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Inu Doesn't Know by Sora-chan

Inu Doesn't Know

Before I begin, I must thank and dedicate this story to the Grandmistress of GMs sugar0o. She made it possible for me to post this today. My heartfelt thanks r0o!!  n.n

Thank you for choosing my story, I hope you like! It’s a short little thing using the song ‘Scotty doesn’t know’ by Lustra as the plot, well most of the plot anyway. My Response to sugar0o's Grand GM Challenge. I hope you like!!

**Edit note: Just to note, that this is the same story from Spark written under the penname psychokiller(-lady...dont remember) so If youve read it from there, thanks for reading it then, and if your reading it now, thanks for reading now lol


Chapter 1: Inu doesn’t know

Verse reference: Scotty doesn't know,
That Fionna and me,
Do it in my van every Sunday.

She tells him she’s in church,
But she doesn't go,
Still she’s on her knees, and...

Kagome walked sleepy from her room and jumped into the shower. Her family was on their way to church. She took a shower and washed her hair before changing into a pair of shorts and a tank top. She walked into her room and began packing her purse, inputting the necessities; a condom, breath mints, perfume and any other things she needed when meeting with Sesshoumaru.

Her phone began ringing the tune of B.Y.O.B and the separated vibrations alerting her. She looked on the caller id before answering; it was her boyfriend Inuyasha. Her blue eyes widened slightly as she accepted the call. “Hello?” she asked as if she hadn’t checked who it was.

“Hey babe, what's happening?” her all too trusting boy toy asked. She smiled lightly and sighed.

“Nothing, just getting ready,”

“Ready for what?” he asked confused. She rolled her eyes and dabbed a bit of lip balm on her lips.

“I’m going to church silly. Remember its Sunday, my family’s Catholic.” She said in a duh voice as she rolled her eyes at his stupidity.

“Oh-“ he was cut off by a beep on her cell, she checked it, she had an incoming call.

“Sweetie, I have to go, I’m gonna be late” she said rushingly.

“But you’re on a cell phone, you can take it with you.” He pointed out she inwardly cursed his realization.

“Yes, but I cant take it to church, its…. Sacrilegious” she said, “Now I really have to go, Hun, I’ll see you later.” She said as she ended his call. She muttered something about needing to break up with him before checking the caller id on the new call. It was the guy she was getting ready to meet, Inuyasha’s older sexier brother Sesshoumaru.

She smiled in delight and anticipation before accepting the call, “Hey,” she greeted,

“Hey yourself, are you ready? I’m outside.” He said smoothly. She stifled a giggle and told him she was on her way out. She hung up and grabbed her bag. She shoved her feet in a random pair of flip-flops and skipped out of her room.

She reached into a coffee tin in the kitchen and extracted her house keys. Before leaving through the back door and locking up. She jumped the side fence and jogged onto the sidewalk, her unpinned raven hair swaying behind her. She grinned as she saw the 60’s beetle van parked bay her gate, one of the many signatures of Sesshoumaru.

The van was kept in tiptop condition, and she expected nothing less from the supposed ice prince. She climbed into the front passenger’s seat and kissed his cheek in greeting.

“So where to?” he asked glancing over at her with beautiful amber eyes.

“How bout the beach this time?” she asked, the giggle from earlier spilling out as she thought about the pleasure to come. She was already wet just thinking about it.

“Alright, the beach it is.” He grinned before putting the van into gear and driving off. Kagome glanced over at Sesshoumaru, the smile still spread on her lips. They had a quirky relationship. Sure she was ‘with’ his brother, but that really didn’t stop him from seeking her out and her from allowing him to. Besides she had been thinking of dumping his brother anyway, why settle for less when she could have the best?

She wasn’t a bitch or a bad person, on the contrary, she was a very respectable young woman, when she was not with Sesshoumaru or when she fully awake. Those two elements just brought out the other side of her that no one really knew of. She liked Inuyasha, they had been together for about two years now, and she had been with Sesshoumaru on the side for about couple months now.

Don’t get her wrong, she liked Inuyasha, but she didn’t love him, well she didn’t love him as a boyfriend, she felt that they would be best as friends. She glanced over at him; he was glancing about the place looking for the tu7rnoff for their section of the beach, the section that they always went to together. No one else knew about it.

Her breath shuddered out of her mouth when she felt his hand sliding up the creamy length of her soft legs. She looked over at him and he grinned at her, yes it was safe to say, though she had been saying it for quite a while now, his touch left her breathless.

She noticed he was turning into a shaded spot and grinned seductively. He turned off the engine and she got up and climbed into the spacious back area. He followed her, keeping a hand on her small waist. She dropped her purse and turned to him grabbing his face and kissing him senseless. The van, contrary to popular belief was beg enough for them to stand up. He held on to her hips, grinding her into him, she moaned into his mouth and he plunged his tongue deeper into her cavern.

