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The seventeen year old miko had been taking French classes as of late, her quest to find the jewels long over, the kumo dead, her love for the dog hanyou lost, and now she had her sites on another dog, Sesshomaru. Kagome found she still needed to travel to the feudal era, it had been disheartening to realize that with the death of Naraku the jewel had not been complete. Though he held most of it, there were still missing pieces.

Her French class, the language of love having become something the young woman adored, had given her an extra credit assignment to make a marionette, a puppet bound by strings and its fate decided by the one holding its pegs. She felt an odd sense of irony, as she had often felt as much for the kami themselves and she had often fought off this same type of thing from the dark kumo.

And it was that thought that had led her to her current situation. The extra credit project had gone well, she'd gotten many points for the mini Sesshomaru look alike, not that she let anyone see it. She'd thought to herself that if the kumo half demon could do it, so could she. Kagome was lucky that Rin was a constant in their village, and with luck she'd found a single long pristine platinum silvery white strand of hair. No doubt it belonged to the Western lord, as Inuyasha's was a whitish grey.

Finding the hair, and having the marionette, all she needed was the know how. Luckily the Tokyo public library had an amazing amount of books on the subject of Voodoo. Easily she decided this would be best, after all it was a French class that had prompted the marionette, as well as her making it to look like Sesshomaru, why not use a French method to make it work as well?

She tested her plan at home away from the Feudal era and prying eyes of her tachi, the form of the Western lord coming together as it should have and the miko could not hide her desire for him even if he was not real. Her Sesshomaru, this puppet was detached from everything, his real counterpart either not alive or too far away from the marionette to react to it as Naraku had controlled his own. The miko could not stop herself from playing dress up!

Before she knew what was happening the ‘doll' was nude before her eyes, those bright wide saucer like glowing cinnamon orbs finding his member, she nearly drooled wondering if this was what he really looked like or if this was her conjuring as she had created him. Staring for some unhealthy amount of time, she eventually dressed him in many items from her time, undressing him, only to dress him once more, unconsciously falling more in love with the being that inspired the marionette.

It was hours later when the exhausted miko finally let the ‘dolls' illusion fall, only the homemade marionette and strand remained. She knew she should never do it again, but something in her wanted to make it more real, something was calling her to go back to the Feudal era early and follow the urgent call in her being to be there, and use the voodoo enhanced marionette at her beck and call.

Perhaps it was power that made her want to do it, but the miko did not give in to her desires to go back just yet. She spent the next day off, simply learning how to move her marionette. His face was easiest, as the blank cold look was one often worn by the dog demon, but the rest of his body was not. Tired from a full day, Kagome had eventually learned the right caress, and flick of her finger or wrist to make the marionette move according to her whims, but for today she was overly tired and wished nothing more than to sleep.

She again couldn't stop herself from kissing the cheek of her creation while allowing it to fade away in illusion with a pop. After all having a Kitsune for a son did help out in such tactics. A week passed with her new ‘toy' and soon she knew she would have to go back, not being able to play with her toy for at least a month. Saddened by this, Kagome ever impulsive took the marionette and the strand and headed back to the feudal era two days early.

Kagome was lucky that group, hanyou and all were away from the area at the moment. Her aura, now as a trained miko, was much stronger than it had been years before, was often the give away that she was back, yet now it stretched out confirming that they were no where near the well. Missing the hidden aura of one certain demon lord, who had been near the well itself for more than a week for reasons unknown to and annoying to him.

The pull to be near the well, and more so beyond it had consumed it, having even gone so far as to attempt to jump within its dark walls, the owner of this aura had been surprised to see the miko climb from its depths. His gleaming golden orbs not understanding what was going on, let alone the pull to be here, near his brother's miko companion, or what her connection to the well and all of his sudden feelings were. Whatever it was it was confusing, and he didn't like it.

