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Thanksgiving day feast by Walter205

Yum yum

 This fic is written in response to a challenge issued by Nobody.

 I don't own Inuyasha, nor will I profit from it.


Kagome ran into the kitchen at the sound of the buzzer going off, and looked into the oven to see the nicely yellow tinted macaroni and cheese casserol steaming in the oven. Using a pair of hand mittens, she gently pulled it from the oven and set it on a cooling rack, wiping one sleeve across her sweat stained forehead.

"Kagome, the servants will be able to finish the rest of the preparations, please come join me in the foyer. The guests will be arriving soon," came the voice of her husband. To add to his point, the five other females and two males working in the kitchen nodded at her. Smiling, she bowed before removing the mittens and walking out of the kitchen.

Sesshomaru looked up from his shoes as his wife walked into the room. She was slightly sweaty he could tell from her scent, but still looked very lovely. Today's choice of apparel was a turtleneck sweater with a nicely patterned skirt down to her mid-thighs, showing off a good portion of her sexy legs. Seeing her hips swaying about as she pranced her way to him turned him on, and he almost suggested going upstairs instead of staying down to welcome their guests.

"The Lady of the West has no need to slave in the kitchens all day. That's what servants are for," said Sesshomaru sarcastically.

As expected the comment gave rise to her ire, but it faded away almost as soon as he had detected it. She was getting much better about controlling it.

"Excuse me if I don't trust anyone else with my mother's secret recipes. Well, anyone save for one," she responded, looking up at him.

Reaching out an arm he wrapped it around her and pulled her to him, hugging her with one hand, while the other hand reached down gently and silently ever lower until....

"Eep! Pervert!" exclaimed Kagome as Sesshomaru's hand squeezed ahold of her buttocks. She jumped out of his reach, one hand rubbing her now sore behind as she glared at him.

He chuckled at her reaction, pleased that he could still get to her, even if it meant falling to the low point of using the monk's old tricks.

The ding dong of the doorbell interrupted their playing around. Kagome came again to Sesshomaru's side while the main butler came to open the door. Timing just to when the door would be opening, Kagome placed a well aimed punch into Seshomaru's side. The demon huffed slightly but never lost his control, eyes narrowing down at her slightly before glancing up and softening as the first guests of the night were revealed.

"Inuyasha, Kikyo, glad you two could make it tonight. Welcome to our home," said Kagome in a warm and sincere greeting. The dog hanyou, and his former priestess, now wife entered into the house, both of them bowing to Sesshomaru and Kagome, before being led by the butler to the waiting area.

Coming in hot on their heels were Sango and Miroku, along with their twin daughters, both five years of age, and son, three years old. They stopped and almost bowed before moving on. No words were exchanged, Sesshomaru struggling to maintain control after smelling out the fact that the boy needed his daiper changed, and Kagome being too shocked by the cuteness of the twins to say anything except giggle.

Next entered a couple which gave both host and hostess paused, but the latter only for a few seconds.

"Bankotsu, Jakotsu, glad you could attend," said Kagome in a slightly faltering voice. When Sesshomaru had visited hell in order to save Rin, he had saved the souls of all the humans in hell with the power of Tensiega. This included the souls of the band of seven, who were once again resurrected, although due the cleansing power of Tensiega, no longer felt the need to kill, although they retained their personality and memories. Bankotsu had turned soft and finally proclaimed his love for his one true trusted friend, and the two had married shortly there afterwards.

"Oh hey yall, trust us, so are we. Bankotsu just wanted to stay in bed all day and cuddle, and quite frankly so did I, but I didn't want to miss up an opportuntiy to see my old flame again, Inuyasha. Sesshomaru is pretty hot still too, I think. Too bad he's taken now," Jakotsu said with a wink in his eye. Kagome felt Sesshomaru stiffen and shudder slightly next to her as Bankotsu and Jakotsu lip locked briefly before being led away by the butler.

Kagome felt Sesshomaru's power on the rise, and looked up to see two of his finger's glowing green with poision, heading torwards his own eyes. If she didn't know he was dead serious, she probably would have collapsed to the ground laughing.

"Stop it, only a few more guests to go," she said, latching onto his arm and dragging it back down to his side, using her purification powers to get rid of the poision (and erase the painful sight from his memory).

So the two of them continued to greet the remaining guests, greeting Koga and Ayame, Jaken and Kanna, Kohaku and Rin, and others before they were escorted into the grand dining chamber. With the last guests having arrived, Sesshomaru and Kagome walked in and sat the head of the grand table, the servants having already brought in and assembled the food.

A ringing on the glass brought everyone's presence to Sesshomaru.

"Before we begin this wonderous feast, I would like to give thanks, to all of you for attending, and for the servants for their hard working in preparing the feast at hand. And most of all to my wife, Kagome, for marrying me and whom is just recently with my first heir to the Western Lands," said Sesshomaru, raising his glass in the air to be greeted with the applause, hoots, cheers, and clapping of the assembled family and guests, both for him and his blushing wife.

Now, it was time to eat.


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