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Tainted by GothRiotGrrl


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. If I did, Yashahime would never have happened.




It was nothingness, a vast, empty void she seemed to float in. She felt neither hunger not thirst, heat nor cold; she wasn't tired, but even if she were, she knew she couldn't sleep. Floating in front of her was what appeared to be, a large, circular window into a room. A maid polished it, each wipe making her view clearer. A man with long, silver hair walked into the room and the maid left.

"Let me go." She pleaded.

"If I do that, you will lead me to destruction just as Izayoi did father." 

"Stop comparing us!" She shouted. "Your father loved Izayoi. If you loved me, why do this to me?"

He smirked.

"Because I love myself more."


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