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Virulent Venom by Walter205

Poision Poision, in my mouth....

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 The clock was ticking. Soon, it would be too late to save him.

 Kagome had sensed the demon lord's aura before she had actually spotted him, staggering down the mountianside. As she ran to him to see what was wrong, his aura started fading rapidly, as he fell down to his knees before collapsing to the ground completley.

 There was a wound on his chest, one that oozed poision. For a moment she was confused, as he was a poision master in his own right, and should be immune to any poisions. But then, her mind supplied an answer.

 'Immune to demon poisions yes, human or half demon created poisions on the other hand would have a chance at working against him.'

 Shaking her head side to side to clear her thoughts, Kagome settled down onto her knees by his side. She didn't have her first aid kit with her, so she would have to rely upon her miko powers to heal him.

 First, she started by removing his armor. After all, she didn't want to be impaled by one of the iron thorns while trying to heal him. Then she would have been the one in bad need.

 Having removed the armor and then his shirt, she examined the wound. It appeared to be a bite mark, perhaps from a large snake or serpent type demon. Wasting no more time, she held her hands together and placed them over the wound, closing her eyes to concentrate.

 A pink light emanated from the palms of her hands, covering the wound. The purification powers found two problems to deal with, the demon powers and the poision, which felt of being both human and demon. Kagome focused on the latter problem, and tried telling her powers that the demon was actually human and needed to be healed.

 It seemed to work, for the poision vanished from his system after a few minutes, following with his wounds closing a few more minutes after that.

 Removing her hands from his chest, she suddenly felt extremley exhausted. With a start, she realized that she had overexerted herself, as blackness overcame her vision and she fainted.

* * *

 Sesshomaru opened his eyes, slowly at first, until he could clearly see the night sky. The boy that he had fought and killed on the mountian top, although only a half breed, had somehow poisioned him with his dying bite, a venom that he could not fight or cure. In disbelief at his sudden peril, he had staggered down the mountian until finally the poision had overcome him and he had collapsed.

 Now, he felt an odd weight on his chest and waist, and the oddly missing weight of his battle armor. He gingerly sat up, to find the miko lying on top of him, her being in a deep sleep.

 The poision was gone from his body now, he could feel it. The wound had also been closed. He surmised that her powers and she alone had been responsible for saving him.

 Ever since he had met her four years ago, his respect for her and for all humans had steadily rose, espically for her when he had witnessed her defeat of Naraku and the barring of the shikon jewel from the world forever.

 Yet Inuyasha had never treated her with the same respect, or love that she deserved, going to live with his undead priestess after the monster had been killed and the jewel banished forever.

 She deserved a proper reward for her loyalty to his brother after all this time, and for saving him. He had a proposal to make to her later on, and Rin did need a mother figure to help her grow up, but, for the time being...

 He would get a head start on her reward.

* * *

 Kagome's eyes fluttered open. Someone had been shaking her, and she looked up, into the eyes of Sesshomaru.

 A startled "Eep" escaped from her lips before they were pressed against his own lips, his tongue darting inside of her mouth.

 She was suprised, startled, stunned, shocked. Then she started to melt as his tongue explored her mouth and played with her own tongue. Her eyes grew heavy, but not with fatigue.

 He eventually withdrew his tongue so she could breathe. She did so, slowly, looking into his shining, amused but also lust filled eyes.

 "Kagome," he began, "Thank you"

 The End


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