Caught In A Rut by LadyDaniTar

Caught In A Rut


Kagome was exhausted. She had been running nonstop for three days and her body was about to collapse. Taking a moment to lean against a tree and catch her breath, she thought about how if she had just listened to Inuyasha she wouldn’t be in this mess. A distant howl reminded her of the danger she was still in, and Kagome forced her blistered feet to keep moving.

For the first time since she began traveling in the Feudal Era, Inuyasha had told her to take a long break and visit home for a while. At first, she thought he must be sick, and a fever was making him delirious. After some argument she agreed and spent a few days with her family.

When five days had passed, she became restless. Her college was currently out on spring break and all her friends were vacationing with their families.  So, Kagome decided to return to the past a week early. If she had known coming back so soon would result in constantly running for her life she would have just stayed home.

Another howl sounded, and it was closer this time. Wiping sweat and dirt from her face she pushed on. The white and yellow checkered dress she wore was littered in mud and tears. Kagome needed to find a place to hide soon before she became too weak to form a barrier. Climbing a steep hillside, she caught sight of a cave further up.

She was nearly there when a scratching noise sounded behind her. Looking down she saw a wolf demon clawing his way towards her. A rush of adrenaline propelled Kagome forward and just as she crawled into the mouth of the cave the demon crested the edge of the cliff it was on.

Kagome tried to concentrate on creating a barrier at the opening of the cave, but her holy power wasn’t responding. Fear shot up her spine as she watched the hungry wolf slowly stalk towards her. He still had his humanized form, but his fangs had grown and were sticking out of his mouth. As he licked his lips he leaped towards her. Kagome shut her eyes expecting to feel claws tearing into her skin. But nothing happened.

A loud yelping sound caused her to crack an eye open. The wolf was backing away from the cave as if he had just been struck. Part of his face was burnt along with his hands. It looked at her one last time before jumping off the cliff and back into the forest below.

As happy as Kagome was to be alive, she was also thoroughly confused. Not wanting to stand on her injured feet she crawled to the mouth of the cave and tried to push out some reiki. At first, she felt nothing but as she focused something began to tickle her senses. Trying one last prod with her spiritual powers she felt it; a protective barrier was already in place when she came in.

“But… I didn’t make that.” Reaching forward she extended her hand outside the cave and back in. She felt nothing.

“That’s because I did.”  A deep masculine voice echoed throughout the cavern. Kagome wasn’t alone.

In her hurry to find cover Kagome never thought to check to see if the grotto was already occupied. Now she found herself in a compromising position, kneeling on her hands and knees with her back facing the stranger. Taking a deep breath to calm her franticly beating heart and sat back on her heels. Summoning the last of her courage Kagome turned her head to look behind her. What she found had her letting out a sigh of relief.

Seated against the back of the cave sat Lord Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha’s half-brother. His head was tilted back and resting on the dewy rock as sterling hair cascaded around him. Golden eyes looked down at her glowing with indifference and his stoic face revealed nothing. His usual armor was missing and the front of his haori hung open showing pale skin stretched over mountains of rolling muscle. If his complexion was any lighter, she would have mistaken the demon lord for a marble statue. His white pelt surrounded him like a furry body pillow. When Kagome’s blue eyes found the trail of silver hair leading to the loosened ties of his hakama she looked away with a blush.

“I-I’m sorry!” What on earth was going on. First, she is hunted by starving demons and now she interrupted Sesshoumaru during his… what was he doing in this cave? “Um, if you don’t mind can I stay here and rest for a bit? Everywhere I go demons appear trying to kill me.”

Chancing another glance at the Western Lord she saw a claw hand resting on a bent knee twitch. Kagome gave him a nervous smile hoping he wouldn’t toss her out.

“Do as you wish, Priestess.” Sesshoumaru amber eyes darkened as he took in her disheveled appearance.

Spinning around on her bruised knees Kagome clasped her hands together in joy. “Thank you! After a short nap I will be on my way!”

