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Transgressions of the Heart by Mynameishuman

Pleasantly Disturbing

She was surrounded. Something soft and warm encompassed her, and she felt safe. Inhaling deeply, Kagome caught the pleasing scents of pine and mint, the sweetness of sandalwood that rested on the back of her tongue as she breathed. She opened heavy-lidded eyes and embraced the scene before her. The golden glow of firelight unfurled across the dimly lit room, breathing warmth over Kagome’s bare skin. Silky furs cradled her body and tantalizingly draped over her.

Kagome felt long fingers sweep slowly over her calf. The gentle scraping of claws over the skin of her inner thigh sent a steady flow of pleasure up to settle low in her belly. She moaned softly, reaching out, wanting to touch. The tender press of hot lips against the sensitive flesh of her thigh had her skin tingling and her back arching. She felt her heartbeat quicken, desire igniting in her core, and she buried her fingers into something soft.

A large hand covered her stomach, long fingers drifting to wrap around her waist. A thumb caressed reverently over soft skin, raising the flesh beneath it into a hundred little bumps.

“Kagome,” the rich voice was familiar, inciting both ache and awe.

The hand snaked around her back, lifting her from her cocoon of furs. She moaned on a breath, blinking languorously at the face that came into view. Her breath caught. Silver hair and pale skin. Odd yet alluring brands. Narrowed golden eyes pinned her in place and sent tremors dancing through her body in a way Kagome found not at all unpleasant. 

His arm tightened around her lower back, pulling her firmly against him. She felt the hard lines of his body as she pressed into him, the insides of her thighs resting against the outsides of his. 

“Sesshomaru,” She breathed, her voice brimmed with yearning.

His free hand found its way into her hair and entangled it there, pulling her head back and exposing her throat to him. He pressed his hips into her as his wet lips placed a chaste kiss over her pulse. Kagome’s body acted on its own, rocking her hips in response. Her lips parted, and she exhaled a breathy cry when her sensitive flesh brushed against him. She felt a throbbing between her thighs. He was driving her wild.

He drew a line with his tongue down the center of her throat, stopping in the hollow at its base, just between her clavicles. Sliding pointed fangs across the bone, he stopped midway, biting gently. Kagome gasped but didn’t have time to recover before he was dropping kisses across her breast. He sucked her into his mouth, and she was on fire.

She arched into him, rocking her hips again. She was in a frenzy, heat and moisture pooling between her legs. Her desire for him was so strong she wondered, vaguely, if he could smell her arousal. She wanted to touch him, wanted to feel him beneath her palms. She placed shaky hands atop his upper arms, fingers fluttering over velvety skin. Feeling his muscles, she let her hands wander. Chest, stomach, back, all well-defined and hot to the touch. His skin burned her hands; she couldn’t get enough.

His lips traveled back up, across her breast, over her throat, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses to her skin. Tilting her head forward their eyes met, and her world turned on its side. 

As if I weren’t dizzy enough already, she thought, dreamily, somewhere in the deepest recesses of her mind.

He looked at her with a hunger blazing in his eyes. She caught the movement of his tongue as he licked his lips, but she never took her eyes from his. Slowly, she leaned towards him, pulled by an unseen force. As if it were agonizing to wait, he closed the distance between them, his lips meeting hers.

Slow at first, their kiss quickly grew fevered and yearning. Her lips parted, and their tongues met. She moaned into his mouth and drew his bottom lip in, biting gently. He growled, low in his throat, and his arm tightened again around her waist. Before she realized what was happening, she was on her back, pressed, once again, into soft furs, and he was pressed, hard, between her thighs. 

She looked up into his face as he hovered over her. He held perfectly still, and she wondered what he was waiting for. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled him into her. This seemed to be all the guidance he needed. He slid inside.

She moaned and raised her hips, seating him more deeply within. He trembled – trembled – and released a long sigh. His head rested on her shoulder, his face hidden, and she was suddenly desperate to look into his eyes.

“Sesshomaru,” she ran shaky fingers through silky hair, “Look at me.”

She could feel his heavy breaths brushing across her skin, warm on her breast. Involuntarily, she rocked her hips again. He stopped breathing.

“Please,” her voice was thick with need.

He growled again, deeper, possessively, and pulled his hips back before pushing into her again. She wrapped both arms around his neck and raised her hips to meet his with each forward motion. Tangling her hands in his hair, she gave a gentle tug, and he lifted his head to peer down at her. She marveled at the man before her as slivers of red bled into gold. Breathing heavily, she tried to take everything in. He was ineffable, and she never wanted to forget this moment with him. 

She felt the fire building within her. He stared at her reverently. A look so gentle, she never would’ve believed it possible had she not witnessed it herself. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart clenching.

Somewhere in the background of her mind, she heard the high keening of something shattering.

Kagome opened her eyes, heart beating wildly. Her arm reached out with practiced motion, searching for the button that would silence her alarm clock. 

Only half-way to waking, her mind tried to force her body to catch up. Her body, however, was still keenly aware of the feeling of Sesshomaru. His face came to mind; the last look he had given her. The kind of look reserved for lovers. The kind of look that attested to profound sentimentality. 

She’d always wanted Inuyasha to look at her like that. Never in a million years would she have thought it’d be Sesshomaru unleashing yearning, devoted eyes on her. She remembered him trembling above her. It made her feel simultaneously incapacitated and absurdly powerful.

Kagome sighed. 


Swallowed thickly. 

Reality crept in, and despite the throbbing between her thighs, Kagome couldn’t suppress the feeling that something significant had just been taken from her.

Recalling the sharp call of her alarm – the noise that woke her from such a surprisingly pleasant and disturbing dream – she realized she wasn’t sure if the shattering she heard was, indeed, her wake-up call or if it was, instead, her heart.

AN: This will likely be the only AN for this fic. There are 43 chapters to this story, which is complete. But I'm editing as I post on dokuga, so it may take a little to get them all up, just FYI. This was my maiden voyage into S/K, so I hope it's enjoyable for you, though it may not seem the same as my current writing style.


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