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Shattered Reflection of Ourselves by Ryuichi-angelis

Chapter 1

Chapter One

In a world so advance a person always thinks they know what is coming next, but yet they didn’t have a clue what was underneath the perfect sociable society call the Japanese republic. All the secrets, scandal, politics that was buried be neath it all.   But only simple once upon time traveling miko was at the center at it all.

 It was such at a long time ago, a young fifteen-year girl was in school making up illness so she could save the world and time itself from a fragments jewel when really that jewel defining her own existences.  She thought it was her responsible to guard and destroy it but what she didn’t know until the moment came was it was apart of her.  To wish it from existence meant erasing her from time and changing the structure of time itself. 

All the trials and training didn’t prepare her enough for the moment to accept her truth.  Now here she stood outside leaving the Japanese government building after giving her last report on high classified mission to keep the main government from falling. 

Her raven hair was twisted up in a neat braid bun at the base of her neck with some little hairs to frame her face to help her ocean-colored eye stand out.  Only fair skin showing was her neck and face from the skin tight leather gear she wore on every mission she carried out.  It consisted of a corset brace top hugging her midsection curves with a black long sleeve under shirt and movable leather pant companied with heavy combat boot coming up just below her knees. 

She looks to the sky trying to breathe deep and let out the breath she was holding on to giving her last report to the government officials who barely knew how to defend themselves. Sending a silent pray to the kamis above to having the blood shed one day end so she may retire in peace but she knew better.  So, she puts on her dark shade and exits the front gate with ease to get in her car to her next destination.  Enter her car her cell phone rings and she release the urge to eye roll. 

“Higurishi,” She answers with a smooth tone while waiting for the director to answer. A deep male tone chuckles before speaking, “Good work with your latest mission, Gome.  Your work never ceases to amaze me.”  Getting irritated she grumbles at the male on the phone, “Father, your special words are not necessary. What do you need?”

She can hear the eyebrow of her father rise with the brief dead air on the line. “I have received a important report on my desk this morning and you required to come by for the details and more importantly I think you are going to be the one who wants to handle this one personally.”  “On my way!” She clicked the end button and started the car in the direction of the Higurishi Estate.

After an hour of traveling on the road she was starting to see the land she knew so well.  It seemed the forest surrounding the Higurishi land went on for miles. Upon coming to the estate, she rolled her car window down and scanned her badge and entered the front of the place.  As she got out and closed her car door, a male in black suit greeted her and showed her inside. She directed up the stairs to a study where her father worked out of.  She knocked firmly on the study door before entering at the sound of deep voice telling her to enter.

Once inside she found a male looking out the window with his back to her. Her father was never one to turn her back whenever they were meeting and she narrowed her blue eyes when the wheels in her head began to turn. He turned her, showing the stress clear as day in the same blue eyes.  She took a minute further glance at him. His black hair was tie back into a half up ponytail and out of his mid aged face with a black facial hair on his chin accompanied with his black mustache. His sleeve of his white button up shirt rolled up his arms and wrinkled let her know he probably was from the day before.  He bent over picked up a folder and slide it across the desk in her. She moved forward catching it before opening it to the contents inside. 

She skimmed over each word carefully before looking up at him in disbelief. With eyes wide, she asks, ‘Are you sure this what I think it is?” Her father smirked at her, “Are you surprised, Kagome? You already know demons survived time from 500 years ago. Is it so hard to believe that you might come upon they now?”

With her blue eyes in disbelief still she glanced down on the pictures and paperwork for prisoner number 0000.  The photos showed a male of late twenties of silver white hair, fair pale skin with magenta stripes on his wrists and cheeks, but what stood out was the crest moon on his brow and the golden color striking eyes. It couldn’t be him…. She thought to herself.  He was alive and from the looks of it…something major happened in the last 500 years to him.

“Why is he in prison and why am I finding out about it now?” She questioned back with more questions than answers in her voice. His calm eyes glanced her over once before answering her, “You know him, don’t you? Tell me is this Inuyasha you were so fond of or was he related to him?” She takes a deep breath and pulls a picture from the folder, “This male is named Sesshomaru.  He was or is the Lord of the Western Lands.  He is the older brother of Inuyasha.  A very deathly and formidable demon from the feudal era.”

Her father nods his head in understanding before slightly turning with his hand coming up to his chin to stretch it. “I see.  So, it’s coming slowly together. In demon society we have met all the old-world high archery expect Western Territory.  We thought the line was extinguish many years ago only to find its not. The demon lord has been imprisoned and hidden for decades, Kagome. And I don’t think its coincidence that this found its way onto my desk. He is mentally unstable.  He is classified as mad man and quite dangerous. You have a PHD in psychology and I have received a requested for you handle him personally, but to question is will you?”

Kagome swallowed this air she held in her throat while turning the picture to examine again.  Viewing the photo again and seeing the lost haze in these golden eyes she couldn’t help but wonder the cause. “Yes I will go and see what the situation is.”

Her father watched her for second later before responding, “Very well Kagome. I will allow you to take on this assignment, but there will be conditions. One: you must allow you past with this creature to cloud your judgement.  Two: You will not release any of your power beyond the level of a miko unless your life is jeopardy. Do make myself clear? First sight of a shit show you get the hell out of there and drop this case. I will not have you endangered your wellbeing because you want to help one of your old allies from the past.”

She stood up straight looking her father directly in the eyes, “I won’t let this be a personal matter, Father.” He scuffed at her while reaching up to roll up his sleeve more. “This reeks of personal all over it, Kagome. I will not have you crippled again like you when I found you when your mother and brother died. I came out of hiding from that tragedy and revealed himself to you.  I kept close tabs all of you to make sure nothing happened to our family. I couldn’t save your mother or brother, but be damn if I will not keep you out getting yourself killed.”

She snapped, “I’m not a child anymore and I will succeed in everything I am involved with. I have nothing to loose….” He cut her off slamming his fist down on the desk, “You all that is left of the Higurishi name. You are the only heir and a powerful one at that. You have ascended from being mortal, Kagome.  The jewel made you whole by making a celestial. They are rare if not extinctic. That can’t common knowledge to demon society. You will be taken and imprisoned if not auctioned off to the highest bidder.”  

She jumped at her father behavior but recollected her composure. She looked him dead in the face letting her blue eyes glow a purple hue as they narrowed at him. “I know what I am and what makes me who I am. Do you think I will ever let myself become that vulnerable girl ever again?” He knew he had to deescalated the situation quickly. He walked slowly over to her and wrapped her in a warm embrace allowing some of his own reiki to wash over her slowly. He gently whispered to her, “You are so much like me but your mother’s courage to face anything. Please understand, you are all that I have left in this world.”

She slowly was calming down from her angry power high and slowly return her father’s hug; leaning into him. “I love you, Father. I understand your protectiveness and I promise to always come back to you.”  He squeezed her even tighter; afraid of loosing her to anything. Releasing her from his grasp, he looks her once more over to see his normal loveable Kagome as he reins in his own reiki. “You have a mission to oversee. Call if you need anything.”

She nods in understanding and bows her head before leaving her father’s study to collect her personal effects in the room down the hall.  In her room she enters her closet, pulled a duffle bag down from the shelf.  She began to place her personal binders and paperwork she keeps from her work as psychologist. She shed her current agent clothes in a business suit pants, red button up blouse and dress boots. One once over look in her bedroom mirror and she was off to discover this huge discovery of the absent Lord of the Western Lands.


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