“Hn.” He watched as the girl dragged herself over to the rock wall by at the front of the cave. The foolish human thought herself safe with him. Did she not see him as a threat? When her heartbeat began to slow and breathing evened out, Sesshoumaru allowed himself to close his eyes and join the priestess in a short rest. They would both be needing strength for what was to come later on.

When Kagome woke it was already dark outside and there was a soft glow of firelight in the cave. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and found a collection of items laid out before her. There was a basin filled with water with a small cloth next to it, a wooden plate loaded with dry meats and fresh fruit, and a folded robe.

“Clean yourself and then eat Priestess. Your body needs nourishment.” He had woken hours before the tiny human and took that time to examine her condition. The faint rumbling coming from her stomach told him she had gone without food for some time. The exposed areas over her body were covered in cuts and bruises as was her strange clothing. She was no good to him in such a state.

Kagome looked at the demon lord only to immediately turn away to hide her red face. He was in the same spot as before but now he was shirtless. Peering at the fabric by her feet she now knew where it came from.

“Thank you, Lord Sesshoumaru…”

The small priestess shifted around until her back was to the demon while she used the rag to washup. Once satisfied that most of the grime was gone, she took the oversized haori and threw it over her head, covering her body so she could remove her ruined dress. Finally wrapped in his clean and masculine smelling clothes, Kagome looked around for something to secure the haori in place.

Not facing the demon lord she asked, “Do you have a sash or belt I could use to tie this in place?”

“No.” Sesshoumaru’s emotionless baritone voice filled the small cave.

“Great,” she muttered as she ripped a long strip of fabric from her dress. There was definitely no saving it now.

The two sat in silence while Kagome ate, and she took this time to fully take in the cavern she found herself hiding in. It was just big enough to allow them to sit comfortably and still have some personal space. In the middle sat a small campfire illuminating the damp walls and the demon lord. Having her fill, Kagome leaned back once more closing her eyes and rubbed her full belly.

“Come here, Priestess.”

Sesshoumaru’s sudden command startled Kagome. She snapped open her eyes and gave him a confused look. What she saw had her mouth going dry.

The demon lord was gazing at her with half lidded honey gold eyes. A clawed hand was outstretched beckoning her forward as firelight danced across his naked chest. Her eyes followed the glistening drops of sweat flowing down between the dips and valleys separating muscle. Kagome licked her dry lips and wondered what the stripes on his hips tasted like.

“I will not repeat myself.”  This time his deep voice had a slight rumble to it, as if he was holding back a growl.

Unsure as to what the demon could possibly want from her, Kagome slowly stood on blistered feet and tiptoed over. When she got to his outstretched leg, she kneeled.

Sesshoumaru reached to his right, dug through a satchel, and pulled out a comb. Using his free hand, he pointed to the empty space between his parted thighs. “Sit here. You look as if a family of birds have built a nest in your hair.”

Kagome lifted a hand and tried to comb her fingers through her hair only to be met with tangles and twigs. God, why did she have to look like a crazy forest witch in front of the perfect Sesshoumaru? Deciding it was best to take the demon up on his offer, Kagome crawled forward and sat with her back to him. Silver lining? He couldn’t see the blush burning all the way down to her neck.

The Western Lord stared down at his prey while she seated herself before him. The naïve girl willingly placed herself within the predator’s grasp. Sesshoumaru gave the back of her head a fanged grin and began the tedious task of removing half the forest from her ebony mane.

She was in heaven. Never in her wildest dreams could Kagome imagine the dog demon to be so skilled at grooming. Perhaps she shouldn’t be surprised since his own hair was always so pristine. Sesshoumaru worked his comb and fingers through her hair until a small pile of leaves and twigs laid beside them.  When he started to gently massage her scalp Kagome couldn’t hold back the moan falling from her lips.

“Does this please you?” Warm breath brushed across her ear as his deep voice caused a tingling feeling in her lower belly.

“Yes,” Kagome whispered as Sesshoumaru increased the pressure on and moved down to her neck. When he abandoned the comb and used both hands to knead her shoulders, Kagome’s body relaxed until her back rested on his broad chest.

“Tell me, Priestess, where is the half-breed?” Claws lightly scraped the silk covering her arms.

