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The Red Thread Theory by Mynameishuman


Kagome paced when she was anxious. She wasn’t sure why, but she found comfort in the monotonous back and forth of it. Some people smoked. Others chewed their fingernails. Kagome, she paced.

“It’ll be okay, Kagome,” Inuyasha said from where he leaned against the outer wall of Kaede’s hut. “The runt’s strong. Both of ‘em.”

She knew he was just trying to be helpful, but she couldn’t find comfort in his words. Not when Shippo and Rin’s lives were on the line.

The flap hanging over the door was pushed aside and out stepped the elderly miko. Kagome stopped her pacing and immediately faced Kaede, all of her attention on the older woman.

“How are they?” Kagome asked, taking a step forward. “Will they be okay?”

Somewhere behind her, the rest of the group waited with bated breath. Sesshomaru stood silently off to the side, equally curious and harboring his own concerns. Rin may not be his flesh and blood, but he had grown to care for the child and he never wished to see her unwell.

Kagome watched Kaede closely and she felt herself blanch, sensing bad news.

“Just say it,” Kagome demanded softly, never the one to beat around the bush. 

“I’m afraid there is nothing else I can do for them but keep them comfortable. I don’t understand the illness that has taken them. Never seen anything the likes of it,” Kaede admitted with a heavy sigh. “But all hope is not lost.”

Blinking past her blurring vision, Kagome held desperately to the promise in the older miko’s last words.

“What can we do?” She asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“There is a sorceress. She resides in the south. She is well known for her miracle tinctures and may be able to help. But heed my words,” she said heavily. “You would need to travel as quickly as possible to reach her and return in time.”

Sesshomaru eyed the older miko at this. He knew exactly who the woman spoke of; had even considered visiting her, himself.

“I know whom you speak of,” he said. “I will go.”

“I’m going with you,” Kagome spoke quickly, stepping toward him.

Sesshomaru looked over the young miko only a moment before nodding. He understood, in a sense, what she was feeling.

“I’m coming, too,” Inuyasha spoke up, pushing away from the wall.

“No. Everyone else will remain here. We will be flying. I will not be delayed by unnecessary weight.”

“You’re taking Kagome on your cloud thing with you?” Inuyasha demanded, slightly shocked.

A raised brow was his only answer. Could allies not be in close quarters comfortably? Or, at least with only minor discomfort.

“We will return soon,” Sesshomaru said, turning to walk off. “Come, miko.”


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