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A Jealous Betrayal by Utena

A Betrayal

Author's NotesMy Muse has decided that this one was another one that should be written. I have no idea where this one is going to go, but to humor her I will let the story flow. This one might be slow in updating because my muse is still trying to work out the kinks in this one. To be honest, she has ideas that would take it in so many directions. I am hoping for a decision from her. This one may or may not long but we shall see.

A Jealous Betrayal

By Utena










Chapter One






There was a time when he had loved.

When he would have done anything to protect her.

Now all he wanted to do was save her from the fate he believed she should have not befallen.

He was going to save her even if she did not want it.

Inuyasha hid deep within the foliage of the Goshinboku. He had seen his brother’s two-headed dragon heading toward the village and knew that Kagome had come to visit Sango and Rin. Her visits had been frequent to the village of Edo, but Inuyasha always made himself scarce whenever she came. He still held a grudge against her for mating his brother prior to their battle against Naraku.

He really had not been expecting her to form any sort of relationship with his bastard half-brother nor had he cared for the fact that she had advocated the joint of their two packs into one. Sesshomaru had always hated humans and he had tried on numerous occasions to kill them just to gain access to the power of Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha did not trust him nor did he believe his brother had gained any compassion for humans. The idea of his brother’s pack and his own becoming one was not going to happen. He was the Alpha, not Sesshomaru.

And though Inuyasha had made this clear, he had been outnumbered when it came to the vote. It had been Kagome, who had come to Sesshomaru’s defense. In her opinion, Sesshomaru had proven himself to be one of the most powerful daiyoukais they had ever faced. Plus, Sesshomaru never sought the power of the Shikon no Tama. His joining of their group could be the catalyst that would bring about the downfall of Naraku.

Both Miroku and Sango had also seen the benefit to Sesshomaru’s pack assimilating with theirs and had agreed with Kagome.

Inuyasha had been furious and decided that since his hated half-brother was joining the pack, he would spend less time with them. Let them deal with Sesshomaru. He had better things to occupy himself with – namely Kikyo.

In truth, there had never been any indication that a relationship change had happened between his brother and Kagome. Certainly, he had seen no signs of it coming. He had paid close attention to their interactions between them but all he had seen was nothing short of respect.

Inuyasha had been at a loss. If there had been no signs, then exactly how had the relationship changed? He knew there had been no answers forthcoming his way. He had broken any chance of learning that especially after the way he had acted toward Kagome in the end.

He had been furious upon learning of her mating to his brother. To him, Kagome had become a traitor. Never mind, the fact that she had granted his heart’s wish – the revival of Kikyo. For him, her mating to his hated half-brother had been the last draw and he made it quite clear that her presence would never be welcomed in Edo.

He had watched with satisfaction the way the young Miko turned and walked away with her mate. Once she was gone, he would not listen to any of the swaying words from Sango or Miroku or even the newly resurrected Kikyo.

That was until he decided that he believed that Kagome had been brainwashed by his half-brother and had been coerced into the mating. He believed that by luring her back to Edo with the notion of reconciliation between them, he could save her, and she would be grateful for it.

For days, he worked upon a plan to save Kagome. He decided to turn to Kikyo and Sango for help. He wanted them to believe that he wanted to reconcile with Kagome and bring her back to Edo. He would not tell them his plan. No, they would simply try to dissuade him from his course of action. He did not want that, nor did he want them warning Kagome or Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha’s amber-colored eyes watched as the two-headed dragon, Ah-Un, landed in the clear field near the Bone Eater’s Well. He contemplated jumping down to greet her first, but he could hear the high squeals of delight coming from Sango and Rin, who had seen the arrival as well.

“Okaasan!” Rin cried out running over to the woman who had adopted her just months before her return to the village. She had been so happy and thrilled that she had a full family. She had missed them so much and now her adopted mother had come. The young woman threw her arms around Kagome and embraced her tightly. “I have missed you and father so much.”

Kagome could not help but smile as she too drew her arms around the young woman. She hated that her little family was scattered throughout Nippon. Her dear Shippo was training with other kitsunes and her dear daughter was here following in her footsteps to become a Miko. She had been so proud and yet so sad to not have them close to her.

“Hello, my dearest girl,” Kagome whispered softly.

“Kagome!” Sango and Kikyo called out happy to see the Lady of the Western Lands. They too embraced the woman warmly.

For Inuyasha, the scene was weird for him. He had not known that Kikyo and Sango had been in contact with Kagome until he had come to them for help. The two of them had told them they had been keeping correspondence with Kagome and the three of them had become friends. They had even gone to the Western Lands to visit when they had told him they had been checking on a slayer village.