Enjoying the impromptu massage, Kagome almost didn’t hear the demon lord’s question. “Hm… Inuyasha is probably in the village. I came back early to surprise him, but I didn’t get far before demon started to swarm me.”

“It is unusual for a male to leave his intended mate at a time like this.” Strong hands moved back up to her shoulders and rubbed around her slender neck.

“Intended mate?” That sobered Kagome up enough to turn her head to look at the demon behind her. “What do you mean a time like this? I’m not going to mate with Inuyasha.”

This was an unforeseen development that could work in the demon lord’s favor. Pausing his treatment, he gazed down into the petite woman’s blue eyes. “So, you do not know.” The statement caused the priestess to glare up at him. “The canine demons are in rut.”

What does that mean they are in rut? Wrinkling her brow Kagome thought back to Inuyasha’s odd behavior when he urged her to stay home. Since she’s been back only wolf and dog demons have been after her. Then realization dawned on her, Sesshoumaru was a dog demon.

Wide sapphire eyes stared up into molten gold. “You said that barrier was yours. Why did you let me through?”

Large hands traveled down to her hips and pulled them back until his hard length pressed into her.  He relished the soft gasp she made as he did so. “It was meant to keep out demonesses, not a priestess” Sesshoumaru heard a quiet moan as he ran his rough tongue along the shell of her ear.

Kagome’s mind went blank when she felt Sesshoumaru’s erection begin to rock against her rear. Was this seriously happening? Suddenly, a clawed hand pulled at the makeshift belt fastened around her waist, she grabbed hold of his stripped wrist and stopped him.

“Wait! What are you doing?!” Kagome hissed, trying to figure out how murphy’s law always found a way to fuck her over. This time quite literally.

A growl erupted from Sesshoumaru’s chest at being denied what he craved, and the vibrations caused heat to pool between Kagome’s legs. “I am in rut, woman. You will not be leaving this cave for the next five days.” To emphasize his point Sesshoumaru parted her thighs and ran a clawed finger over damp panties. “Your body is already preparing itself for me, how generous.”

She bit her bottom lip to fight back a moan. The demon continued to stroke her while applying more pressure whenever he found her sensitive clit. It felt so good that Kagome was struggling to find the will to fight this.  “But I’m a weak human! Doesn’t that like, gross you out?” She tried to pander to his more sensible nature hidden beneath the beast now pawing at her.

Instead of answering the priestess right away, Sesshoumaru laid his pelt out before Kagome and then flipped her around, so she was lying on her back as he loomed over her. “For three days you have evaded capture by countless males in rut, not even a demoness could achieve that.” He stared down at the flushed woman and scented her arousal mixed with nervousness. “You are healthy, and your purity is like an aphrodisiac. It calls to my beast, and it wishes to have a taste.” Fully covering the small priestess with his body, the demon lord lapped and sucked on the nap of her neck.

Kagome found herself in a dilemma. She could use this opportunity to sleep with the hottest demon she had ever seen or talk her way out of this and settle for one day having what she knows will be boring vanilla sex with Hojo. All her friends had already done it and she was the only nineteen-year-old virgin in their group. Inuyasha wasn’t expecting her back for another few days so this could be her only chance to fuck the horny demon lord. A demon lord she knew would give her the ride of a lifetime.

The prick of sharp fangs brought Kagome out of her thoughts. She gently pushed on the demon’s chest until he hovered over her and looked imto his lust filled amber eyes. “W-what do I need to do?”

A feral grin spread across Sesshoumaru’s lips. He sat back on his heels and used his knees to part Kagome’s legs. Once his much larger body was nestled between them, he ripped off the belt she had made to hold the haori in place. Eager hands peeled open the shirt uncovering the priestess’s supple body. Her intimate areas were covered by tiny white pieces of cloth. The strange undergarments were embroidered with a lace that barely concealed the treasure hidden beneath. They somehow made the girl look virginal and like a seductress at the same time.

Powerful hands grabbed Kagome’s wrists and pinned them over her head. Sesshoumaru bent down until his lips were a whisper away from her full pink ones. Letting out a guttural growl he uttered a single word, “Submit.”

