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Only You by sarah

Wanting A Child

Climbing out of the well Kagome looked around at the feudal era and sighed she was done with looking for the jewel shards and the jewel was placed in her body and Inuyasha decided to stay a hanyou, Kohaku, sango, and Miroku were at the old demon slayer village rebuilding the old village and gathering people who wish to be a Taijia. Kagome started to realizes her feelings for Inuyasha were like a love for a brother. Inuyasha got over kikyou and let Kagome go knowing he could never love her fully, and met a young hanyou girl that was a wolf hanyou. Kagome stood by the well when Kilala and Shippo arrived in the clearing.

"Mama." he called out and jumped off Kilala's back and into Kagome's arms.

"Hey Shippo ... are ready to go back to the village?" Kagome asked him and Shippo nodded.

The two got on Kilala's back and went to the demon slayer village, the village had at least twenty people living there with sango and Miroku the head of the village and her the 'great Shikon warrior.' she tried telling them they did not need to call such things but they still did. Kagome had chosen to live here in the head shrine with her friends and son. And she even got training from sango and Midoriko in her sleep. She had learned a lot and learned how to use a sword and her bow and arrow. Sango got her a bow made of demon bones so it wouldn't break easily.

Sesshomaru had come by with Rin to visit, Rin and Shippo were close they acted like brother and sister a lot of the times. Sesshomaru may have not talked much to her by she knew he would not want to cause her any harm. She also noticed how he wouldn't act too cold when Rin was around, and actually sat with him, he even asked her why she had not mated Inuyasha and she told him Inuyasha loved some one else.

Kagome sighed she was happy that her friends were safe and now happy with someone to love, but she was wanting to start a family, of course she had Shippo but she wanted to give birth to one of her own to know what it was about to know what a mothers instinct was like. Ever since sango got pregnant by Miroku, Kagome has wanted to know what it was like to feel what sango feels. She wanted to have birth and hold her new born in her arms and coo it every waking moment.

But the problem was she didn't have a man to have one with, AND she wasn't even pregnant, at least she can be happy for sango and be there for her friend sister. She smiled and thought of the wonderful adventure they had when searching for the jewel and the feeling of destroying Naraku and being whole again, also knowing everyone was happy.

They arrived at the village and Kagome got off Kilala when she landed and took her bag with her, Shippo ran ahead of them into the shrine, Kilala transformed into her smaller form and meowed to Kagome as they walked into the fairly large shrine.

"Kagome your home I am glade. How was you trip home?" sango asked coming out of her and Miroku's chamber followed by Miroku.

"It was great... But the well is going to close tonight so I am glade to have told my mom, and say good bye to all of my family." Kagome said with a sad smile on her face.

"Kagome, I am sorry." sango hugged her.

"I am fine sango... but any ways how are you? You are about 5 months with child." Kagome asked

"She will be fine. And our child is fine, but are you sure your okay Kagome?" Miroku asked her seriously.

"Yes you guys don't need to worry about me okay ... seriously I'm really ok. But could you watch Shippo for me while I go take a walk?" Kagome looked at them both while asking softly. And they nodded

"Sure Kagome you need to relieve your self of all that's happening. Just be safe okay." sango smiled brightly and Kagome nodded.

She walked out the shojin door and out into the village, they greeted her and would offer her some supplies, Kagome got to the hidden gates of the village and was let out.

She walked towards an open clearing surrounded but willow trees and forget me not flowers. She got there and sat on a flat rock on the edge of the clearing. She sat there for at least an hour, she got up to leave when she felt a familiar aura. She turned to see the great Sesshomaru of the western land .

She noticed his eyes were a crimson red, a shiver went up her spine as she watched him walk gracefully towards her. She froze when he was about ten feet from her. But she didn't even get the chance to react when he, in a silver flash came to her.

Next thing she knew was she was on the ground and him pinning her arms down and between her legs, when she tried to move away he growled at her and bent his head down to her.

"Sessho... maru?" she whispered only getting a soft growl as a reply.

He licked her neck and exposed shoulder, she gasped as he pulled open her kimono to expose her breast. He came up after looking at her bear chest, without a second her pressed his lips to hers. Kagome felt him massage her left breast and gasped again giving him access to thrust his tongue into her mouth.

The feeling he was sending through her body was amazing she felt like she was on cloud nine. She thought about every thing that was happening and realized she might not get a chance like this again. With that thought she decided to continue, for everything that she ever wanted like a family, to experiment the sensation that was happening at the moment... everything.

She felt his right hand slide down between her legs, he pulled up her kimono and slide it up her inner thighs, when he rubbed her core she couldn't help but moan in his mouth. He pulled away from the kiss and place his fore head in the crook on the right side of her neck.

"Sessh..." she moan as he thrust a finger into her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kagome woke up in the middle of the night and looked around seeing Sesshomaru next to her she almost gasped but stopped herself. She remembered what had happened and slowly stood while pulling up her kimono, and secured it with the sash. She used her miko powers to hide her scent and the scent she left on him then left. She ran to the village and the village men opened the gates for her. She walked to the shrine and opened the shojin doors. When she was in front of her room Miroku caught her.

"Kagome, where were you sango, Shippo, and I were worried." he softly asked.

"Oh sorry I fell asleep in the clearing." she half lied, she WAS asleep in the field just not alone.

"Alright, oh Inuyasha is coming by with Kuna." he told her.

"Okay... thanks for telling me Miroku." she bowed slightly in a thanks then went in her room to see Shippo asleep already.

Kagome laid next to him on her pillowed futon and fell asleep still tired from the events that happened with Sesshomaru, she thought of what Sesshomaru would do If he knew what happened, she was kind of happy she hide her scent from him, so he would not find out about the events that had happened


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