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The Art of Pleasure by Walter205

Puppy drool, Doggy love

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 Koshimaru looked at his son, panting softly, slobber running onto the ground at his feet. He smirked, but internally he only sighed. It was so easy for him, but for some reason his son could never get it right.

 With his left arm still holding her head back against his shoulder, fingers tickling the sensitive spots of her throat, Koshi again worked the magic with his other hand, two fingers pumping deftly into and out of the miko's wet, dripping folds. A third finger tickled her sensitive nub, while the fourth and fifth fingers rubbed sensually up and down her outer walls.

 Another moan escaped from her lips as she buckled gently. Kagome loved every second of when Koshi would give his son another demonstration on the arts of proper love making, and naughtily wondered if that would ever include action involving his own love instrument. After all, when she had first mated Sesshomaru, it had been Koshi that had used his stick to show her how to...properly please her mate with her mouth.

 Sesshomaru let a whine escape his mouth. Ooh, this was such torture. But, for the life of him, when he got into bed with her, he could and would not slow down for any of this...foreplay. And so, his father kept trying to teach him the art of pleasing a human female.

 Koshi sighed as another orgasm shook the female, his hand getting even wetter.

 'Now I know why the kamis dictated I be named the loving perfection and my son the killing perfection. He's doing a fine job of killing the art of making love...'

 'But, on the brightside, I will continue to both be able to pleasure this wonder female and torture my son. Heh.'

 Now, his smile was real as he continued his minstrations.

 The End


 Written in response to the 50-ways to torture a Taiyoukai challenge.


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