Before the priestess could speak, he crashed his lips on hers. The kiss was brutal, filled with fire and hunger. Fangs bit and pulled on her bottom lip, begging her to open her sweet mouth for him. She denied the demon access, so he thrust his hips against her core. The sudden friction on her sex had Kagome crying out, allowing Sesshoumaru to shove his long tongue into her mouth.

Her taste was nothing short of exquisite, like the first light of a spring morning. The sensation was dewy and sweet, as if a thousand tiny droplets of nectar had been distilled into a single flavor. It was a taste that lingered on the tongue, evoking feelings of warmth and comfort. The starved demon probed her tongue with his own urging her to join him.

Kagome had limited experience when it came to kissing. A peck on the cheek, chaste kiss on the lips, that was the extent of her interactions. But when she felt the heat of Sesshoumaru’s rather large erection pressing into her, the pleasure it brought made her want to scream. Her cry was muffled as he explored her mouth and stroked her tongue with his own. Unsure of what to do next, Kagome wrapped her swollen lips around his tongue and sucked.

The bold move had Sesshoumaru groaning and letting go of Kagome’s wrists. He quickly sat up and without warning ripped off her white panties and bra. Kagome was now completely naked before the beast. The demon watched as the priestess used her small hands to try and hide her exposed body from his intense gaze. Harden rose colored nipples peeked out from beneath her fingers and a forearm. The weight of her heavy breasts had them spilling over the sides of her rib cage with every breath. Sesshoumaru lightly dragged his claws over her soft stomach and narrow waist and stopped between her wide hips, just above her hidden center. Moving further down he started to slide his hands up her shapely thighs at a slow torturous pace.

“So, this is what you’ve been hiding under that indecent green and white kimono.” A calloused hand grabbed hold of the one she was using to conceal the junction of her thighs from his greedy eyes. Sesshoumaru tore away her hand and grabbed hold of her hot core. “Such perfection would have been wasted on the half-breed.”

Sesshoumaru stroked her with skillful fingers earning him a choked gasp. Wanting to see what other reactions he might coax out of the little priestess; he pushed a single finger inside her. She closed her eyes and began bellowing out the most delectable sounds. With each thrust Kagome wiggled and squirmed until she was clutching the soft fur below her.

The new experience of having something inside her was overwhelming. When he seized one of her nipples in his hot mouth and pushed in a second finger, Kagome’s blue eyes flew wide open. The moans kept falling from her lips as he prepared her body. He moved his free hand to her right breast, kneading and squeezing the mound.

“Sess-Ah! Sesshoumaru wait, stop!” A strange feeling was spreading throughout her lower abdomen. With each plunge and curl of his long fingers the sensation grew.

Giving the stiff nipple one last suck, Sesshoumaru nuzzled her neck, racking his fangs, laying wet kisses, and trailing his tongue up her jaw to her ear.  He whispered seductively, “You are so tight little Priestess. How many times will I have to make you come before I can fuck you?” His words had Kagome soaking his hand with her juices. “Does the thought of having my cock buried deep in your cunt excite you?”

Kagome was unable to form words, which was for the best because she was too embarrassed to answer him. A third finger came into play as he rolled her slick nub with his thumb. Her body felt like it was on fire as she thrusted her hips into his hand. She was on the precipice and nearing the edge of something unfamiliar when Sesshoumaru lowered himself down and gave her clit a long, hard suck.

Her first orgasm hit her so suddenly she screamed. Kagome arched her back and couldn’t stop from pressing herself onto his mouth. But the demon offered the priestess no reprieve and plunged his long tongue past her quivering folds. A second wave crashed down on her and as his tongue stroked her convulsing walls, prolonging her climax.

Her flavor was intoxicating, and the beast was crooning for more. Sesshoumaru sucked and lapped away the evidence of her pleasure, not wasting a single drop of her essence. Pulling away, he licked his drenched lips and gazed down at the priestess.

