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Dark Desire by MoonlightD

Pink G-string

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---------------- SEXUAL CONTENT ----------------

I can't stop myself anymore. Every day was pure torturer. As as I slowly opened the door the scent of strawberry hit me hard. I opened a drawer that contained her underwear. I quickly got a pink G-string and went near the window to look at at her. She was so tempting by the pool in a pink strawberry bikini, that shows off her curvy body. It also makes her look seductive, especially her boobs and her shapely ass. She has a long raven hair that flows down her back, blue eyes that sparkled, and a face that looks like a goddess. 

I got incredibly horny from seeing how hot she look. Breathes heavily I moved my hand with the G-string over my cock. Her big breast that is threatening to spill from her pink bikini made me incredibly horny that I almost can't control it, having one of my hardest boners.

This was too much...

Unzipping my pants I circled the G-string around my dick and started masturbating while looking at her hot body from the window. Imagining the things I would do to her body as my dick penetrate her from the back in the poolside. As drops of water ran over her body, I could imagine her begging while sliding my dick in her soft pussy from the back. Rubbing it harder till I felt that I was close to erupting I used the G-string to catch everything as I came, thinking of ejaculating inside her from the back made it feel even better.

It was wrong thinking of her like this, but his sister Kagome deserved the best and he was it.

To be continue...

 P.S Kagome his stepsister? Good idea or not...too kinky....


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