She lifted the navy blue wife beater off of him, hardly breaking the heated kiss, he groaned into her mouth as she raked her nails down the expanse of his chest, flicking the pert nipples roughly. His own hands roamed over her body, following every curve he knew by heart. He roughly grabbed her breast under her shirt causing her to moan wantonly. He smirked into her mouth; he knew how to get her worked up.

They both liked it rough, something that surprised Kagome to no end after her first time with Sesshoumaru, he had taken her roughly in his bed, tying her arms to the bed post and driving into her, she had loved every minute of it. Inuyasha never gave her much pleasure after that; he was too ordinary. The boy had never even tried it rough, saying that she was too delicate to abuse her body like that or something to that effect. A few weeks after her first rendezvous with Sesshoumaru, (she had avoided him because she said it was wrong to cheat on her boyfriend who obviously loved her) she sought him out. And he took her in the back seat of his mustang. After all a girl can only fake an orgasm for so long before wanting the real thing right?

She hadn’t even realized that he had taken off her top, not that she cared much. She moaned loudly as he ravished her breasts, one by one before making his way back up to her mouth. She kissed him fiercely, looking straight into his eyes as she did so, they were beyond the closing of the eyes thing, they thought it much kinkier to stared while they went.

She kissed his chest, licking and biting each nipple before trailing her way further down, she felt his muscles spasming under her torture and smirked against his navel. She looked up at him; his head was lolled back and his eyes were closed. Though when he felt her eyes on him, he looked down at her. She smiled seductively at him while slowly unzipping his surfing shorts. She could feel his engorged cock, beneath the thin layer of cloth, she blinked prettily at him, and she could feel his anticipation as she watched him bite his bottom lip.

Dropping his pants she kissed the head, smearing the discharge coming from it along her lips. She licked it, lapping at it while caressing the rest of the shaft in the process. She smiled prideful when she heard his loud groan of her name; she knew exactly what she was doing to him. Grabbing his hips, she took all of him into her mouth. He hissed in pleasure when he felt his whole length surrounded by her hot mouth, this was just torture and she knew it.

He watched her as her head bobbed up and down before him, he could feel her teeth scraping him sending tremors of painful delight through him. He felt her release him and he looked down to see what she was up to. He hair was blocking his view, but he instantly knew when he felt her tongue wrap around one of the twin sacs of his balls. She sucked on it like it was a rare candy before going to the other adjoining one, eliciting the same pleasure.

She went back to his shaft, feeling his muscles tensing. She knew he was about ready to explode. She smiled and kissed the head once more, she heard in groan before felt the pressure of his orgasm. His seed shot out of his cock and she lapped it up, swallowing every drop of it. He had panting above her, when she was just about done cleaning him up.

She trailed her tongue up his chest back to his face where his kissed her intensely and possessively. She moan as he set her upon the blankets and grabbed off her shorts, taking them clean off. He licked her navel before going down to her clean-shaven cunt. She didn’t notice when he quickly put on the condom, nor when he actually took off her shorts, she was too caught up with getting ready for what was to come. He smirked diabolically before thrusting his tongue into her already dripping core.

She moaned breathlessly as her back arched painfully and her eyes widened. She gripped the sheets above her head as Sesshoumaru attacked her mercilessly, just the way she loved it.

He watched her reactions with a satisfied smirk, before jabbing a finger into her to join his tongue. “Holy fuck,” he heard her scream in pure fervor. Her fingers were trembling and her knuckles were white as she fisted the blankets, trying, and failing he noticed, to keep hold of her sanity. He felt her cum in his mouth and drank in up, using his already inserted finger to scoop out any he hadn’t got, before thrusting his pulsing cock into her, not giving her anytime to calm down from her high.

He thrust painfully into her at maddening pace; wrapping her legs about is waist as he did so. He left her still lying while kissing and biting her stomach and breasts. She screamed in pleasure all through the ride, stuffing her hands into his shoulder-length sliver hair. She always thought the color was weird, but she didn’t care, besides, it wasn’t like she really had time to think around him, much less make coherent thoughts about his hair.

She asked him to go harder and he did, forcing himself deeper into her tight sheath while she hissed out in pleasure. “Oh fuck me hard Sesshou,” she cried as she felt him kissing her neck. She brought his face up to hers and stared deeply into his golden orbs, “I’m cuming,” she whispered breathlessly before kissing him fiercely, she barely heard him answer with a ‘me too’ before she was blown into oblivion.


That’s the first chapter, like it? Hate it?

This is going to be 6 chapters long, the verses have been broken down into five, and there is an epilouge.

Once again, Thanks r0o!!!!



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