While watching Kagome come down from her euphoria, he untied his hakama and pulled out his throbbing cock. Sesshoumaru hoisted the dazed Kagome up, so she sat on her hands and knees putting her face to face with his swollen cock. She stared up into red rimmed eyes as the demon steadily stroked himself.

“You want to taste it, don’t you Priestess?” The demon angled his cock down until it tip brushed her puffy lips. When she lifted a hand to touch the stripes that wrapped around the thick middle, his growl stopped her movements. Sesshoumaru grabbed her onyx hair and forced her sapphire eyes back up to his face. In a low silky voice he instructed, “Be a good girl and open that sweet mouth.”

He loosened his grip on Kagome’s hair, and she looked down at his massive erection, thick and long. The mushroom tip was weeping pre-cum, begging to be sampled. Her small tongue licked dry lips before tasting the demonic seed. A low hiss had her looking away and peering up at Sesshoumaru with innocent eyes.

“Do not stop.” The impatient demon lord demanded. The hand on the back of the priestess’s head steered her back to his twitching cock. Sesshoumaru watched her take the tip between soft lips and he threw his head back in pleasure. She was so warm and wet. When he felt her hot tongue licking the seed leaking from his slit, the demon’s mouth dropped open and let out a low moan. The image of Kagome on her hand and knees with his cock in her mouth had him nearly feral.

Sesshoumaru’s strong scent met Kagome’s nose as she took him in her mouth. It felt like she was transported to a chilly winter night, surrounded by snow-laden trees. The aroma was refreshing, crisp, and had a distinct woodsy note to it. However, when she tasted him, it was an entirely different experience. His taste was like diving into the ocean on a hot summer day. Salty, fresh, and invigorating, it was a contrast to the cool, earthy scent he exuded. The place between her thighs was becoming wet again as she lightly sucked on the tip.

The demon needed more. Placing both hands on the side of her head he guided her down farther, taking more of his throbbing member into that sweet mouth. He disregarded her muffled gasp as his hips began making shallow pumps into her. “That’s a good girl. Shall we see how much you can take?”

Questioning wide eyes peered up at Sesshoumaru only to be met with a wicked smirk. Large hands pulled her forward as he thrust the thickest part of his cock past her stretched lips. Kagome’s hands gripped his muscular thighs, nails digging into his skin. Her jaw was already hurting from trying to take in so much. But the demon didn’t stop until he met the back of her throat causing the priestess to gag.

“Relax and swallow my pet, it will help.” When he felt her follow his orders and the hold on his legs loosened, Sesshoumaru began a slow pace thrusting himself into her. Looking down he felt himself get harder seeing her bruised lips suck him in. What a good little bitch he’d found. “Fuck… I bet that little cunt of yours is as hot as your mouth.”

Each time he hit the back of her throat she would gag, and her eyes would water. As uncomfortable as Kagome was, she couldn’t deny how turned on this was making her. Unsure of how much more she could take, Sesshoumaru suddenly pulled out and pushed her onto her back once more. His fingers teased her folds gathering her wetness and then stroking his cock with it.

“Be a good little bitch and spread your legs.” Sesshoumaru ordered. He watched as Kagome’s shaky hands reached down and parted thighs for him. Hungry, red eyes feasted on her dripping sex. “I’m going to fuck you until you can do nothing but scream.”

The priestess’s heart was hammering in her chest as the demon positioned himself at her entrance. Anxiety and fear mixed with her desire to feel him inside her. As he pushed the tip of his cock past her folds, he gripped Kagome’s calves and spread her even wider. Sesshoumaru was panting as he stared down at where he had breached her.

It was almost painful the way her pussy clenched him so tightly. Needing her to loosen her hold Sesshoumaru dropped down and took a nipple in his mouth while a hand pinched and rolled the other. The sweet moans and involuntary thrusting of her hips had him purring. Crimson eyes rolled into the back of his head as her body stretched further around him.

“Sesshoumaru…” Kagome didn’t know why she was calling out, but she needed something she couldn’t name from him. The demon lord granted her unspoken wish by slowly rocking his hips and nudging his throbbing shaft further into her.

