letting him get deeper still within her. The sound of skin slapping skin magnified against the enclosed space.

They almost had the elevator shaking with their movements. Tears of pleasure streamed down Kagome's face. "Who rides you the best?" he grunted in her ear.

Kagome could not find the words to speak. It took him slowing his strokes until it seemed he didn't move to force her to try harder. "You...sir."

He thrust back in, "Good girl. Now let's see how hard you can take it."

She didn't think she could take anymore. He proved her very wrong. He took her at demonic speed. Kagome howled with pleasure. She wasn't going to be able to walk right when he got through with her.

He vowed to make her remember this for the rest of her life. She was better than a demoness. She felt incredible, addictive. Sesshoumaru always kept his best possessions close to him and now Kagome was one of them.

He was going to ride her every single night, until he got tired of her. It was easy, she worked late, he worked late. He always needed relief after a long day. The thought of all the impending rides he'd take made him finally come.

Kagome came just as he released his seed in her, his pulsing cock still stroking her sensitive area. He seemed to grow much bigger than he started with.

Sesshoumaru felt almost disappointed to pull out of her. She was still so hot and wet. He could not resist the temptation and thrust his fingers back in, torturing her sensitive body. "Mine," he said possessively. "Your cunt belongs to me. I will take it anytime, anyplace that I desire. You in turn will never impede my access by wearing underwear."

Kagome's body continued to shake as he tortured her, her voice too raw to speak. She came twice more before he finally let her rest.


The elevator moved. Sesshoumaru woke Kagome from her sleep. He'd been satisfied twice more before he finally let her sleep. The elevator smelled of their activities. Sesshoumaru allowed himself a pleased grin.

When they reached the parking lot, Sesshoumaru helped Kagome to his car. She was much too weak to drive herself home and he could not let anything happen to his sheath.

As he helped her to bed he gave her direct instructions. "You don't have to work tomorrow, but I expect you in my office after hours where I'll ride you on my desk. Do not be late or else I'll get nasty." He just might decide to torture her more anyway. She proved to be quite resilient. He gave a final lick to her nether regions before making his own way home.

During the drive home the news said it was a city wide black out, which meant he was going to sleep a lot of the day. He expected many of his employees to be too frightened to call in.

It was past six now. He made it home an hour later. He wanted to sleep a few hours before he prepared for his special bitch.

He smiled. Fives years and he had never known what treasure lay beneath her skirt. Now he did and planned to utilize it every chance he got.


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