He expected her to head to the village and yet she did not, so he followed. Deep into his brother's forest he followed her, waiting and wondering why he found himself being pulled towards her when she finally stopped in a clearing. He felt her powers rush out, creating a strong barrier for both sound and sight, encasing him in her powerful cage. Part of him laughed inwardly that she thought she could actually hold him, but yet he knew she had not known of his presence, for she would not feel as safe if she had.

Curiously he watched as the miko pulled forth a small tube of what seemed to be crimson paint and a miniature doll, before realizing that it looked amazingly like himself, easily forgetting about the lip lacquer as he focused on the doll. He absently watched as the miko smeared the scarlet lacquer over her lips making them look fuller, for what reason she had done so he didn't know, and couldn't know that she'd plan to leave crimson love scars all over her marionette doll, as if it were the real thing.

Sesshomaru was just about to move upon the miko to demand and answer, when she pulled out a long silvery strand of hair, the smallest hint of a scent upon it being Rin's and his own. Still not understanding just what was happening until he saw it. The demon lord was shocked and amazed not to mention angry that the miko would do such a thing.

Before him was a demon puppet of himself.

The miko now had to die.......Or so he thought.

He watched feeling a strong pull to do what his demonic puppet counterpart did to the young woman. He was amazed to realize she was the one controlling it, and yet she with a soft flick of her finger and wrist had his double's light whip spring forth and slash her clothing from her body, she moaned softly unknowingly enticing the hidden demon lord. Scraps of clothing fluttered towards the forest floor and before him stood the miko in all her nude glory, the scent of her arousal thick in the air.

He hadn't really understood what was happening; he certainly didn't understand what his fake double said, "Je veux vous baiser. Venez au lit avec moi." Though the scent the miko made then made his eyes nearly bleed red as she moaned again louder and more wanton then before. The double took her in an embrace while kissing her thusly, ruining the crimson lip lacquer the miko had worn for the event, and lowered her to the forest floor where it seemed the miko had set up a blanket, and the double‘s mokomoko.

Sesshomaru, the real Sesshomaru , watched as his double worked the miko into a frenzied state. He was slightly disturbed that he watched, but was more then turned on, seeing himself and the miko in such a state. He nearly gave away his position though when the double placed her in a receiving pose, and stalked behind the miko bracing its self tightly above her back, and settling its weight upon her. From no angle could he, the real Sesshoomaru, see exactly what was going on, but the heated scent she gave off alone with her mews and cries of torturous pleasure sent blood rushing to his now stiff member.

His eyes did seem to bleed crimson though as he watched himself, as in the puppet, begin to nuzzle, lick and kiss upon the miko's neck. The impostor of her own making sending her scent into such a state that he could barely stop himself from ripping the doll apart and taking the miko. Bringing him back to the situation, he heard when her breath came out in a staggering shudder, and noticed that the double had taken her from the rear. He had never thought the miko of all beings would ever allow such a position. Though not disgusting in youkai society, anal intercourse was far from something most if any humans tried, but the miko seemed to be in pleasurable heaven.

Finally he could take it no longer, having watched all of it, he shot out towards her and the double, tackling them so that the double lay beneath the miko and the miko's belly and breast lay vulnerable to his hard crimson gaze, her neck craning in the new yet oddly comfortable position she‘d found herself in. Her concentration lost the double was no longer moving, her heart rate sky rocketing as she looked upon the real Sesshomaru, sure that this moment would be her last.

Kagome was shocked, though unable to move as the marionette lay still buried deep within her from behind, and the cold demon lord stood before her looking down, shame and lust battling for dominance of what she should feel at this moment. Moments passed when she finally came from her stupor to see the real Sesshomaru quickly pulling free from his cumbersome armor, lust and desire heating his vision upon her flesh. She found herself sandwiched between them as the demon Lord wasted no time taking her innocence in one blazing thrust, her wetness easing his way but her tightness nearly strangling his member.

