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happy after by ~Juggalette4Lyfe420~

happy after

Sesshomaru was geting ready for a meeting with the other lords when his son Chi came in yelling something about a half demon at the gate. Kagome was at the gate with no emotion on her face. "What the fuck are you doing here you stupid bitch we have to get you out of here before he kills you." yelled inuyasha. "Why should you care i would never go back with you, you would just try to kill me so you dead whore can have my soul." Kagome replied calmly inuyasha thought it was to calm. "Mommy Mommy." Yelled a little girl. Her name was Sakura Kagome and Sesshomaru named her after Kagome's mother.(sorry i really dont know Kagome's mom's real name) "Yes dear what is it?" asked Kagome. "MOMMY CHI said he is going to tell you that i did something i did not do. This Sakura did not do anything." she said. "What have i told you about not using THIS and instead what do you use?" kagome asked her daughter. "MOMMY told me not to use this sakura like daddy uses this sesshomaru. Instead i am supposed to use i or me and use proper speech." "good girl." kagome said. "MOMMY MOMY SAKURA SAID SHE HATED ME AND SHE WOULD TELL DADDY I TOOK HIS FIGHTING SWORD THAT HE PRACTICES WITH." said Chi as he came out of the castle. "WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE BRATS KAGOME? AND WHY ARE THEY CALLING YOU THEIR MOTHER AND WHY ARE THEY CALLING SESSHOMARU THEIR FATHER?" asked a now even angerier inuyasha. "The reason they are calling This Ses-" he was cut of by kagome. "Sesshomaru." she said in a warning voice. Sesshomaru sighed. "The reason they are calling ME and Kagome their father and mother is because Kagome and I are now mates. Right My Kagome?" asked sesshomaru. "Of course Sesshy-kun always." Kagome replied. "YOU YOU FUCKING WHORE." inuyasha's sudden outburst made Chi and Sakura cry. "DON'T YOU EVER CALL OUR MOTHER THAT YOU STUPID HALF-BREED AT LEAST SHE KNOWS WHERE SHE BELONGS UNLIKE YOU BECAUSE DEMONS DON'T WANT YOU AND HUMANS DON'T WANT YOU SO BACK OFF AND REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THESE LANDS NOW!" Chi and Sakura yelled at the sametime. "Why you little." inuyasha said as he went to grab Chi. Sakura got infront of Chi. "You will do wise and leave these lands and not come back hanyou. And dont bother trying anything even i a child knows more then you in battle and i would easily kill you. LEAVE NOW!" Sakura said. Inuyasha looked at Kagome and Sesshomaru they both were smiling? When the hell did Sesshomaru smile? "I will not leave without the BITCH." inuyasha said. "OH YES YOU WILL LEAVE WITHOUT ME GET OFF THESE LANDS BEFORE I REMOVE YOU MYSELF." said Kagome.

i didnt plan on a sequal.

"Feh whatever." inuyasha said. After he said that he took off.

"Well Love i do believe you and the pups scared him away." said sesshomaru.

"Yeah momma." said chi and sakura. All of a sudden Shippou and Rin came out and the kids started to play around together. "Sessh-kun?" asked kagome. "Yes Gome?" he replied. "Are you happy?" she asked. Sesshomaru looked down at Kagome and smiled. "Why would I not be happy love I have a beautiful mate and 2 children plus rin and shippou." sesshomaru said. "Good." was her only reply.

They sat there watching their children run around. "Momma come play." they said. "Go play with the children love i still have a meeting to go to. In an hour put them to bed and come to the study so we can discuss what the other lords need." said sesshomaru. "Yes my love." kagome gave him a quick kiss and stood.

AFTER an hour the kids were now in bed and the adults were in the study talking things over.

AFTER another hour

The lords finaly left and kagome and sesshomaru went to bed. "good night my love."





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