Curiosity Killed... the Dog by A Writers Blurbs


Poor Jaken. 

Once a leader in his own right, he abandoned his people to serve the most feared yokai in Nippon. For years, things had been wonderful. 

His fearsome lord roamed his lands, vanquished any and all who would dare trespass or overstep their bounds. Of course, as his faithful and loyal servant, he, Jaken, played an instrumental part in some of Lord Sesshoumaru's most challenging battles. 

With the power of the Staff of Two Heads in his hands, the gami was able to vanquish many a lesser yokai in order to clear the way for his mighty lord to finish off the leaders. But recently, his master had taken up an odd hobby. 

It started simple enough with the human brat Rin. Serving as the test subject for the legendary Tessaiga, his lord generously allowed the whelp to follow them after reviving her. 

But then another human began showing its face every now and again. The young taijiya boy, Kohaku Jaken believed his name was, had for some reason been graced with his Lords protection on more than one occasion. At least this one was male and thankfully, the adolescent didn't follow them as the girl did. 

But now there was this! 

The newest creature to capture his Lords attention was absolutely unacceptable! 

The miko, Kagome. Just thinking her name made his bulbous yellow eye twitch in disgust.

Somehow, the little harlot wormed her way into Lord Sesshoumaru's good graces. How, he didn't understand. She was a worthless human onna that ran around practicalky nude!

Some "holy" woman indeed. She was loud, rude, brash, bossy, completely ignorant on how to survive or protect herself, untrained in the use of her powers... it was ridiculous. 

Sure the onna had aided Rin several times over the two years the child had been following them. But in those instances she was only helpful due to pure luck.

And sure, she may have aided his lord in battle a time or two. Not that he needed her aid, she simply made his job easier by keeping lesser yokai occupied. 

She may also have come to aid Jaken himself a few times... but again, that was dumb luck on her part. And honestly, the gami yokai believed he wasn't even the one she was attempting to help in those times. Either way, it didn't make her special! 

It was unprecedented. Undignified. Unimaginable! Jacken just couldn't fathom why his master kept collecting human females!


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