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Pawns of Power by Walter205

Check Mate

 Written in response to challenge.

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 The camera flashes dazzled the eyes of the young adult as she stepped out of the car and headed in the direction of the courtroom, surrounded by an escort of secret service agents. She found and hooked the arm of her husband, Sesshomaru, as he came around from the other side of the car.

For two years, she had waited for this day, having been placed into the witness protection program, everyone publicly believing that she had died when her car careened off of the mountian roadway.

The accident had been ruled an accident, with no body being recovered due to the fierce fire that had engulfed the car.

In fact though she had survived, badly bruised and battered, escaping the vehicle moments before it burst into flames.

A later examination of the vehicle's remains had revealed the brake wires had been tampered with, not cut outright, but to the point where the first one or two times of applying the brakes hard would cause them to break.

And so she had been taken into the witness protection program, where she had met her husband to be, Sesshomaru, also thought to be dead when the yatch his father owned burst into flames and sank in Tokyo Bay. Although his parents and siblings were killed in the blast, including Kagome's old flame Inuyasha, he too had survived an attempt on his life.

Soon after she had "died" her father had stepped down in grief from his seat in the council. Her friend, Miroku, had also stepped down to help himself and Sango deal with the grief of her death. With the death of Sesshomaru's father, the head of the council had been vacated. Thus the detectives of the cases became suspicious when the seats opened by Kagome's father and friend had been replaced by Kagura and Kanna, two advocates of Naraku becoming head councilman of the Tokyo city district.

When Naraku finally made a mistake and slipped up, the detectives and investigators were ready to pounce. With a raid into his office's, they recovered the evidence needed to push murder charges against him for the deaths of Sesshomaru's family members and the attempted murder of both him and Kagome. The investigators were also looking into the case of the death of Sango's brother, Kohaku, which had come on the heels of Kagome's "death".

The two of them had but been pawns in a political game of power, but with them supporting one another and surviving, they would live to see the Black King fall down in defeat.

The End


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