Sesshoumaru was having a hard time holding himself back. She was so hot and wet, and he wanted to take her harder, faster, rougher. He met the barrier of her maidenhood and used his free hand to rub her nub as he broke through, hoping the simulation would ease the pain. Normally he was not known for being gentle, but he needed the priestess to not fear him. Once she had adjusted to his size then he could take her long and hard and again, and again. Until his seed was embedded so deep inside no other male would dare touch her.

Tears fell down her cheeks from the pain of losing her virginity. It did not last long as he continued to distract her with his hands and mouth, sucking and groping anywhere he could reach. It had seemed impossible that something so large fit inside her, but now he was past the halfway point. Kagome wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

Though the priestess had relaxed, she was still too tight. Pulling out until only the tip remained, Sesshoumaru gave his first full thrust into her. A pained hiss reached his ears from the woman under him, but he didn’t stop. He sat back on knees so he could watch as he pushed in and out of her at a slow pace. His cock glistened with her essence each time it reappeared. Looking up he met Kagome’s half lidded blue eyes staring back at him. Her mouth hung open and quiet gasps fell out with each plunge. That would not do. He wanted to hear her, to know how good he fucked this bitch beneath him.

The feeling of being stretched beyond her limits was overwhelming and uncomfortable. After a few strokes the pain began to fade, and fullness turned into pleasure. Kagome’s body was flushed with desire and embarrassment at having Sesshoumaru watch as he fucked her. She tried desperately to hold back her moans. She realized the moment he took notice of this and a wild look bleed into his eyes. He pulled out of her fully and then slammed back into the hilt making her throw her head back and scream out.

“Yes! Scream for me Priestess!” That one sound opened the flood gates and Sesshoumaru lifted her ass until it rested on his massive thighs. Gripping her hips he pulled her towards him with each powerful thrust, reaching deeper each time.

The sounds of euphoric screams, primal grunts, and the wet slap of skin filled the cave. Kagome clawed at Sesshoumaru’s wrists as he took her harder and faster. She was getting wetter, tighter, and her ink black curls flew everywhere as she tossed her head back and forth while he continued to hit that sweet spot inside her.

Sesshoumaru couldn’t look away from the erotic vision she made. Each time he pounded into her those heavy breasts bounced in the most pleasing way. He knew she was on the edge of another orgasm from the way she kept squeezing his length, barely allowing him to leave her hot core. Releasing a hip, he slid his hand down until his thumb was stroking her swollen clit.  

“You want to come, don’t you little Priestess?" The demon applied more pressure each time he rubbed causing Kagome to scratch at his hand. He snarled as she tried to pull away so he hunched over her, never losing his stride and pressed his fangs to her jugular and growled out, “You will beg me to make you to come!” Fangs nipped her neck and dragged downward leaving ugly red streaks in their wake.

The combination of his deep thrusts, pinching of her clit, and the pain inflicted on her neck was a sensory overload for Kagome. She wrapped her arms around Sesshoumaru’s shoulders and let out a silent scream as she climaxed. Even as her body twitched and squirted the demon never stopped moving his hips. It prolonged her orgasm making her feel lightheaded and seeing spots. Was sex always this pleasurable?

Not giving the priestess any time to come down from her new high, Sesshoumaru pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach. He lifted her backside, so she sat on her knees, and firmly pressed a hand between her shoulder blades, keeping her top half pinned down on his pelt. Once she was positioned to his liking, the demon slammed back into her in one powerful thrust. He couldn’t tear his bloodred eyes away from her flushed rear as he pounded into her, every time he bottomed out her firm ass jiggled and lifted.

“Such a good bitch. You’re taking me so well.” Sesshoumaru praised Kagome as he leaned forward and caged her body in with his much larger one. “Should I take you fully in the way of my kind? Can this innocent body of yours endure my beast’s knot?”

“I-I don’t…” Kagome was unable to speak as he fucked her relentlessly from behind. She wasn’t sure what his words meant and at the moment couldn’t care less, as long as his cock kept tapping that hidden place deep inside her. Her moans only grew louder when he began to bite and suck the back of her neck.

