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Unexpected by wawa

The Hunt

Disclaimer Number One- The characters of InuYasha are not mine; they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

AN- I was not planning on another chapter, but this came to mind and would not leave me alone. Let me know what you think. Thanks to all who read and Review! Word count is 512.


He had finally caught the scent of his prey and tracked it to a nightclub he had never heard of before. Entering the club, he was met by the usual bouncer type and asked to pay a cover for the show they were having that night. Dishing out the ten dollars to get him closer to his goal, he swiftly entered the club.

So focused on his prey he did not notice the different clientele randomly strewn about the bar and tables surrounding the stage. Closing his eyes, he used his superior sense of smell to locate who he was looking for. Finding his mark behind the curtain on the stage, he decided to wait for the right moment. Knowing that he could do nothing now, as they were in public he quickly found a table in the back.

Assured that he had not been detected he scanned the rest of his surroundings. Instantly he became aware of why he had not heard of this bar before. Everywhere he looked, half of the males were dressed in women's clothing with their makeup done. Considering whom his prey was he was not in the least bit surprised.

Turning to the bar he noticed, what he presumed to be a waiter making his way towards his table. Sesshoumaru had to hold in a shudder that threatened to overcome him with the look the waiter was giving him. Not to mention what said waiter was wearing.

Bright red short shorts, a tiny black tank top, and a pair of white tube socks with three red stripes at the top sashayed there way to his table. Stopping with a flourish the waiter attempted what could only be described as a come-hither look.

"Well hello there gorgeous what can I get you to drink tonight? You look like a martini type of man or possibly a cosmopolitan."

Due to his present objective Sesshoumaru forcefully calmed himself from killing the outlandish male. It was not the waiter's fault that he was devastatingly handsome and could attract both males and females. He simply ordered a glass of tea not trusting the effects of alcohol since the incident especially in this place.

"Oh. My. Lord. Your voice is like butter. I could listen to you talk all day long!"

Not bothering to stop the growl from making its way out his throat Sesshoumaru made his displeasure known. The flamboyant male quickly left the table returning a short while later with tea before high tailing it out of the general vicinity of that particular male.

Suddenly the lights went down and music started to play. Recognizing the song as one of Kagome's favorites Sesshoumaru considered seppuku instead of dealing with this torture.

Looking onstage to the half naked men with angel wings dancing to 'Its Raining Men' Sesshoumaru came to one conclusion.........everyone in this room was going to die by his hand. Starting with the man, he took home the other night currently grinding against a dark haired male onstage. Preparing his acid whip Sesshoumaru slowly stood up.


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