Inuyasha had to admit it made him angry. He had not thought Kikyo, who had hated her reincarnate so much in the past, would be the first to try to make amends, but she had and it seemed that Kagome, with a heart wider than the depths of the ocean, had welcomed Kikyo into her fold of friends.

“Hello Sango, Kikyo,” Kagome returned warmly as she moved from the embrace of her adopted child and into theirs. “It is good to see you both.”

“We were hoping you would come,” Kikyo replied smiling.

It was then they saw the smile wane from Kagome’s face. She had been hesitant to come and had contemplated seeking her mate’s counsel upon this visit. She had already planned to come later in the year with her mate, but circumstances had changed upon the arrival of the scroll. She had not told Sesshomaru of the scroll nor that she had the intention of coming to hear Inuyasha out. She knew Sesshomaru would have been against it or he would have demanded to come. She could not allow him to, not when there was a threat of war coming from the East. She did not want to add to his already full plate with this. She would take this task on her own.

“Is something wrong, Kagome?” Sango inquired concerned for her dear friend.

Kagome shook her head. “Nothing. I am glad to be among friends. Now tell me what has been going on.” Then a small glance to Rin, “and how are your studies, my love?”

Inuyasha listened to the excited chatter of the women as they made their way toward the village of Edo.

It had been hours that she had spent in the company of Rin, Sango, and Kikyo. All of it spent in the home of Sango and Miroku. For Kagome, it had been wonderful to reconnect with the two women and even see her adopted child happily show off her improvements in herbs and her abilities. Rin had even presented Kagome with a concoction that would only be used on Sesshomaru should he become irritating.

“I tried it on Uncle Yasha,” she whispered, “and Aunt Kikyo said it made him more manageable.”

Kagome giggled. “This will definitely come in handy. Your father has been quite irritable lately.”

Before Rin could say anything further, Inuyasha entered the home and glanced over at the four women.

“Kagome,” Inuyasha greeted.

“Inuyasha,” she returned with uncertainty. She knew he wanted to speak with her, but she was not sure how to broach the subject.

“Would you come and walk with me?” Inuyasha asked as his amber gaze flickered to his mate and his friend’s wife.

“Sure, Yasha,” Kagome said rising from the floor and brushing the wrinkles from her kimono, “I will be back ladies.”

Kikyo and Sango, who had begun to prepare the evening meal, waved her off and continued their preparations. Rin, on the other hand, had seen this as her cue to return to Kaeda and see if there was anything needed before dinner. Briefly, the young woman watched her mother and uncle head in the direction toward where Ah-Un was possibly grazing still, but there was something that made Rin uneasy upon learning that her visit had been due to her uncle’s insistence. There was something that just was not right about the whole thing and worry spread into Rin’s soul.

Rin moved quickly to Kaeda’s home and told the older woman of her concerns. Kaeda contemplated Rin’s concerns. On one hand, the older woman wanted to believe that Inuyasha’s intentions to reconcile with his former best friend was a good thing, but much like Rin, she was concerned about the timing. To Kaeda, this entire thing should have disappeared before Kagome even left for the Western Lands. So why had Inuyasha pushed Kikyo and Sango to send the invitation for Kagome to come to the village.

“If Inuyasha is planning something,” Kaeda warned her young ward, “this entire village could be punished for his transgressions against Kagome.”


The sound drew everyone out of their homes and drew their attention toward the direction of the Bone Eater’s Well.

“What happened?” Kikyo cried out racing to her sister’s side. Her dark eyes turning toward where her sister and Rin’s were. “Oh no! Yasha, what have you done?”

Sango had made her way quickly down the path toward the Bone Eater’s Well. There, the image of what she found halted her in her path and caused her hand to clasp over her mouth in sheer horror. Inuyasha was standing in front of the rubble of the well with Tetsusaiga in his hands.

The Western Lands –

Clutching his chest in pain, Sesshomaru fell to his knees. It was a pain that felt as if his heart and soul had been ripped out of his body leaving behind an empty feeling of loss. He knew this pain could only come from his mate and though he tried to reach her through their link, he felt nothing there. She was gone.

Inside his mind, his beast raged and howled mournfully at the loss of his mate. The thin strand of hold breaking and sending the beast to the surface. Try as he might, Sesshomaru could not hold his beast back and within seconds, he was engulfed in light and out of the Shiro.

A mournful howl shook the ground as white paws touched the meadows surrounding the Shiro. Those who had heard the beast drew themselves back into the shadows knowing that it would only be moments before those mournful howls turned into something much, much worse.

Chapter End


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