Kagome cried out as it happened, suddenly realizing that she would lose her powers now and possibly with them the way to her home, not to mention the loss of so many other things that suddenly sex wasn't as important for, like her kit, her friendship with Inuyasha, her companions would feel betrayed when they found out. She'd gone outside of her comfort zone of her home at the shrine in the future to have the marionette Sesshomaru in a place that would feel real and like it really was Sesshomaru and still leave her innocence intact. In her folly she'd never thought that the real demon lord would find her in this situation and give her much pleasure.

She'd wanted to have the fantasy come to life, so she'd brought the doll back to here and now, wanting pleasure, feeling lust, after all she was a girl of the future. She might be innocent of body but that fact certainly didn't count towards her brain. She'd wanted so much, and asked for so little in life, and even though her body shuddered and gasped with pleasure she couldn't help but think about who she'd be letting down when they realized she couldn't find the jewel shards any longer, and why.

Ideally she realized that without her powers the last few shards of the jewel would be lost to her, her quest would be nearly impossible to finish now, and though those thoughts were most distressing, along with the lack of closure that would come with this situation, the feeling of the marionette Sesshomaru embedded within her to the hilt, and the real Sesshomaru buried within her to the hilt as well, left her staggering for breath, and longing for them to take her to heaven.

Sesshomaru took the moment of surprise and took the guiding pegs from the stunned miko who could only seem to stare at him. Flicking his wrist like only a whip master could the double thrust within her, just before the real one did as well. Sesshomaru had always been a fast study and had easily noticed just what seemed to control the puppet. Kagome's body was easily brought to a state of bliss as both the double and the real Sesshomaru's began to dance with her body, both their hands roaming and making it almost impossible for Kagome to come down from her high. Making the miko easily forget her woes, and lose herself in the bliss of having two Sesshomaru's within her at once.

It was hours before they were sated, the power over the marionette having transferred to the demon lord as he took over controlling it, leaving the miko shuddering violently from the aftermath of her many many orgasms, and leaking seed from both areas of her nether region. The site and smell of her was nothing short of captivating to the real Sesshomaru. He wanted to stay in this moment, but having had her, he realized something very important, he would never share her, possibly even with himself, and maybe someday not even with their pups if he had to.

Standing quickly and startling the poor miko who still had the double holding her locking her in his embrace and curling around her because of the wants of the real Sesshomaru. The real demon lord stood in all his glory, his member standing proudly, as he would soon take her again, and took out the blade, Tensaiga. Easily slicing through air as he pulled it, the tip of the blade was held out so that it would hang just above the miko's now open, and gapping mouth.

She had gasped in surprise, and her marionette who was under orders from the Real dog, had pulled her taught so that she would not be able to struggle against him or the real Sesshomaru. Soon tears swam down her confused and hurt face as the demon lord braced his unused palm against Tensaiga's gleaming sharp edge. His blood began to run down the healing swords neck and was soon met with the heavy acid of the Dai's poison's mixing within the blood, all the while the mixture flowing slowly, lethargically towards her open mouth.

Terror filled the miko as the blade glowed bright blue, making the poisoned blood glow as well as it dropped into the miko's open mouth. So much of it that the miko was nearly choking upon it. With a flick of his finger, the Dai had the double clamp its large clawed hand over the miko's mouth and nose, insuring that she would swallow, and had it not been for the double she would have spit it up. There was no choice, it was either choke or swallow, and swallow she did, her throat moving the Dai flexed his finger once more and the double released the miko‘s breathing way, its hand smeared with the remnants of the crimson lip lacquer from earlier. Soon her body convulsed, and she felt nothing but pain. Hours passed this way and finally it was done.

Her body looked mostly the same, the change would only effect her womb as it would now be able to create demonic offspring rather then hanyous and smaller parts of her personality, like her temper, and her instinct to protect. The miko would submit to him more, as well she would have sharper sight, hearing, claws and small fangs. She was now be able to be his mate, and no other would have her, she was his and his alone, she had made it so. While past out from pain, and exhaustion, Sesshomaru marketed her as mate, even though it was not needed, and highly barbaric, the dog could not help but mark what was his.

