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Big Screen Material by MontiK

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: The characters of InuYasha are not mine, they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Big Screen Material

Sitting on the prop weight bench, Sesshoumaru continued to wipe his sweaty hands on his pants. He was dressed in a skin tight under armor shirt and sweat pants. His nervous fidgeting was starting to get on his brother's nerves. 

Inuyasha spotted his brother fidgeting again while he was setting up camera for the right angles around the set. His eye twitched in irritation. "Sesshoumaru...", he trailed off.

"I shouldn't be doing this...", Sesshoumaru jumped up and started towards his coat before he was firmly blocked by the form of his younger brother.

"Nah-ah! You said you'd do this, I'll never find someone else on such short notice! Now you sit right back down." He held is brother's shoulders and pushed him back onto the weight bench, "How hard can it be? All you have to do is act like your normal 'I'm the best asshole on the face of the planet' self and you'll be fine!" Inuyasha scoffed at his brother's less than normal behavior as he walked back to the cameras.

"How do you know? Have you ever done this? There will be people watching... the video will be sold in public... It's awkward...", Sesshoumaru trailed off again still nervously wringing his hands.

Inuyasha blinked at his brother from behind his camera, "Sesshoumaru? Do you think I just went strait to directing this stuff? There's a reason Dad cut me off..."

Sesshoumaru blinked at his brother in return, now plagued with odd visions of his brother acting in porn. He looked back at him when he heard a thoughtful hum. 

"Why did Dad cut you off?", Inuyasha asked his brother. 

Sesshoumaru ran his hands through his hair in frustration, "D.U.I.", he answered in a soft tone.

Inuyasha simply nodded, knowing his brother probably didn't wanna talk about it. "The girls should be here soon, they'll do your makeup then we should be good to go. Just don't worry and be your usual self. It'll be fine."

Soon after Inuyasha mentioned the girls coming in they arrived. Sesshoumaru sat quietly at the makeup table watching as his brother chatted animatedly with the girl he assumed he would be starring with. She looked vaguely familiar, with her jet black hair and pale blue eyes. He decided to forgo remembering where he knew her from to get prepared for his role, all he had to do was make sex look good on camera... how hard could it be?

The cameras were set, Kagome sat on her set space on the recumbent bike, the lights were up, now all he had to do was make his appearance. He stiffly walked onto the scene, trying to look confident. 

"You're finally here", Kagome's sultry voice called out to him. "I was wondering what took you so long, I had no idea what to do without my favorite gym instructor.", she ran her finger down the hard line of his abs as she spoke.

He tried to smirk confidently to fulfill his role, but it came out as an uncertain grin. He couldn't get his mind off of the cameras, and the fact that his brother was the one behind the camera. He leaned forward, resting one hand on the screen of the recumbent bike the other hand behind her seat, putting his face close to hers and readied to say his line. 

He opened his mouth to speak. The hot lights beat down on his bank. He was so close to her face he could feel her breath on his cheek. His chest and stomach tightened into a knot... He couldn't say anything. He heard a sigh from behind the camera and just as his brother was about to call cut...

"Why so tense?", Kagome said loud enough in his hear for the boom-mic to pick up. She slid from her seat on the bike and placed her hands on his shoulders. She began to knead the tense muscles beside his neck. He numbly felt her move behind his back and followed her pushing movements towards the weight bench. 

Inuyasha watched Kagome work, he was going to call cut and give his brother a pep talk but it seemed Kagome felt like improv today... He'd roll with it she usually came up with good stuff. He motioned for the other camera man to keep rolling as he tried to figure the best angles for their new position. 

Her knee slipped between his legs and spread them so they would wrap around the weight bench when he sat down. Sesshoumaru was her paper doll to move as she wished. He was nervous with the lights and this nearly unknown girl and now they weren't even on script anymore.. anything could happen. Her hands pressed at the broad expanse of his back leading him to lay down flush with the bench. 

"So tense...", she muttered in a whisper, her breath tickling the tip of his ear. Her palms pressed into his back and slide up and down in sultry caress. Her position leaning over him made her breasts press against him and to reach his height her hips were held tight against his from behind. He groaned when she held tight to his shoulders and thrust her hips into him suggestively. 

