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Defeating the odds by Sakura Hisakawa

A sore sight for eyes.

The village bustled with everyday life, random smells and sounds permeating the air like a brick. "Hisa?!" a female called out as she jogged along the crowd. She stopped looking around for a second totally oblivious to the stares that she received. Whispers echoed throughout the crowd as the slim figure sped briskly through it, her fiery blue eyes quickly scanning the faces.

"Is she a demon?" a woman asked holding her child close to her.

"Is she going to kill us?" someone else questioned. More murmurs of observation followed as Kagome found herself surrounded by onlookers.

She stopped as everyone circled her looking on her in curiosity. She huffed obviously frustrated, "Hisa! You're not going to make this easy are you?" She called out. The crowd grew silent listening for a reply and some tensed when none came. She sighed brushing back her raven colored tresses back from her eyes to get a better look at the faces. Closing her eyes, Kagome relaxed her senses and spread out her aura. Her eyes snapped open and she looked to the east of the village with a hard look. Kagome looked around and smiled at the now frightened crowd, "Sorry bout that. Just looking for a stray animal that is all." With a nervous grin, she dashed off toward the eastern part of the village.  

Finding herself in an ally way, she huffed again. "That damned kitsune..." Kagome muttered and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She looked to see a door open and the said person that she was looking for sitting down at a table. Walking through, she glared at the female sitting casually sipping tea. The female was delicately beautiful with long flowing garnet colored hair, she was sitting on her knees and she smiled as she looked at the priestess from under her lashes.

Sakura turned to stare at the wrathful woman with silvery lavender colored irises, "What took you so long?" She asked her blood colored red lips forming into a mischievous smile. Sakura set down the tea cup and observed the fuming woman shrugging as she noted the girl's haggard appearance.

Kagome's eyes twitched shortly before her yanked her up by the collar of her black haori and glared, "Where the hell were you?! I told you not to leave camp!" She yelled. 

"My dear Kaori-chan, I didn't leave camp, I merely wandered out of distance," she replied calmly. "Besides what have I told you about calling me "Hisa"? That is NOT my name. Unless you WANT us to be attacked." she said dropping her usually light tone into a hard one.

Kagome set the female down and pouted her bottom petal pink lip poking out a bit, "But you know how I get..." she whined. 

The female rolled her eyes dully, "Get over it princess I have enough emotions to deal with." she growled and Kagome tugged the sleeve of her haori, "Oh for god's sake Kagome! You can fight without me!" Kagome sniffled a bit, "B-but I was worried about you... Don't you love me?" she asked.

The female turned away yanking her sleeve back, "Not enough to fall for that." she grumbled under her breath. She picked up her tea cup and sipped it leisurely effectively tuning out the woman's dramatics.

Kagome pouted a bit and her glare came back full force as she hit the female roughly over her head causing her to drop the cup of tea over her kimono. Realizing what she had done, Kagome backed away from the Kitsune and eased her way to the door "Fuyu-chan, we should go find that fragment I was telling you about." she said from a safe distance.

Sakura glared, "That fragment better get me a new kimono, this is the fifth one this week!"


Finding a suitable sparring opponent had been lacking as of late. Sesshoumaru looked back to the village that he had left Rin with the wind blowing quietly rustling the leaves of the trees above. He supposed his boredom was because of the recent death of his half brother to the vile hanyou tearing apart his lands. Turning around, he began his search again going to the East where he had heard that there were two females who were making a name for themselves doing the very thing that his half brother used to do. Nothing in the world that could make him admit it, but he missed the rag tag group that used to be his brother's.

However nothing would have stopped his interests for his half brother's pet to grow. She was weak, yet courageous and her loyalty to his brother should have irritated him. She sparked his interest and he was willing to put up with his half brother to learn more about her, only to find that Naraku had obliterated the group including the undead miko. He cursed the male and could scarcely wait to see how fast he could kill him with Bakusaiga. 

A ghost of smile graced his face for a second before it disappeared with the wind. "Lord Sesshoumaru." a dark voice addressed from behind him.

Sesshoumaru partially turned to the voice and narrowed his eyes, "Half-breed."

"I have heard that there were rumors of two women taking over your brother's job. Tell me are you going to stop me from killing them?"

Sesshoumaru stared him for a moment,"That does not concern me."

Sesshoumaru drew his weapon and attacked the male slicing him in half. "I do not have time to play with you and your toys."


Kagome looked to a livid Sakura who seemed to grow agitated with the fight that they were in. The tiger demoness had challenged them out of the blue and the mischievous glint that were once burned with the mirth now had been replaced by the fires of hell. "Kagome..." she started out gripping the tattered piece of her elaborate kimono that had been cut tightly, she narrowed her eyes on the older demoness and snarled, "IF YOU DON'T RIP HER INTO PIECES, I'LL RIP YOU A NEW ONE!"  

Kagome jumped still not used to the female's temper and nodded.

"What's the matter kitsune? Are you so pathetic that you would let a human fight for you? At least I fight my own battles." She giggled covering her mouth with the fan.

Sakura, who was outraged over the loss of a kimono than the standings of her dignity lunged for the demoness only to miss. The tiger demoness dodged only to be hit with the purifying arrow that Kagome had shot. She died in a bind of bright light and ashes. "The sixth one this week...and I just got it today." Sakura muttered sullenly looking over herself.

"Oh Sakura-chan it can't be that bad." Kagome said cajoling the girl.

Sakura glared at her, "Kagome?"

Kagome knowing her friend smiled, "Yes?"  

"Shut up."


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