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Addicted by Animeclo

Chapter 1

He ruled his world with an iron fist. Compliance gained rewards, yet he much preferred handing out punishments to those who defied him. People both loved and loathed him, they lusted for him and his lifestyle and also berated him for it. His money was not always clean, he'd admit to that, however this was a dog-eat-dog world and he was Alpha. An average person's dream, some might say.

When asking for his opinion though, it was boring.

Being top of the food chain wasn't as exciting or liberating as it may seem. Everyone knew his name; knew he would win in these games. Fighting for clients lessened significantly, defiance was a rarity he had enjoyed only a handful of times these past few years. People always agreed, never questioned, never fought. His interest in life plummeted, even now, the performance before him, men vying for his approval was dull. He stood, congratulated, shook hands then made his way up several floors towards his office.

Glancing down at his watch told him it was time for lunch. The sleek, black door slid open, revealing shiny, white floors, tall, imposing walls painted to match. To his left, sat a small waiting area, a mixture of dark wood tones and pale blues. To his right, in front of a large window showcasing the city below, a long, mahogany desk stood accompanied by a white leather chair. Occupying the chair was a woman, his current receptionist.

Sending a curt nod in her direction, set her on task to ordering his meal. He was only a few steps into the stretched hallway until he stopped, noticing the sight of his large, frosted glass doors, in all their glory, slightly ajar. To any regular, this was not an issue, for him? This meant defiance, disobedience. Always remembering the tiny, minute details is what helped with his succession, letting him know that he left his doors this morning, closed.

After some deliberately slow steps backwards, he turned, lay both palms flat against the dark, cherry coloured, smooth wood and stared directly into a pair of bright green, very afraid, eyes.

"Care to explain why my doors are open?" He watched her lower lip tremble before teeth started to pull the delicate skin, her hands remained frozen over the keyboard.

"I'm unsure Sir, someone may have left some paper-"

"You allowed that? Without asking me first?" Questioning her reply at once, knowing she had no authority to do so thrilled him a little, watching her struggle appealed to his sadist side. She shook her head violently, cheeks deepening to red.

"I didn't allow anyone to enter Sir, I would have questioned them, I prom-"

"You're fired." Continuing down his earlier path, quiet sobs followed as he continued towards his office. His treatment of staff was fair yet brutal, one mistake always one too many. There was never any room for mistakes, changing valuable time into foolish nonsense was never appealing to him.

Quiet, feminine giggles paused his advance. A small space between the doors allowing him a limited view into his office, flashes of black and blue flitted before him, laughter growing louder as time passed. Hand clenched around the metal handle; his chest burning with anger violently as the door pushed open. A small female sat on his chair, school girl giggles erupting from her as she continued spinning, completely oblivious to the threatening aura swirling around the room.

A few more seconds passed as she refused to acknowledge him, her glee proving to infuriate him further. He found himself deep inside his mind, thoughts of how he could punish this girl, make her beg for forgiveness, hear her pleas of mercy, push her to realise her idiocy all stopped when her melodious voice rang out.

"Hello Da-" The voice disappeared the moment her eyes landed on him, his chair groaning to a sudden stop. Staying composed, refusing to show the deep, intense desire to hand the girl her punishment, he waited. The stumbling words, apologising, pleading for forgiveness would soon follow.

"I'm sorry. Who are you?" Head tilted slightly, eyebrows scrunched together, lips slightly pouted, she questioned him. The girl who had disobeyed and defied him, entering a place she had no authority over, had a nerve to ask who he was. He was livid.

"This is my office. If there is one person to question this situation, it is I." Pale pink touched her cheeks, blue eyes wide and sparkling. She remained frozen, embarrassment? Bewilderment? He could harbour a few guesses as he saw her small hands gripping the chair beside each of her thighs.

