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Yip Yip, Lick Yap by Walter205

Yip Yap

 Fic is written in response to the weekly Nobody challenge

 I don't own Inuyasha, nor will I profit from it.


 His tongue again delved into her moist wet lips, licking and suckling gently even as her other lips let loose moans of pleasure.

When she had been abducted from the hot springs while bathing, Kagome thought it was Naraku that Kagura was bringing her to on her feather. The feeling of being laid out on the feather, knowing that Kagura and soon Naraku would be able to view any part of her than they wished, was decidely uncomfortable.

But no.

Instead, in exchange for Sesshomaru helping Kagura to gain her freedom, the wind witch had delivered her to Sesshomaru.

What was it with her and dogs anyways?


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