Forget me not by zodiak023

The meeting

“There is a five car pileup before the Brooklyn Bridge tonight. And what a nasty night it is Bob, can you see how bad this pileup is out there?” a news anchor asked,

“We can’t make it out with all this rain Nancy, but it does look nasty, let’s hope the rescue workers can get these people out in this rainstorm.” the news anchor Bob reported. One paramedic, black short haired and tall came running over to a car that was crushed almost like a can.

“Hey, look we need to focus on getting the other people out, this car is leaking gas. With the woman as bad as she is, she doesn’t stand a chance in making it anyway.” the head rescuer stated, trying to be realistic.

“Get the fuck out of the way if you are going to try to pick and choose who to try to save and go get the others out.” the young black short haired guys growled out as he shoved past him with his paramedic bag and ran over to the crumbled car. He saw the body’s leg was crushed and the rest of the body slung over the wheel of the car, but at least they had a seatbelt on, their black long hair everywhere. He quickly pushed his drenched bangs out of his eyes,

“Can you hear me?” the black short haired paramedic called out. He tried brushing the long hair away trying to see a face or check the neck for a pulse. He suddenly felt familiar reiki spark up,

~I know this reiki from somewhere.~ the paramedic thought to himself confused, he heard something coming from the chest, his eyes widened and instantly knew that she was having trouble breathing, it was called a pneumothorax. He knew the reiki, this was someone he met in the past. He quickly grabbed a neck brace and carefully put it around the person’s neck, and carefully sat her back against the seat, his eyes widened a little,

“So, it is you little miko.” the black haired paramedic stared at her for a moment, he quickly pulled out the kit for the pneumothorax, he started with a scalpel, and ripped her shirt. She started coming around and moaning, when she found his eyes, she couldn’t help but stare, something was familiar about this really attractive paramedic.

She stared at the human paramedic as he let his eyes flash gold and let his demonic aura out, her eyes widened, he could hear her heart pounding, but she kept staring at him, the longer she stared at him the more her heart rate calmed. He read her eyes, and he could scent her calmness.

“I know you trust me Kagome. By now you know who I am, you are safe with me.” his deep calm voice vibrating through her to her core. Blood was streaming down from her forehead and running into her eyes now, he carefully wiped away the blood, she closed her eyes, he carefully cut into her and finished the procedure until she was breathing properly. He held the piece in her shoulder, right above her chest until he could get to the tape in his bag. Another guy came running up,

“I’m here Taisho.” the red head noticing it was Kagome.

“Mother.” the guy gasped out, he found Taisho’s hand with blood covering it,

“In my bag there is tape, get it out and tear me a piece off.” Taisho stated,

“Got it.” the red head grabbed the tape and did as he was told.

“Just keep breathing Kagome, I will get you out.” Taisho taking his hand and slashing up the metal and carefully removing the sheer metal off her crushed leg.

“She is free now, she needs the hospital now.” Taisho ordered.

“Just stay with us mama.” the guy with long red hair helping her on the board and getting her to the ambulance. The red head helped get her in the back as the young man named Taisho got her more stable with IVs started. Suddenly she stopped breathing, Taisho’s drenched body hovered over Kagome’s and started mouth to mouth.

“Come on Kagome, breath.” Taisho pumping her chest, he again held her nose and placed his mouth over hers as he gave her his breath. His beast was in a frenzy,

~This is the miko, she saved Rin, we have to save her!~ his beast whined out.

“Come back Kagome.” Taisho hissed out, he started to breathe for her again when he heard her heart beating again. Water dripped onto her face from his hair, slowly she opened her eyes.

“Lord…Sess…” Kagome whispered,

“You stay with me Kagome.” Taisho giving her a smirk, letting her know it was him. He looked up as he hovered over her, his black bangs dripping water down on her.

“Your son is driving as fast as he can. Just hang on.” Taisho brushing her black hair back.

“Come on kit, step on it!” Taisho bellowed,

“I got this dad! Just keep mama breathing!” the red head swinging through traffic as he had done so many times before. The red head swung into the hospital, and everyone came running. When they got her inside the hospital she stopped breathing again, before anyone could bag her Taisho jumped up and started giving her mouth to mouth and pumping her chest.

By the time they got to the ER, Taisho had got her breathing again. Taisho jumped off and forced himself to get out so they could work on her. The red head stared at him as he leaned against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor.

~She is going to die. It will be your fault since you left her alone in there!~ his beast shouted in his head. The red head watched the young black short haired man grab a fist full of his soaked hair.

“Dad, she will pull through. Mama doesn’t go down without a fight, you know this.” the red head coming over to sit by him.

“It was bad kit.” Taisho looking up at him through his long bangs. The flashes of the car pile up and the position that Kagome’s body had been in played in his head,

“I don’t understand why your beast is acting like this.” the red head confused,

“She is pack Shippo.” Taisho growled out.

“You were never close.” Shippo whispered,

“Mine!” Taisho suddenly grabbing the red head’s throat, Shippo saw the red bleeding into the gold of his eyes.

“Alright dad, calm down, mama is going to be fine.” Shippo choked out, a doctor came out and found Taisho.

“She’s gone I’m…” the doctor being interrupted,

“Like hell!” Taisho growled out as he shoved the doctor into the wall and swiftly walked in and to Kagome’s side. He wasted no time as he started pounding on her chest,

“You are not allowed to die after all the effort I put into saving you.” Taisho giving her breath again. The doctor watched, Shippo stay by the door as the doctor was about to pulled Taisho, who was acting like a crazed man, off this dead woman.

“Do not disappoint me Ka…go…me.” Taisho growled out, suddenly the machine got a pulse back. The doctor was stunned and set back to work, Taisho stood out of the way but let some of his youkai out for Kagome to hold onto, just to let her know he was there, Shippo let his yokai out to let Kagome know he was there as well.

~Come on mama you can pull through this.~ Shippo thought as he glanced over at Taisho. His eyes never strayed from the woman lying on the table.


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