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Birthday Presents by Sora-chan

Birthday Presents

Yay, my first challenge, I hope you like it!

Dislcaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and its Companies nor am I making any profit from this.

I now present to you, Birthday Presents! My response to Nobody's Weekly Challenge, this weeks theme, Cake! I hope you enjoy!


Sesshoumaru grunted as he thrust into his wife from behind, he currently had her sprawled over the kitchen island as he had his way with her. She moaned in response as she felt that familiar tightening in her belly, wanting no needing this release he was about to give her.

 All he had wanted was a piece of cake before bed. Innocent enough right?

Wrong, dead wrong, especially when one had Kagome as a wife.

 The vixen had been cutting a slice when he had entered the room, the strawberry red middle stark against the white icing. She had smiled innocently at him, instantly putting him on edge before offering her slice to him.

 He had taken it warily, eyeing her as she proceeded to cut another slice. She sat on the stool and watched him with hooded eyes, it was then that he knew that she was up to something.

 And up to something she was.

She had then proceeded to strip before him, halting his movements towards her when he had reached forward to kiss her.

 "I'm giving you your present," she had said before dipping her finger in the icing and wiping it lazily along her chest. His mouth watered, no longer in the mood for cake, but for something more....satisfying.

 Before she could continue, he had pulled her to him and kissed her roughly, lifting her by her glorious backside to sit on the island in front of him. Cake forgotten. And who could blame him really.

 Taking a firm mound into his mouth he lavished it with hungry kisses and was rewarded with her soft moans and sighs of bliss. Licking a path to her neck he ground his covered erection against her, waiting for her to call out to him.

 He didn't have to wait long as she was soon throwing her head back, dark hair spilling onto the counter, begging him to take her.

 Take her he did. He had pulled her off the counter to stand before it, delectable ass in the air, showing off her sopping core just waiting for him to satiate both their hungers. Trousers at his knees, he pistoned into her, holding back a groan of contentment.

 She had moaned loudly, the sound echoing in the kitchen before it was taken over by the sound of wet flesh slapping against each other. Kneading her breasts, he continued to thrust into her as he continued to cry out her praises of him.

 He felt her body jerk and stiffen in orgasm beneath him before, the contractions of her vagina forced him to come. They both laid panting against the counter-top, basking in the afterglow.

 Turning her around, he lifted her into his arms and walked them out of the kitchen to their bedroom, leaving her clothes and the untouched pieces of cake behind.

 "Happy Birthday Sesshou" Kagome sighed happily, snuggling into her husband's chest. He merely looked down at her, a smirk present on his handsome visage.

 "Oh don't get too comfortable by darling, I have merely unwrapped my gift, I intend to play with it now." He felt her shiver at his tone and the promise in his words, it was good to be the birthday boy.



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