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Drabble Practice by Sora-chan

True Lies

Welcome welcome, to Can Sora Write Drabbles.

Honestly, drabbles are concepts I have never been able to compute. I offer way too much information. Always.

This is a test of if I can as much as it is a prompt dump for ideas that I can’t flesh out from a random scene into full blown plots. As always, these will be varying lengths, and unless specified; unconnected.

Prompt: Jamie Lee Curtis


Kagome teetered into the room, her heels clacking angrily as she tried to keep her balance from the impromptu shove. The door closed, enclosing her in the dimly lit space. A beam of light came in through the window and she looked around seeing a bed off to the side, and a few other things to make her think this was a bedroom.

“Stop right there.” Came a voice from the darkest part of the room. She froze with a sharp gasp, looking into the shadows. She saw a metallic glint and nothing more.

“So, you are his girlfriend, he never mentioned how beautiful you were.” The voice continued and Kagome felt uncomfortable. She folded her arms over her chest, feeling naked in the tight black dress. She had been out with Sango and Kikyo when she was grabbed in the bathroom of the club.

“Dance for me” The male voice said.

“I am not Jaime Lee Curtis.” Kagome hissed, cursing herself mentally as the thought left her head without her consent. The disembodied voice chuckled, and she saw that glint again, she idly wondered if it was a gun.

Her boyfriend, Sesshoumaru, didn’t have a particularly dangerous job, he worked at a financial office. This all didn’t make sense.


Have a good one!

Much love!



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