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Wrath by fortunesque


Hello all! This is my response to Smittee's S&M challenge. Albeit, it is impromptu S&M. I thought it fit in well with the situation of the characters, especially since I prefer to write Canon. Lemme know what you think!

The bright sun in the early spring sky heralded the awakening of nature from its wintry slumber. Birds sang with the change in season as squirrels chased each other with flirtatious abandon. All in the feudal era were chipper, save one: Kagome.

Nothing pleased the priestess; her clothes didn't feel right, people talked too loud, the sun was too happy, the fucking squirrels needed to shut up! Even her hair was annoying. The premenstrual rage below the surface of her mind threatened to spill over into violence. She had to get away.

With these thoughts, she left the group.  The crazed look in Kagome's eyes told the group to go about business as usual.  Sometimes, it was better to not ask.

The miko shed new light to the phrase, "You need to get laid".


Sesshoumaru caught her scent on the wind. Surely the woman was nuts to be walking alone during fucking season. Her crashing through the woods could be heard for a long distance, as could the subsequent feral screams. Oh, he knew what she needed.

His gutter thoughts were affirmed when she burst through the underbrush. Her eyes were filled with a murderous intent, her body rigid with a wound coil of wrathful energy. These murderous eyes turned to the figure to her left that happened to be chuckling.

"I don't see what is so funny" she was practically shaking from her hormonal rage.

"Hn" came his customary reply.

The coil snapped and the miko did something she would have never dreamed of doing. As the sound of her hand colliding with the daiyoukai's cheek rang out, squirrels and birds alike scattered.

'I know what she needs', Sesshoumaru thought. 'We shall overlook her womanly indiscretion in favor of her pleasurable company'.

So enraged was Kagome that the gravity of her actions didn't dawn upon her. The clawing feeling she had was only abatable by the smirking animal in front of her.

"On the ground," she shoved him, "Now!"

She tore off his armor and clothes, tying his arms with his sash to a tree.  Without prelude, she flung herself on him, deeply scratching his chest as she dragged her body down his. Trails of bloody gouges followed her sharpened nails.

The dirty dog secretly reveled in the pain. The damage he acquired would heal rapidly anyway, and he would bear this terrible burden with the utmost grace. A vicious bite to the nipple told him that he'd better be prepared.

"You like that" she hissed, "You dirty fucking dog!" With that, she used her ascot to blindfold the bound Sesshoumaru.  Glancing at her handiwork, Kagome began removing her clothing.

"Goddamn fucking..." the shirt awkwardly snagged in her haste. When she was finally freed, her eyes traveled over to the chuckling form of Sesshoumaru. Picking up a switch from the ground, she whacked him across the chest. Like hell he'd laugh at her.

He had no clue what the hell she hit him with, but it was hot. He'd never seen her this violent before, never seen her so angry.  It was so fucking hot and...

Her moistened panties landing on his face made his half-mast cock kick then flop drunkenly over onto his stomach. She was playing so dirty.

Kagome used the panty distraction to remove the rest of her clothing. She eyed the switch on the ground and grinned with a cruel intent.

A thwack resounded through the forest; a loud groan followed soon thereafter. She brought the switch down on the daiyoukai a second time, earning a louder groan. The results of the switching were indeed favorable, and Kagome brought the switch down in rapid succession on his chest and thighs, narrowly missing his intoxicated cock. The danger thrilled him, yet absolutely terrified him at the same time.

Because of his blindfold, he was unaware of what would happen next. Feeling her thighs straddling his hips and her womanhood settling over his balls, he assumed that she was done with her torturous foreplay. He then felt her little human nails lightly playing his ribs. He hadn't been tickled in years, and Sesshoumaru was long overdue.

Kagome couldn't stop her laughter when she began to tickle the naughty dog. His reactions were hilarious. He bucked and moaned beneath her, writhing to get away. Stealthily, she tickled lower and lower until her hands were on his abdomen near his forgotten manhood. She slowly raised her body, and when the moment was right, impaled herself on him when he had no idea.

"Ooooohhhh God" he bucked his hips. That was more unexpected than the tickle torture.

The naughty priestess moaned as she immediately began a fast pace. This was relieving her pent up energy. She fiercely fucked him as hard and as fast as she could, seeking climax like she would die without it. Oh God, she was so close!

His cock slipped out of her.

"Raaaaauuuurrrgggghhhhh!!!!!" she was so close and lost the climax in the briefest of seconds. Angrily, she scooted back and smacked the offending appendage, much like she had slapped his cheek earlier.

That was too fucking far. He had played her game, but slapping his beloved manhood not only hurt like hell, it was disrespectful beyond words.  In an instant, he loosened his bindings, removed his blindfold, and flipped the vagrant over his lap.

"You horrible wench" he hissed, "you'll be punished for that".

She struggled like a feral cat, but was unable to escape his grasp. When her struggles ceased, he brought his hand down upon her bottom.  Her struggles renewed, and the spankings increased. She screamed and clawed, but she was no match for his iron grip.

After ten such spankings, Sesshoumaru decided he'd had enough. He flipped her over onto her hands and knees and entered her roughly.

"So, you bitch" he ground out in between thrusts, "how do you like it now? Did you seriously think I'd let you get away with that? Don't you EVER touch me like that again! I own you."

The last sentence brought her out of her sexual high. Who the hell was he to say he OWNED her? Kagome's eyes spotted the switch not far from her hand. Her hand shot out and white knuckled the switch with malicious intent. Rearing up from her position on all fours, she whipped the surprised daiyoukai on his unsuspecting ass. This made him increase his fervor in pounding into the miko as harshly as he could. She whipped him again, and he pounded harder, scooting her forward on her knees.

Soon the clearing filled with the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and the loud crack of the switch hitting Sesshoumaru's pale behind. Kagome could barely contain her moans; this was the release she needed, this was it! With a throaty scream, she released her violent nature and came. Her scream was accompanied by a particularly hard switch, and Sesshoumaru could no longer contain himself. He moaned huskily as he collapsed onto the shrieking miko's back, rolling off of her when he had finished emptying himself into her. 

They lay there, panting on the forest floor. Kagome's eyes returned to their normal, sweet demeanor, instead of the wild, premenstrual, sex-crazed look of insanity that had previously made a home in her brain.

"We ought to do that again" Kagome panted, "although maybe next time, could we not scrape my knees up?"

"Hn" he glanced at her, "that would depend on if you behave or not".


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