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Romancing Ego by mythicamagic

Upper Back

AN: This isn't one of my usual stories, just a series of shorts from my tumblr where anons sent me kiss prompts. I decided to combine them together via the theme of a secret relationship, so don't do looking for plot here because there ain't one! XD Stay for the Sesskag fluff though.

Edit: changed the title from Regal Affections to Romancing Ego bc I feel like it fits better.

Edit edit: wow ok what a LIAR I was. This does kinda gain a plot later on. I can't help myself, apparently.

Prompt: a kiss on the upper back.

Romancing Ego

It was entirely causal.  

Kagome reminded herself of this fact more and more lately. Sitting up from the warm nest of furs, goosebumps raced over skin damp with sweat. She shivered and tried to shield herself from the chill in the air now that she'd drawn away from the solid heat source at her side.

The demon lay on his back, dozing and slowly recovering. Darkness obscured his face, but moonlight managed to catch on trailing silver hair that had sprawled outside the heavy shadows of their cave. Kagome stood a little unsteadily, going about her ritual of gathering discarded clothes that had been thrown in odd places. She got the feeling he enjoyed flinging them as far as possible. Dressing in the poor light, blue eyes strayed to her bedmate.

Gleaming gold stared back.

Jumping a little, Kagome offered a small smile, fluffing out her hair that smelled of his scent.

"I should be getting back," she said in a hushed tone, not wanting to disturb the quiet atmosphere.

Sesshoumaru's lips- slightly red and bruised with evidence of hard kisses- parted as he exhaled. He hummed and sat up, pale flesh bared and revealing the full extent of his stripes. Kagome had tasted each one.

"It is not as though the old miko has need of you until morning," Sesshoumaru uttered silkily, resting his elbows on his knees.

Heat hooked low in her stomach. Slick thighs pressed together. "She'll notice if I'm gone the whole night."


When he did not offer any incentive to stay or protest further, Kagome forced a smile, weaker this time. Padding to the entrance and lingering, she glanced over one shoulder. "I guess I'll see you next time."

Sesshoumaru's expression remained unreadable, as per usual.

Turning away and lifting a foot with the intention to leave- a hand covered her eyes. A gasp caught in her throat as her collar was tugged down at the back. The sensation of teeth suddenly closed around her trapezius muscle. Hard but without breaking her skin. She instantly froze, reiki flaring before settling down as she bit back a shameful noise. Hot breath fanned over her upper back, until something soft pressed against prickling skin.

"...Next time, find an excuse to stay longer. I was not nearly anywhere finished with you."

Kagome swallowed, cheeks blazing red as his hand fell away, allowing her to blink rapidly. Of course he'd never beg or ask her to stay outright.

And she'd never linger and jeopardise their secret until he did.

Just casual.

"S-sure," Kagome breathed, looking back at him. When she smiled this time, it was genuine. A honeyed gaze warmed, just a touch- or perhaps it was a trick of the light. The pounding of her heart was unmistakable though.

Feeling him let go, the miko slowly drew away and walked out into a clearing, navigating by gentle moonlight all the way back to the village. When she slipped back unnoticed into Kaede's hut, Kagome buried herself deep under the covers of her futon and tried not to think about the expression she'd glimpsed upon his face.

Had that been the look of someone in a casual fling?

Kagome groaned and buried her face into a pillow, feeling like her clothes, skin and hair reeked of his smell, saturating stuffy air beneath the covers and cloaking her in his scent.


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