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His pet, her puppet, their stew by Walter205

Stew over skin

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 "Mmmmm....," moaned Kagome as his lucious lips and tongue delved deeper into her mouth, exploring her teeth, own tongue, and the sides of her mouth with wild abandon.

She was just beginning to break the kiss for lack of air when he broke it for her, pulling away slightly to look into her eyes. She greedily gasped in air, panting while waiting for him to close in again.

Sesshomaru smirked, one of his hands traveling down her body to gently cup a breast through her white uniform and pink bra, squeezing once and twice. A deep blush covered her cheeks, which is just the way he wanted them when he finally dove in again to taste her mouth more.

* * *

Sighing to himself, Jaken sulked through the village in which Kagome lived, distraut at the thought of his lord submitting to the lowly pleasure of kissing a ningen girl, in the mouth no less. Why, he was a mere puppet while in her presence, free for his strings to be pulled however she wanted to.

The one and only thing that could snap him from his depression over the situation wafted into his nose.

"Mmm, I smell delicious stew," mumbled the toad to himself. He glanced at the hut he was passing, and decided to enter to see if he could get a bite to eat.

"Who goes there?" came the voice of a much older woman.

"It is I, Jaken, loyal retainer of Lord Sesshomaru," announced the toad with pride swelling in his chest.

"Aye, I know of ye, I am Kaede, younger sister of Kikyo and headwoman of this village," replied the elder miko, stirring a pot of stew.

"Ah yes, I've heard of you. I was wandering by and detected the wonderful fragrance of yon stew," said the toad, removing his hat and laying his staff against the nearest wall.

"Well then, ye best come have some while it is still warm," invited the older miko in a kind voice.

"I'd be glad to," said Jaken, sitting down to be handed a cup of warm stew.

* * *

He was carrying her now, one arm wrapped around her waist, and another sweeping aside the entry mat into her hut. He laid her down on the futon and began to get undressed, laying his swords and armor on the floor of the hut, while she began to do likewise.

She stood up, still wearing her bra and panties, and pranced over to him, holding a small vial of something in her hand. Twisting one hand, a small mound of pinkish substance pushed up out of a hole.

"It's lipstick," she purred to him softly, before pushing it on his lips and drawing it around. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes and felt the sensation of the smooth substance rubbing his lips. He opened them when the 'lipstick' was replaced by her lips connecting with his.

Growling softly, he picked her up again and again laid her upon the futon, this time climbing into bed with her.

* * *

Jaken had been mulling a question over and over in his mind until finally he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Kaede, would you mind if I asked you something?" asked Jaken in an almost pleading tone.

"Yes, what ails ye mind, Jaken?" asked the miko in a respectful tone.

"Well, it'd be better to show you then to...well...," stammered the toad. Before he could change his mind or explain further, he dashed to his feet, and circled the fire in a hurry. Jumping into Kaede's lap, he opened his lips and planted them squarely around the lips of the elder miko.

He stood there in her lap, holding the kiss for several short moments, before backing away into a sitting position. Suprising him, neither him nor she starting spitting and wiping at their mouth. All he tasted was her stew on her lips, and she likewise on his.

"Well, I had wanted to know why Lord Sesshomaru always like to kiss Lady Kagome, and well umm...I think I understand now," explained the toad after regaining his breath.

"Indeed, me the same, although now my questions are answered as ye's is too," thought the miko out loud.

The two of them looked at each other, akin with respect and...something else.

Gingerly, the two of them closed in to each other for another kiss....

* * *

Inuyasha groaned and grumbled as the moans, yelling, and sighing increased in frequency and volume coming from Kagome's hut. Finally he could stand it no longer and headed to his favorite haunt when Sesshomaru visited the village, Kaede's hut.

"Keh, stew should be ready by this time, her cooking always takes my mind off of the two of them, doing...stuff," he said with a disgusted frown on his face.

As he approached Kaede's hut, he could hear her voice and another voice, oddly familiar, although neither of the voices were making coherent words, just something that sounded like the stuff coming from Kagome's hut.

Shrugging, he opened the flap to the hut, starting to enter but stopping when he saw the sight before him.

With clothes littering the floor, Kaede was naked, and on top of her, slathering stew over her body before trailing his tongue down it, was...Jaken....

'Kaede and...Jaken...are....eek!'

As fast as he could, Inuyasha departed the village, running off to the nearest river or hot springs he could find.

* * *

With one last yell coming from both of their mouths, Kagome collapsed against Sesshomaru, the two of them panting and sighing after climaxing together at the same time. Of course, this was her fifth, or was it sixth?, climax and only his first, but still.

She smiled, staring into his eyes sleepily. He let loose a long and loud purr, vibrating his chest and lulling her into a deep sleep.

After making sure the miko was sound asleep, he too dozed off. No matter whom he battled, no one wore him out with a night with the miko.

* * *

"That was...amazing...," mumbled Jaken, resting next to whom he was first ever seriously considering to be his mate.

"Indeed, it twas. I pity my poor sister for never having experienced these feelings and emotions," sighed Kaede.

The elder miko reached over and pulled a large blanket over the two of them.

"Good night, Jaken my little love," mumbled Kaede as she drifted off into sleep.

"Good night, Kaede, my lovely love," groused Jaken as he feel asleep himself.

* * *

He heaved and heaved, but nothing more would come out. He was dry heaving, the contents of his stomach having already been washed away by the river. He felt darkness coming to claim him, and as his eyes rolled up into the back of his head....

...Inuyasha was thanful that he wouldn't see that image again.

The End


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