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Unexpected by wawa


Disclaimer Number One- The characters of InuYasha are not mine; they are property of Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise, and Viz Media. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer number two- The above disclaimer is not mine. I copied and pasted it from Nobody's forum post on disclaimers.


This was written for Danyealle-sama torture challenge 50 ways to torture a Taiyoukai. My word count is 652. Thanks to all who read and review!


Sesshoumaru had just dropped off his best female friend at the airport, and was feeling a bit strange. He felt fine this morning and on the way to the airport, but when he watched Kagome board the plane taking her to America to study abroad something he had never felt before surged through him.

Deciding that a few drinks at the local bar might help him get rid of this unusual feeling. Sesshoumaru broke his normal rule of no drinking during the weekdays, and quickly made his way to the bar.

Ignoring everything around him Sesshoumaru took a seat at the back of the bar and ordered his drink. Running the days events through his head several times, he suddenly had a very terrifying epiphany. It washed over him like a bucket of cold water. He missed Kagome and with that realization, he delved deeper into himself to find that he may actually love her!

Sesshoumaru playboy of the millennium had fallen in love with his best friend. Making a quick and maybe rash decision the part of Sesshoumaru that was not ready to give up his playboy status decided to bury these feelings with booze and what else women.

After attaining, the lovely numb feeling that came with mass consumption of alcohol Sesshoumaru slowly surveyed the female population in the bar. His eyes quickly fell on a human female across the bar. She was tall, dark haired and slightly resembled Kagome in his inebriated state. A small smirk touched his lips when said female looked up and gave him a coy smile. This one was in the bag.


Foregoing a slow seduction Sesshoumaru immediately started kissing, whatever her name was as soon as they entered his home. Literally throwing the women over his shoulder, he used his demon speed to get to his bedroom in two seconds flat.

Setting her on her feet Sesshoumaru worked on stripping the clothes off his next conquest. However, something completely unexpected popped its way into existence instantly putting the daiyoukai into a comatose version of shock.

Jakotsu noticed where the beautiful dog demon was looking and realized what was wrong. Choking back the giggles that threatened to burst forth, he could not help but take a couple of jabs at the infallible Sesshoumaru-sama.

"I thought you knew I was a man. I mean with your superior dog demon abilities and all. Not to mention the tabloids always running stories about you being to pretty and possibly gay. I assumed there was a small grain of truth to the rumors."

Jakotsu, a being that always held a lot of pride for speaking his mind finally noticed the small continuous growl coming from the demon lord. Figuring he was in this deep anyways grabbed his clothes and with an air of smugness around him turned to the dog demon.

"Too bad you are obviously not because you and I fluffy could have had fun."

With those parting words, Jakotsu fled the house as if the fires of hell were after him.

Sesshoumaru did not even register the words spoken to him and after thirty minutes of staring at the spot the man had occupied suddenly came back to himself. Running as fast as he could to the bathroom, he purged everything that was in his stomach.

Grabbing his toothbrush, he proceeded to rub away most of the enamel off his teeth and brush his tongue so hard it started to bleed. Ripping open the shower stall door and turning the water to the highest setting, Sesshoumaru scrubbed every part of his body until it was red.

This had to be some kind of cruel torture. Some deity out there was finding much amusement from his experience tonight. Maybe it was fate trying to guide him towards Kagome. He was not sure. One thing he knew for sure though was that his womanizing ways were over.

AN- I hope you enjoyed my torture of Sesshoumaru. If you see any mistakes please let me know. I have a bad habit of writing, editing, and then posting all in one sitting. Thanks for reading!


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