Sliding her hands back down his sides, making his muscles twitch and leap at the slight tickling sensation, she moved down to hold onto his hips. She trails her lips down his back and murmured, "Seems you're not so tense anymore...", he nodded in response with his eyes held shut and his claws digging into the soft padding of the bench. 

Kagome held the hem of his shirt in her teeth and pulled it up his back as she stood behind him, her feet still planted on either side of the bench. She nipped at his hip lightly as one hand slipped between his legs to the front of him to feel the bulge in his pants. She grinned, "Seems some part of you are still a little.. stiff but that's a good thing..", she chuckled throatily as she slid his pants down far enough to give her access. One hand wrapped around the base of his cock the other leading his hips higher to allow better access to both herself and a better camera angle, she started to pump him slow and long letting him moan each time she pulled back up. 

Inuyasha's sunglasses slid down his nose as he watched through the camera lens. Kagome had taken his bumbling nervous brother and somehow gotten him to buck underneath her like a bitch. The other camera man was doing a good job of getting a close up of Kagome's hand doing it's work and his brother had his eyes shut, probably oblivious to the cameras as Kagome had him so completely occupied. 

Sesshoumaru whimpered as she let go of his cock in favor of pulling his pants off, but he moved to aid her without complaint. Once his pants were on a heap on the floor he turned around to face her. He took hold of her knees and pulled her legs up to wrap around his waist as he sat back down on the middle of the bench. She leaned forward to kiss him, pressing her breasts to his chest and nipping at his bottom lip. Clawed hands grasped at her ass pulling her cloth covered sex to press against his hard member. 

She slid her own shirt up and pulled it over her unbound breasts and led his lips down to her plump offerings. He suckled and lapped at one nipple, pressing his face deep into the mound of soft flesh and reveling in the way it pooled around his nose and cheeks, molding to him and engulfing him. He gave the other a harsh nip before taking hold of her knees again and pulling them up over his shoulders. 

Kagome flopped back onto the bench with a gasp as he pulled her legs up. He grabbed onto her tiny little workout shorts and panties and yanked them down, over his head, to rest at her ankles. He pressed his finger tips to her revealed clit and rubbed harshly in a circular motion and smirked as she whimpered for him. He was so lost in attending to her he didn't notice the camera man nearly on top of him leaning over his shoulder. 

Clawed hands grasped onto Kagome's hips as Sesshoumaru laid back onto the bench and positioned her body above his face. She whimpered at the cool touch of his tongue between her wet folds. She leaned back, displaying her breasts at a pleasant angle for the camera. Reaching back she grabbed onto his sides, long fingers tangling in the cloth of his shirt as she desperately tried to find purchase in anything to hold on to. Kagome fumbled to kick off her shorts and panties while her sneakers were still on, her toes barely touched the ground as she panted and gasped under the attentions of his mouth. 

Nips and licks punctuated by sharp fangs were delivered to her swollen lips and clit, clawed hands groped and kneaded at the soft flesh of her bottom. Whimpers and cries fell from her lips and her fingers dug into the thin skin on his ribs, pushing the thermal fabric against his flesh and leaving angry welts. The pain encouraged him to push harder with his mouth, burying his tongue inside of her while clawed thumbs played with her swollen nether lips. 

With a sudden hoarse cry Kagome's muscles seized, convulsions over took her body as her orgasm engulfed her. Pulling her knees instinctively towards her chest to allow her welcome intruder further into her body, all her weight was thrust upon Sesshoumaru's forearms. He allowed her to sag, pushing her harder onto his face as he lapped up her juices until nearly nothing remained. 

Once Kagome regained control of her body she crawled from atop Sesshoumaru to stand behind the weight bench. Burying her hand into the hair at the nape of his neck she pulled him harshly into a standing position and forced her lips onto his. He moaned when she pressed her small tongue past his clenched teeth and she circled her talented appendage enticingly around his fangs. 

Following her insistent prods and pokes Sesshoumaru was led back to the recumbent bike and thrust into the seat as Kagome placed herself atop him. She balanced her shin's precariously atop the handles beside the seat and loomed over him. Staring with wanton lust at the cloth clinging to every crease and angle of his muscled chest, she began raking her fingers under his shirt and roaming over his bare skin. Under her skilled hands he was persuaded to tear the shirt from his body, bits and shreds of the black fabric falling to the ground. 

