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To have, hold and protect by Shastuhh

Chapter 1


So some of these may seem FAMILIAR that is because I wrote some of them from my previous drabbles

you can find the original (Pieces of) story in "A NIGHT OF DRABBLES" Chapters 12 and 13 The story was something that I came up with and I really wanted to get into it some more. I have added more to the story each page will contain 10 drabbles. There have been more drabbles added and minor tweaks to the ones that already existed but other than that It was something I wanted to expand on just like with Resistance is Futile. 


He woke up when he heard her grumble in her sleep and watched as she adjusted and tried to find a more comfortable position when she settled again Sesshomaru nuzzled the raven head of hair in front of him and took in a deep inhale of her scent and lost himself to his memories. He liked to look back on them often now that she was his mate. Looking back reminded him of how incredibly lucky he was to have her to himself now. He had no pressing need to get up at this moment and he was more content to lay with her until she woke. She needed the sleep now anyway. 


He walked up to her remembering that he had tried to kill her and the times he saved her and he was silently hoping that she would at least hear him out before she dismissed him. However, he knew that if he was in her position that he would have dismissed himself. He also knew that it was highly unlikely that he would ever be put in that type of position. He should have known better though she was kind and caring. She listened to him as he spoke to her. It was odd for both of them at first.  


In hindsight, he was a fool. How could he have not seen this happening? 

She was like a drug to him from the very first moment she opened her pretty little mouth he was addicted. She had woven a spell on him and he never wanted to break free of it. He looked down at the petite body that he held in his arms and smiled. His mother would laugh at him with how taken he had become to this slip of a woman he knew his father was already laughing at him. 

He couldn't find it in him to care anymore.


He had talked to her over 2 years ago and started their courtship. He was happy that she had given him the chance. He was lucky she was forgiving and she could look past his indiscretions to her. She said that the harm done was far outweighed by the good he had done for her. He wasn’t so sure about that but he took her word for it after all he didn’t really want her to rethink her decision. Kagome was an enigma, she had a fiery temper and an even stronger will. She was perfect; she wouldn’t just bend to his will.


For his first gift to her, he gave her a new bow one fashioned from his own fang and a quiver full of new arrows. It was to show that he knew she could protect her but he would also be there if she ever needed him to step in. She was independent and he didn’t want to make her feel as if she wasn’t. That was one of the things he liked the most about her. She had been thrilled and looked at the ivory-colored bow with pure joy. She looked so happy and it made his heart clench in his chest. 


The second gift he gave her was some new Miko garbs but instead of them being red and white they were green and white. Just like the odd garments that she used to wear when traveling across Japan with his brother. He wanted her to know that he saw her. That she would not be compared to anyone else. He saw who she was. She was Kagome, strong, independent, powerful, loving, and forgiving. She was one of a kind and she would stand out among the others he would see to it and she would flourish because of it.   


After spending a year with her getting to know each other better he and learning of her dreams he gave her his third gift. It was a house that he had built himself just for them they had talked about having a home away from the Western palace that way his ward and Shippo her adopted son along with any children they may have in the future would be able to live happily away from court and he agreed, living in the palace and dealing with the day to day of demon court was no place for the young to grow up.  


Kagome shifted again, pulling him from his memories. He pulled her closer; she was his present and his future he could not imagine having anyone else at his side she was the one. Her fiery temper and the way she brought peace and happiness to his demonic blood was something he didn't know he was searching for before he found her. He was glad his half brother was a fool and didn't know what a treasure he had at the time. She didn’t ask for much and she never would have to ask for anything again. He closed his eyes and lost himself to his thoughts again. 


Before he had come in contact with her he was blinded by his biases and jaded from the actions of his father. The abandonment and death that was hard to accept when his father forsaken his title and his family to start another family with a human and then ultimately died. Sesshomaru now had come to the terms that he was projecting his feelings from one situation to a whole race and that it wasn’t necessarily the right way to have dealt with his feelings at the time. She had taught him that and he was all the better for it.  


Her first gift to him was time. He was sure he didn’t deserve it he didn’t deserve her. She gave him the time that he needed to speak with her and to let her know of his feelings. When he just couldn’t seem to get the words right or speak them she gave him the time he needed by waiting patiently and not just turning and walking away. As he would have done to anyone but she waited it out and when he finished telling her his intentions and his wants she gave him a smile and said. ‘I’d like that.’


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