A slight thrum woke her and the double was no more, Sesshomaru having dispelled it, Kagome's powers had given up on that fight many hours before, as the double held her through the night with hardly a scratch from any of her dying purifying powers. Soreness was what she felt, her new mate reading her mind as he scooped up the former miko up and found easily a hot spring. Settling her easily into his nude lap he nearly chuckled at the deep blush on her cheeks, and finally asked one of the questions he'd had from the night before. "Miko. What does, 'Je veux vous baiser. Venez au lit avec moi.' mean? It is a language this Sesshomaru knows not."

He watched as a blush so deep and red spread across her cheeks and flushed upon the tops of her breast and even lower still into the hot springs as she dared not look at him to answer, easily mumbling, and if not for his demonic hearing he would have had to have her repeat herself. "I want to f-fuck you. Come to bed with me." she answered finding it impossible to lie to him, but not saving her from both desire and embarrassment.

The demon lord was instantly turned on, whatever the language it was far different from their own but hearing both the foreign words and the way the translation sounded upon her lips made him wish to take her once more. But still he had to know more. "And this?" he held up the doll form marionette, "This is a puppet is it not?"

"A marionette, but yes." she quietly answered, looking anywhere but at the demon lord. Which he found highly amusing. His voice next came purring over the shell of her ear.

"And this mary-un-et, Why does it resemble this Sesshomaru?" he asked huskily, happily watching her heated blush grow deeper crimson.

"It...I... oh my..." she found she couldn't answer him, and gulped instead. He actually chuckled at that, and gave his poor mate some pity and asked another question instead.

"Hn. Miko have no demonic power, so how is it you got it to work?" he asked her genuinely confused by this. Though Kagome smiled a bit her finger dancing upon the small faux mokomoko upon the doll‘s person.

"Well there were two ways really." answered Kagome matter-o-factly, though still quietly. "First Shippo, the kit in my group is like my son. I'm constantly having to deal with illusions and things he wishes to show me. The other is a book from my time on Voodoo, a sort of magic. As I wanted nothing malicious from your puppet...the hair around it being yours and probably attaching it to you in some way, it let me have control, and you know the rest." she finished quietly, not looking at her mate.

"Hn." he said with a grin as he rubbed her thoroughly, his clawed hand making its way up her inner thigh as she blushes more. Wanting to sooth her but somehow causing her sadness. "What ails you mate?" he asked confused, Kagome sniffled.

"It's just that, I'm not like I was before and I can't feel my spiritual powers, I won't be able to find the jewel shards anymore." she said as she looked out into the night sky.

"You mean these?" Sesshomaru pulled out the shards and handed them over to his mate, watching as the tainted black faded with her touch still and she fused the rest together.

"Where did you get them?" she breathily asked.

"This Sesshomaru had an unfortunate dealing with a demon that wished to take the place of the kumo hanyou. IT was little to deal with, that was over a week ago, before I felt the pull to come to this forest."

The miko, his mate, smirked softly as she felt the jewel slowly and easily begin to shift its form, rolling up her arm and down her shoulder to settle upon her skin and finally back beneath her ribcage, forever gone from this world. She couldn't help but kiss him then and as then broke away, he asked the last question on his mind.

"And the magic, miko, what was that?" Kagome bit her lip as she answered, feeling whole, and complete, devious, and sweet all at once.

"Voodoo, a French magic." she said expecting him still to eventually get angry.

"Vu-du." he stated questioningly before stating, "Hn. This Sesshomaru's mate will only practiced with such Vu-Du and toys when this Sesshomaru is present. And only when he allows it. Though it was amusing for a night, none, not even a toy will have you unless this one is present to enjoy your body as well." he stated smugly while burying his nose into the crook of her neck and smirking as he had finally gotten his ellusive mate, one that would not want him for his title or his lands, nor his wealth but just for the fact that she wanted him. And it was all with the help of a puppet.


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