He hadn't allowed himself to take in her appearance until now. Long, black hair lay in waves around her shoulders, smooth, creamy pale skin flushed pink as he studied her. With petal pink lips and deep blue eyes, she was a beautiful sight to see. Her outfit consisted of a pale blue blouse and a skirt to match, the fabric currently lay precariously high against her thighs from her excitement earlier. Perhaps, if it were any other scenario, he would allow himself to indulge this beauty.

"I-I'm sorry." Words stuttered past her lips, cheeks deepening further to near purple however her eyes remained on him, matching his intense gaze. He watched her chest rising, saw her legs slightly tense and press together, the way she bit her lip... this small girl before him was aroused. Always a stroke to his ego as he had experienced this many times, affecting women, as well as men, with just a simple glance in their direction. His sadistic side reared its ugly head as he stepped towards her, earlier ideas flew from his mind, now wishing to embarrass her, watch her suffer.

"I'm afraid it's too late now." Her throat moved as she quietly swallowed.

"P-Pardon?" Was her timid response.

"You've damaged my property." His hip rested against the side of his desk, eyes still held her attention. Breaking eye contact briefly, his eyes flicked down to her thighs as he watched her part them on instinct. His mind spoke to him, perhaps the girl before him enjoyed embarrassment, enjoyed being punished.

"I didn't break anything in here, I promise." Returning to her gaze, confusion painted her face as he smirked.

"But you have ruined my chair." A quick motion of his hand made her glance down. If not for the small cry she released he'd have thought the girl simply passed onto another life, her breathing, as well as any movements, stopped completely. The small dark smudge on the otherwise clear, pristine grey fabric haunted her. He waited patiently, her sheer embarrassment sung to him.

"I'll pay for a new one." She whispered.

"You couldn't afford it." Her silence pushed for him to continue. "I wonder how we could overcome this, defiance of yours."

"I can just leave I'll-" He stepped in front of her, refusing to let her pass. His tone caused her to shiver. "I wasn't finished. You disobeyed me."

"I-I did?" Her confusion was clear, how could she disobey someone she did not know? But knowing the person is never a factor, it's about respect and obedience to the rules.

"Did you ask for permission to come in here? Did you wait outside like a good girl would have?" She shook her head slightly, eyes starting to water.

"I'll have to punish you."

"P-Punish?" Her wide eyes would've been a comical sight if not for his seriousness.

"Indeed." Glancing down at the shaking woman, he knew he could not physically punish her. He didn't know of her name, didn't know if she'd set this whole thing up, wanting to be punished or wanting to gain access to his money, regardless of her emotions appearing to be raw and unrehearsed.

"Bend over my desk." She took a small step backwards, hands clenched in front of her chest.


"Do it, now." He ordered her to obey. Slowly she shuffled behind his desk, bending at the waist, she lay flat against the smooth surface, tears beginning to stain the wood.

"P-please don't." She whimpered at his movement, held her breath as he sat in the chair directly behind her, ignoring the stained fabric.

"I'm not doing anything girl."

"Please don't hurt me." The dark tone of his chuckle rattled around the room.

"I don't hurt women unless they beg me to." She gasped, her face shielded from view by the long black locks, yet he watched as her thighs shook.

"Why would they-"

"A conversation for another time." His foot lightly tapped her own. "Tell me why I'm punishing you."

"I disobeyed you." She answered immediately.

"Good. Tell me what you did to disobey me."

"I didn't ask for permission to come in here." The way she obeyed him so beautifully restarted the fire deep within his chest, now fuelled by something completely different.

"What else."

"Um... I-"

"Tell me now, girl." A small growl met his ears before her body left his desk and shot halfway across the room, charging towards the door. She gripped the metal handle, imitating his earlier violence. Turning back towards him, she yelled, her face splotchy, cheeks wet, eyes red raw.

"Asshole! I'm not doing this- whatever this is!" She swung her arms around. "You're just a sick pervert, never come near me again!" And with that, she left. The door slammed shut, glass threatening to shatter as he stared at the few stray tears that now littered his desk.


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