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Only You by sarah


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning Kagome woke up with Shippo shaking her awake, he wanted to go get some food and play outside with the village kids. She opened her eyes and looked at Shippo with soft, warm eyes. He was her son and she would love him no matter what, besides that the pout he wore was just too cute.

"Okay Shippo you can go play and I will start breakfast." she sighed in defeat.

"Thank you mama, I am going to play with Luna okay?" he asked

"Alright... just stay in the village." she smiled

"Yay, I will stay in the village... I promise." he yelled running out of her room.

Kagome got up and put on a light yukata and went to another room to cook. When she entered sango was already in there cooking rice.

"Good morning sango." she greeted.

"Oh good morning Kagome." sango greeted back.

"Want any help?" Kagome smiled brightly.

"I would be happy if you would." sango retuned the smile.

Kagome went to another pot to cook some soup that sango loved, she gathered the food and cut them up. When the food finished Kagome told sango to go sit in the dining room and she would bring in the food. She saw sango gather the bowls and leave. She took the pots in the room and seen everyone sitting on there tatami mats with the food tray in front of them. She served them than sat down and served her self.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sesshomaru made it to his palace by the afternoon, the whole day he tried to remember who it was who he rutted with, during the time his beast was rutting the woman he could barely catch her scent but now he couldn't smell and scent on him, but he could still barely remember the scent.

'Who was she, I recognize the scent but I-Sesshomaru can not remember who it belongs to.' he thought.

He was greeted by Rin and Jaken, after patting the little girls head he walk to his chamber. He growled softly when he reached his chamber, it was driving him crazy to not know who his inner demon was wanting as a mate. All he knew was that his inner demon pupped the woman. All he wanted was to figure it out and hope the woman was not a weak demon, or worst human.

He sat on his bed and looked out his balcony window, this was not his day. He knew Rin wanted to see Kagome and to tell the truth he also wanted to see her. But he knew he couldn't right now, he had to find the woman who held his pup within her. He wouldn't want to face Kagome with the feeling she would never accept him for one laying with a woman he didn't know at the time, two that he pupped her that night and that he had tried to kill Inuyasha and herself.

He had come to terms with what he felt for the miko, but would never say it to anyone. But with the turn of event she would probably never want him, what was wrong with the gods? He growled again and stood up to go to his study. He needed to figure out how to find this woman. He would never let a weak person bare his child all because his stupid heat cycle. All he had to do was find out who is the kind of person can use their powers to hide their scent so well from him.

Once he entered his study her went to the shelves to look through his scrolls, it was going to be a while till he would find this person, and he knew it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kagome went behind the bushes puking up at the sight or smell of food, it had been three weeks since her and Sesshomaru were together and for a week she would run outside with morning sickness. She grabbed a pregnancy test her mom had packed her just in case.

'oh I hope I am , and than again I sort of don't... what will happen if I am pregnant, I would love to have a cute little Sesshomaru, but that's the thing what will Sesshomaru do?' she thought worriedly waiting for the test to tell her.

She heard the beep of the pregnancy test and instantly grabbed it, blue, it was positive. Tears came to her eyes in fright and in happiness. she was finally going to be a mother.

She ran into the shrine and found sango, she fell to her knees panting and still crying. Sango got to her knees in front of Kagome worried that something hurt her sister, Kohaku came in to see that Kagome was crying and went over to them. He thought of Kagome like another sister and seeing her cry made him feel unhappy.

"sango, Kohaku... you can not tell anyone but Miroku and Shippo... promise." she sniffled.

"yes Kagome we promise right Kohaku." sango said

"yeah, I promise." he replied

"I am pregnant." Kagome sobbed.

"that's great, but whose the father?" sango questioned.

"the- the father- is... Sesshomaru." she told them.

Sango gasped and then smiled and Kohaku just sat there wide eyed, this was a surprise they would have never thought that Sesshomaru would do that with Kagome, sure he came around some time s ad they would talk but they would have never guessed.

"At least you child will be very handsome, or beautiful." sango reassured her.

"I am happy to be pregnant but scared what Sesshomaru will do, he- I think was in heat." she said

"Oh, don't worry Kagome, as I know it is not health for an unborn child- um... pup." sango told her softly, while hugging her tightly.

"Yeah Kagome I don't think Sesshomaru will even harm you. He is not that type of demon... I learned that after traveling with him." Kohaku added and Kagome nodded.

" thanks you guys.. Lets tell Miroku and my son, before Inuyasha comes... I don't want him to know yet." Kagome said wiping away her tears. This was what she wanted and she would make the best of it, no matter what.


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