Resistance is Futile by Shastuhh

Intro !!

So some of these may seem FAMILIAR that is because I wrote some of them from my previous drabbles 

you can find the original story in "A NIGHT OF DRABBLES" - Chapter 9 the story was supposed to end

HOWEVER, I had gotten asked if that was really the end sooo I decided to rip it apart and do

a full story to yall. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, RIGHT? I hope you enjoy this. Keep in 

mind that if you read Chapter 9 the drabbles HAVE CHANGED. I have added things 

I also have taken things out. I am giving you more details and I am extending

the story out and giving a build up for the relationship for sessh and kags.

This is dedicated to Sora-chan (on dokuga) AND Sableheart (from discord)

because without them I definitely would not have written more to

the story. Thank you both! I hope you like the new parts as

well as the old. enough of this long author's note 

Enjoy the story! Shastuhhh


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