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Kagome and the Cursed Springs by NoraInu

Hot Springs

As always Inuyasha and Its characters belong to the amazing Rumiko Takahashi, who hopefully doesn't mind if I borrow them for a little bit.

*I'm getting myself in deep lol but this is another idea that I've been sitting on for years! It's Ranma 1/2 meets Inuyasha! I thought it would be funny if a cursed spring turned Kagome into an inu-yokai and attracts the attention of our beloved demon lord. This will probably be slowly updated considering I have the other two stories that are in full swing and as a panster I really don't have the whole plot worked out lol wish me luck* 

Feedback is always welcome as it is both encouraging and helpful!

Chapter 1: Hot Springs

Kagome squealed in delight at the steaming pools around them. ‘He can be awfully sweet for such a grump.’

Inuyasha dropped her pack on the ground. “Just don’t be takin’ forever!”

“Of course!” she chimed cheerfully as he hopped away. Stripping quickly, she dipped a toe into the one closest to her. “It’s perfect!”

While things hadn’t worked out for them as far as romantically, Inuyasha and her remained great friends. He had even thought to bring her to the cluster of hot springs for her birthday. 

‘This was so worth the journey!’ She wasted no time jumping right in.


Words: 100

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