Pressing her body tight to his he reveled in the warm feeling of skin on skin. He pressed the tip his turgid member ts her entrance, about to slowly press into her. She dropped her hips hard and fast, engulfing him in her warm heat and making him hiss. 

He bucked and writhed underneath her, trying to find a match for her pace, but she took control. Her hand once again wrapped in the soft hair at the nape of his neck she pulled his head back until it was leaning past the back rest on the bike seat. She pulled hard to the right, pointing his lust glazed gaze towards the camera man as she laved at his bared neck with her tongue.

Hands kneading on her ass as he followed her pace with his hands on her hips, he barely noticed the cameras. Her little nips and bites on his neck made spots in front of his eyes and blinded him to the outside world. She sped up her pace and he felt his balls tighten. His toes curled and he held tighter to her hips, trying to make her ram into him harder. He bit down on his bottom lip as he bucked and pulled her from him. Pressing himself to her wet nether lips he rubbed against her and bucked a few more time before he growled out his release. 

Whimpering, she threw her head back. Her breasts bounced with the motion as the warm liquid of his seed sprayed on to her abs, some coming to rest on the top of her firm breasts. Sesshoumaru watched mesmerized as her pink tongue darted out to catch a drop of semen that landed on her puckered lips. 

Panting above him, her skin flushed she watched his chest heave with each heavy breath he took. He leaned forward, pressing his face between her breasts and started lapping up the evidence of his release. Kagome held the back of his head and stroked his hair, watching him. She gasped as he suddenly thrust three fingers into her dripping hole. 

The sharp bites and nibbles combined with the soothing stroke of his tongue on her skin and the thrust of his hand, hard enough to make her jump slightly from his lap at each upward stroke, quickly drove her to orgasm. Her hands tightened in his hair, holding onto to him to keep grounded from the force of her release as she cried out.

A few more minutes of soothing strokes from his tongue over her skin and Inuyasha called, “Cut!”, for the scene. 

Standing on slightly wobbly legs Sesshoumaru helped Kagome off of him. His hands lingered on her hips as he expected her to have the same problems standing so quickly. She merely smiled at the sweet gestured and turned from him, taking the waiting towel from the makeup artist and going off to her booth to grab her bag before going to the shower.

Standing with a dumbfounded expression Sesshoumaru stared after the unphased female. He numbly accepted the towel from his brother and wrapped it around his waist. Vaguely he heard his brother's praise of 'good first time' before the younger inu ran off to go speak with Kagome again.


“This is it! This is it! It's perfect!”, Inuyasha raved as he danced and spun through the back alley behind the studio on his way to his car. He thrust the blank CD case into the air triumphantly, as it held the edited version of Sesshoumaru and Kagome's on screen efforts from a week ago. “I mean, I wanted you to be all you domineering male self... and you TOTALLY choked!”, he shouted with a laugh. “But Kagome.. god that girl's a genius! The chick taking control, absolutely hot.. Just imagine Sesshoumaru..”, he spun around with his arm wide as if encompassing the entire world, “X-rated theaters in Europe everywhere!” He laughed and jumped around as he thought over his newest work.

Sesshoumaru followed his brother to the parking lot at a sedate pace. He still hadn't figured out where he knew the girl from and her lack of reaction to him was.. strange. It was her job, he supposed, but he was upset she wasn't the least bit addled by his efforts to pleasure her. She had just gotten up and walked away. Unable to hold his curiosity in any longer, he asked, “Where is it you know Kagome from, Inuyasha?”

Inuyasha stopped his spinning and jumping to peer curiously at his brother, “I dated her in high school, don't you remember?”

Sesshoumaru quirked an eyebrow in both confusion and question, “The shy little girl?”

Inuyasha laughed, “Yeah! You can tell that was all a front!”, chuckling he returned to his jumping and spinning on the way to his car.

Opening his car door and sliding into the seat, Sesshoumaru pondered the situation. Yes, he might just return to do this more often if his restricted access to his father's funds was prolonged. If not for the money than to learn more about the girl, Kagome. Repeating the process certainly would be enjoyable...


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