How To Save A Life (By Giving Up Your Own) by WulfInTheForest


Prompt: Vivid, from the May Discord Drabble Night

Red and green, clashing across meadows of contrasting wildflowers. Arguing. Bickering.

The beauty surrounding them was ruined by the unnatural dye of their clothes. The garish harping of their voices and insults.

It was as aberrant as the hanyou himself was.

Sesshomaru watched silently, unbeknownst to the ill-fitted pair, and cold eyes narrowed.

It was clear, he would have to right the wrongs of his father.

A swirl of yokai, vivid markings of his birth stretching and jagged in anticipation.

First, he would kill his father’s bastard, and then, he would continue his search.

Their father’s lineage would be preserved.


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