Sesshoumaru initially had no intention to knot within the priestess, not wanting to risk her carrying a pup, but with his every thrust she would grind herself back into him, and his resolve waned with every deep pull of her supple body. The vice like grip of her hot center had on him felt incredible, he’d never bedded a female this soft and pliable before. Sesshoumaru wanted to mold her delectable petite body to fit only him.

“Please, Sesshoumaru…. More.” She urged him, voice already raspy from screaming out her pleasure. Instead of increasing the speed of his thrusts like she thought he would, Sesshoumaru wrapped an arm around her shoulders and lifted her up. Kagome was now seated in his lap, legs spread wide while the demon lord held her still as he pounded into her from below.  A claw hand moved from Kagome’s shoulder to wrap around her neck and the other ventured lower to roll her hidden pearl. Every time her walls clenched around him, Sesshoumaru squeezed her throat a little tighter. He was now familiar with the signs leading up to her climax and quickened his pace while panting into her dark locks. A strangled cry fell from her lips as she came, and new wetness dripped down her thighs.

When he released his hold on her throat Kagome took in a deep breath only to have it knocked out of her as the demon positioned her face down ass up again. Sesshoumaru pressed his chest onto her back, snaring and growling as he plunged into her deeper than before. The feel of her pussy made him feral, the thought of keeping her all to himself wouldn’t leave him. Kagome would adjust.

“I am going to fill you with my seed, Kagome.” The demon nipped the tip of her ear causing her to yelp. “I will, make! You! Mine!” Sesshoumaru emphasized each word by snapping his hips hard against her rear. The base of his cock was beginning to swell as he shoved more of himself into her until his knot pushed past her folds. He continued to roll his hips nudging his bulbous as far as he could. When he hit the back of her womb the demon let out a bestial roar as his seed flooded into Kagome’s body.

Kagome felt like she was split in half as he swelled even more inside her and gave a breathy gasp in response. When she felt the first spurt of his cum coat her insides she moaned low and long loving the feel of being filled. The heat from his seed was soothing and eased the pain from where he stretched her. Her face may as well stay a permanent shade of red as she was embarrassed to admit to such a thing. 

Sensing the priestess was at her limit, Sesshoumaru pulled her to him and rolled them to lay on their side. He lifted her left leg and hooked it over his hip, opening her open further so she could endure the long wait until his knot receded. As Sesshoumaru nuzzled the side of her head he could hear Kagome’s breathing slow as she fell asleep. He settled into the fur beneath them, knowing they’d be stuck until all his seed was spent.

It was daytime when Kagome began to wake. Every part of her body felt sore like she had just completed a triathlon. Keeping her eyes shut, she tried to go back to sleep but was slowly becoming aware of a tingling feeling between her legs. The more awake she became the more intense the sensation was making her whine for more.

“Good morning my pet.” Sesshoumaru’s husky baritone voice crooned into her ear. It sent a shiver down her spin straight to her core. That was when realization hit her, and she snapped her eyes open and looked down. He was still inside her!

After his knot loosened Sesshoumaru’s cock remained sheathed within her canal. It was the slow gentle thrusting of his hips that woke her. “You did so well, taking all of my seed,” he complimented as he rolled his hips with a tinge more force making Kagome moan, and her thighs tremble. He kept his pace slow and sensuous. Sesshoumaru gave off a low thrum of pleasure, rumbling under her to show how pleased he was with her renewed desire as wetness coated his cock and inner thighs.

“Again?! Already?” As wonderful as the experience was, Kagome wasn’t sure she could handle another round so soon. She looked back at him with wide blue eyes. He answered her with a hard thrust into her.

Sesshoumaru placed a clawed hand over her lower abdomen where his seed was buried deep. “Yes. There are still four days left until my rut has run its course.” His large hand drifted further down to gently roll her clit. “But that does not matter, because you are now mine.”

“Yours?!” Kagome shouted and would have argued if he wasn’t making her feel so fucking good.

“I did not hear any objections to my earlier claim,” Sesshoumaru quickened his pace until the cave was once again filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, her screams, and his growls.


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