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Arranged Opportunities by NoraInu


As always Inuyasha and Its characters belong to the amazing Rumiko Takahashi, who hopefully doesn't mind if I borrow them for a little bit.

After months of working on my own stories I'm burnt out and wanted to do something fun. This little piece came to life after going through old notes and finding a snippet of a summary. It's been a moment since I've jumped into the Inuyasha world, but as I'm already over 1,000 words, I can say I'm glad to be back.

This story is told in 100 word drapples, which I've never done before but am thrilled to give it a whirl! It is set in modern times and yes, Kagome is an inu yokai! I wanted to take away the normal trope of Kagome's humanity being an issue and play with the idea of inu customs and courtship while two different personalities clash together. The rating may change later if I decide to get a little more graphic, if that does happen those chapters will be longer considering no one wants a lemon interrupted.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to leave a review with your thoughts as it's both encouraging and helpful to recieve feedback!

Chapter One: Meeting


Two inu yokai dressed in fine kimono sat across the tatami from one another. Neither wanting to be here but forced by their elders to uphold old traditions that had died out long after the Sengoku Jidai. Silence shrouded them, making one of them shift uncomfortably.

Kagome peeked through dark lashes at the silver haired demon in front of her. Cool gold bore back, she tried for a smile. 

He arched a brow but said nothing. 

Smiling as she gritted her fangs, she went for her comfort zone – conversation. “It’s crazy what happened.”

Gold went flat, “Hn.”

Her eye twitched.


Words: 100

Prompt: N/A


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