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The Swim by Anna

The Swim.

They settled down for the night in a small clearing. Both packs now merged into a friendly group. But the Daiyoukai kept his distance.

"InuYasha, can you sense any water body nearby?" A certain miko asked sheepishly.

"You know you don't smell so bad. Can't ya go one day without a bath?" He answered, clearly irritated. "I can sense a small pond or lake of some sorts. But I can't allow you to go. This place is infested with those damn beetle youkai and we've gotta set up the camp."

"It's too hot. It's just TOO HOT! I can't.. I need it. Just tell me the direction. I can fend off some beetles myself. Please. Pretty please."

"I can accompany Kagome-sama if you like InuYasha." The monk offered.

"No, thank you." Kagome deadpanned.

"Feh! Like I would allow."

Sango started arranging firewood after glaring daggers.

"This one can watch over the miko." A serious baritone came from a distance away.

'Now that's a shock'. Thought everyone but voiced no one.


It was the peak of summer. Nights though cool could become humid and restless. 

Kagome carried a lantern as the canopy of trees completely blocked the moonlight. The Western Lord walked a few paces ahead, no need of light for his superior sight. 

Though InuYasha had voiced his displeasure initially, he knew Sesshoumaru was anything but interested in spying on a naked miko. As far as his knowledge of his half brother was concerned, he viewed humans in no more light than insects. 

Everyone assumed that he wanted this as an excuse to get away from the group. Though he needed no such reason. If he wished to leave, he could leave any moment. He had no obligations. But little did the others know about his very secret yet steadily growing interest in the lovely enigma called Kagome Higurashi. 

Kagome, though not sure at first, had accepted his offer to accompany. A swim was needed. This was no time to mind a gorgeous demon lord watching from sidelines. And she was more than happy to get a few moments of the golden-eyed dog demon all to herself, alone. She hadn't admitted to herself first, but eventually acquiesced to the fact that she had a crush on him. 

'I mean who can't? With all the meetings, and travels, and camps, it's bound to happen to anyone, with such an earth-shatteringly, devastatingly handsome creature aound.' It was purely because of the his looks. She was sure. Not that she would do anything about it. She didn't want to die yet. 


They reached near the pond and Kagome gasped in surprise. She could spend the rest of her life here. The moonlight here shone down brightly. The water....was crystal clear. The stars, the moon, the sky was mirrored in the water. Occasionally fireflies would fly by, a cool breeze there, a ripple in water here. 

Kagome set down her things by the demon lord perched against a tree, stubbornly facing the waters. Kagome sighed. Putting the lantern aside, she started unpacking her clothes and towels. 

"Ne, Sesshomaru?" The miko asked in a very soothing and complacent voice. His heart jumped a bit at his name being uttered in such a lovely tone. 

"What is it, Miko?" He asked silkily. 

"Do you like to bathe? Or do you dislike water like most dogs?" She teased. A small smirk playing on those rosy lips. She was expecting displeasure. 

"Do not put me in the same class as them." He said in a hushed tone, not too rudely. 

Kagome giggled. "Then you should join me. Those layers of clothes must be killing you. And that bulky armour." She offered innocently. 

He raised his brows in unconcealed amusement. Kagome's cerulean met his honey gold eyes in the moonlight. Realising how that might have sounded, heat crept into her already summer pink cheeks. No detail could be hidden from his superior vision. 

"I mean, like for a swim or something. Like a dip. Like not bathing and stuff. It's hot." She knew she was sputtering nonsensically. 

"This one can regulate his body temperature quite efficiently." Was all he said. Though pleasantly surprised she had cared to invite him. 

Kagome relaxed. What a mild rejection. She suppressed her urge to roll her eyes. With everything out and shoes and socks off, she stood and faced the water, back faced to the very pleased demon lord. "Look away."

Though not looking at his expression, she could feel the incredulousness in his reply clearly. "You invite This One to join yourself in the water and yet you shy away from being naked in front of him?"

"Huh! You wish. You think I would get naked on this moonlit night swimming in clear water with someone with eyes such as yours watching over me?" She drawled. "I've come prepared." If he refused to look away then she won't hide either. 

Without any further words between them, she started undressing. Removing her top first, and then letting her skirt slide down, revealed her pale and smooth skin. Moonlight bouncing off the youthful lush expanse of her body. She stood in her underwear now. 

Sesshoumaru inhaled sharply at the view. His slender, deadly claws twitched. He refused to look away. This was a mere mortal girl. There was no reason to get so worked up no matter how much of a mystery she was. He must tame his beast. He can! Can he? 

To his mild disappointment, she put a black cloth piece on. It looked light weight. 

Kagome had brought this to wear while swimming with everyone. Though it served well under the Diayoukai's piercing gaze too. It was a black sleeveless summer dress reaching mid thigh. It was adequately thin so would dry up within the night. 

She reached inside to unclasp her bra hook. It lifted her dress to reveal her back. She felt his heated gaze burning her back as she removed her bra under her dress and put it aside. 

"Stop staring, mister." She said without looking back. A firm whisper. 

"Hn. Your undergarments are quite fascinating. Nothing like anything this one has seen. Finely made. Expensive looking". He said in an indifferent tone. But she was no fool. They both were aware of the storms raging inside. But she refused to back down or get flustered at this point. 

'He shouldn't have used that tone.' She thought. 'Two can play this game.' 

"Pervert demon." She said with a huff. 

He was going to deliver a witty reply but stopped, breath hitching in his throat. Eyes bled crimson in corners as he watched her slowly and seductive glide her hands up her thigh, pulling the dress along. When she reached the edge of her black panty, she pulled it, bending forward simultaneously. The dress following down along, teasing all the same. 

With a jolt of surprise, that he refused to let surface, he realised she was intentionally teasing him. 'Foolish miko.' She had no idea what kind of a predator she was entertaining. In the vulnerable position she was in, he could easily grab her by her hips and ravish her in his most preferred position. The traditional inuyoukai way. 

She discarded her bottom the same way as her bra. "Watch over. I'll be back soon." 

He watched her go into the water gracefully. The water was no too deep. She floated peacefully, doing unrushed backstrokes. Leaning back against the tree trunk he closed his eyes, focusing his yoki to find any probable danger lurking around. But he knew the only danger that lurked was his beast inside. Nothing could dare be more dangerous. He wouldn't follow her into the water. Not tonight. Or else he would lose his meticulously built control. 

He watched the unsuspecting miko lose herself to the coolness of the water. Suddenly, someone was not being quite efficient at regulating his body temperature. It was HOT! 


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