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Blood by Sessylove219


This little nugget is in response to r0o's Great Gutter-Marble Challenge '09. I hope you like it.

It is also written in first person, which is not usually my favorite, but I decided to really really challenge myself.


I ran up to her faster than her mortal eyes could see, and pulled her against my armor roughly, minding only that she not be truly injured by the spikes.  She looked at me with fear in her eyes, but only a little. This infuriated me, and I put my hand to her throat, one claw over the pulse point there. This did not have the desired effect. The miko continued to look me in the eyes, but her fear was fading, being replaced by fury. I was focused only on her eyes, intent on subduing her, and repressing this rage, and leaving fear in it's wake, so I noticed when her eyes began to change, from sapphire blue to something lighter. For one second, I was confused by this change, until I caught the scent of her power rising with her fury. She was such a strange miko.

Miko were usually dour beings...they did not know of the heat life's great joys could hold. Infatuation, desire, passion, lust...they were all kept from miko.

This miko was different. Her very life burned with a brilliance that was unmatched, and that was why I sought her this night. She was passion and fire, while it felt like I was ruthlessness, logic, and ice.

The miko began to shimmer, her entire body filling with her powers, which were considerable, and I felt a slight burning where my skin touched hers.

"Miko," I ordered, "you will stop this foolishness immediately."

"Go to hell!" The shimmer on her body was becoming brighter, and the burn on my hands was getting more uncomfortable.

I did the only thing I could think of to do...the only thing that could shock the miko out of her rage. I pulled her up level with my face and kissed her, letting my fangs pierce her lips in small places. I think she knew she dare not try to speak or resist, for her movements would shred her own lips on the sharpness of my fangs.

The miko's blood was the most powerful I had ever tasted...I knew now that she would not be leaving.

I pulled back from her lips and looked into her face again, because the burning in my hands was gone. She brought her hands to my face and caressed along the markings, and finally brought her lips to mine with crushing force. I got another taste of her blood when the miko growled, a sound that was strange from a mortal throat, and then she bit my lip. Hard.

The little miko groaned as the first tasted of my blood filled her mouth. A strong scent of arousal came from her, and she kissed me roughly, drinking my blood as her hands wound around in the hair at the back of my neck. I felt a sharp scratch there. Kami, the miko's human nails had to be nearly as sharp as my claws were, to be able to cut me.

Our blood mingled during this violent clash of wills, as our tongues dueled for supremacy, and I briefly wondered why the bite on my lip had not yet healed, but before the thought could truly take hold, the miko was whispering in my ear.

"Take me"

I looked at her, and saw that her eyes were still their lightened color, and that her lip was swollen, and that a small rivulet of blood was flowing from this injury.

I licked it away, and as I moved her to a clearing farther away from her group, I whispered in her ear, "This Sesshoumaru wants to know why."

She looked up at me again, and I felt a barrier being re-absorbed by the miko. In the miko's place stood a youkai with cerulean eyes, onyx tresses that fell to her ankles, and ears that came to delicate points. She had blue markings on her wrists and fingers that ended with claws.

It all began to make sense to me. It was the blood. The blood released her. Her powers came from the Shikon, not from being a true miko. I wondered how her true nature was hidden.

She growled at me again, she pulled me down again for a kiss. She used a sharp claw to cut the silk holding my armor in place. She moved her hands from my hair down my body, leaving tendrils of flame in their wake. I tried to touch her, but she merely let loose another growl, and started divesting me of my garments. She looked up at me with a lascivious grin on her face and then reached for my..."


"Hey! Fluffy! Come here, boy!"

She knows how much I detest being called Fluffy. And boy. I walked into the office to see my mate reading something on the laptop with a grin nearly splitting her face. Her fangs were on display as she turned to me, and I could see her eyes tearing up. I did not smell sadness on the air, simply an overabundance of mirth. I looked at the screen of the laptop and saw exactly what she was reading...


"Wh-what is this?" Kagome asked me, finally breaking into wild gales of laughter.


"I think that you must have forgotten what really happened after 500 years, Fluffy," she giggled. "I don't see in here anything about the flowers."

Oh kami.

"Or the gifts"

Oh crap.

"OR the poem"


I looked at my mate, who was laughing so hard she looked like she would stop breathing soon...tears running down her face. I still had one good way of shutting her up...only one when things got this bad...I bent down in front of her and did something to her body that made her shiver in delight and pleasure...

" give the best foot-rubs!"

I should have known better than to try to write something to submit to Playboy.


A/N: Don't know if it was filled with enough smutly-goodness for this, but if not, perhaps I will come up with something more before Valentine's Day. Lovies!


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