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Stay-cation by Shastuhh

Chapter 2

The following two days ended much the same as the first night he came to Kagome's home. Sesshomaru wanted to give her some space to clear her head from her some time to forget her worries from work and get used to his presence in her home each. So for the most part during those days he spent his leisure time reading, catching up on current events in the world, and watching some light tv. For the most part except it seemed as if Kagome forgot he was there except for meal times. 

As he stayed there as a silent observer he learned quite a few of Kagome's quirks and it enamored him even more. The first thing he noticed about her was that she could not stand the silence something had to be in the background. It could be the tv playing some forgotten show she was watching previously or music had to be playing even when she went to sleep. She preferred to keep the temperature low and every fan on in the house enough to where she would have to wear light long sleeves.  With his enhanced hearing he noted she mumbled in her sleep sometimes, always talking to her family or mumbling about work experience.

She definitely was not a morning person either; she would stay up at night reading with two candles burning and her favorite way to read was laying out on the floor with a pillow under her breast with her feet in the air crossed at the ankles. When she got to a good part of a story she would nibble on her bottom lip. If something seemed to be particularly funny the right side of her lips tilted up in a half-smile that showed her shallow dimple and every time he saw that all he could think about was how adorable it was it always made him want to go over and kiss said dimple. Needless to say, Sesshomaru believed more and more that Inuyasha was daft. 

It was the fourth day of him staying with her when Kagome stumbled out of her bedroom with a severe case of bedhead her hair was frizzed puffed out all around her she mumbled a morning to him as he smirked at her and handed her a cup of coffee then he crossed over to pantry door and retrieved a hair tie. 

Kagome mumbled a thank you as she took the tie and sat her cup down to tie her hair in a messy bun. Sesshomaru watched her in amusement and let her sip her coffee once she was finished she made her way to the sink and washed her cup. She turned around and leaned against the counter Kagome hesitated for a moment as if she was trying to decide on something then she gave a small nod and met his amused amber eyes.

"Sesshomaru do you have plans today?"

Kagome asked, cocking her head to the side and crossing her arms over her ribs. She watched as he quirked an eyebrow at her and looked as if he was thinking it over for a moment. It was all for a show of course. Sesshomaru's only plans to spend time with her. No one else knew he was in town early so he still had a week and two days to dedicate to her and by the end of this, he was determined to be one step closer to the relationship he wanted with her. He was confident it could happen and he did not plan for failure.

"I do not have plans today, Are you tired of your shut-in already?" 

Kagome gave a small chuckle and rubbed her hands to her eyes to wipe the sleep away. Sesshomaru followed the movement of her petite hands. She turned once more to the sink, turned on the water and wet her hands, rubbed them down her face and over her eyes once more, before turning back to face him with a determined look on her face. 

"Well I'm out of wine so it wouldn't hurt to get more but if you are up for it I thought we could do something..." trailing off she glanced at him with hopeful eyes. 

"Hn, I do not have anything planned. What is it that you have in mind Kagome?" 

His curiosity was piqued; he knew with Kagome she acted on impulse and she did things at the moment. It was one thing that she and Inuyasha shared and what drove their collective of friends crazy. It seemed like when the planned things went wrong for them and Inuyasha or Kagome one lost interest in it before the plan was even able to be executed. They both had thrived in a weird state of chaos, it couldn't be planned out, quite, or still with them. If it was they immediately did something to disrupt it to make them feel more at ease. 

"Well it's not really an idea per se but I came across this idea while reading one day and thought maybe we could give it a try, and I'm feeling a little restless. I loth having to get out of my PJs and put on actual clothes to venture into the world. I think it could be fun." Sesshomaru hummed for her to continue 'this is bound to be interesting' he thought. "So here is what we need: a coin, a picnic basket with whatever we wish to eat, a blanket, and of course so drinks." 

Sesshomaru took a moment to digest what she said. 'Hm, once more she is taking things into her own hands and forcing my plans to advance quicker than I would like.' After shuffling through his internal thoughts he decided to pose his question to her. 

"Why do we need a coin for a picnic?" After he voiced his thoughts he realized that this was on par with Kagome leaving it to her to incorporate some kind of mystery into the little things she wanted to do. 'It seems even our impromptu dates will not be boring. I wonder if she realizes she is proposing a date.'

Kagome smiled brightly at him, "Sesshomaru the coin is to direct to our destination." She watched as his eyebrows furrowed and he cocked his head to the side with a look of puzzlement written all over his face. 'Awwh he looks so cute!' When it seemed as if he was not going to say anything more she laughed once more. 

"Sesshomaru live a little! I promise it won't be too terrible for you. Besides you have already managed three days with me hanging out with me outside my house couldn't be that terrible of an idea." 

Sesshomaru made a face of mock offense. "Kagome, I AM a demon I have lived plenty, I assure you."

"Okay, YOU are a demon and have lived plenty, but I am human and sometimes we like to live in the moment and do something spontaneously. I want to share my moment with you. What do you say Sesshomaru wanna be in the moment with me?" 

She watched as surprise flashed across his normally neutral face while noting that more and more he seemed to have a hard time keeping that facade nowadays. She also hoped that he couldn't figure out that this little idea of hers was not as spontaneous as she made it out to be. Over the last couple of days, they slid into a comfortable routine with the nightly talks and meals they shared. She was happy that he was able to fit into her home seamlessly it seemed and with how quickly they developed a routine she wanted to shake things up a bit. 

She had his wishful stares when he thought she wasn't paying attention.  If she was honest she was interested to see if they could be something but at the same time, she didn't want to jump in too fast Inuyasha had hurt her. She also knew that Sesshomaru was NOT Inuyasha and it wasn't like they were complete strangers so it made no sense to dance around in the platonic friendship they were cultivating. 

It was not often that Sesshomaru was caught off guard but it seemed that it would be happening more frequently with the woman standing in front of him. She was unpredictable and impulsive. He found it exciting and refreshing compared to the life he led that was planned meticulously. He was quickly finding out he was more than happy to indulge her, a little annoyed she had beaten him to the punch once more. In the end, if it ultimately got him what he wanted should it bother him too much he wondered. He was getting to spend time getting to know her again. 

They had spent the last three nights talking about everything from work to the places she dreamed of seeing one day and he told her about his travels and how he wanted to find a quiet place in the countryside. They started from sitting across the table from each other to beside each other. From opposite sides if the living room in different chairs to sharing the couch in the middle progress was there no matter what it just seemed natural between them. Maybe letting her take the reins was for the best he felt he could release some of his control and take a passenger seat to her whims so far it had been positive. Making the decision to let her lead this for now Sesshomaru closed the  distance between them heated amber eyes met wide blue owlish orbs, leaning in close to her face while cupping her cheek. He waited taking in the flush that dusted her face before he spoke.

"Alright, I will live in your moment with you Kagome. We can go on this mystery date of yours and see how it goes. After all I could think of nothing else I would rather do. I admit I have always enjoyed your company and many of the times I wished I had met you before my thick half-brother. Explain to me this idea you came across for" 

Kagome felt the heat sear though her body at his closeness. She knew he would catch on that it was a date she was offering but hearing him say the word allowed sent a wave of butterflies though her and with him accepting made it all the better she felt like a child waking up on Christmas morning she was happy, excited, and nervous. She gathered her thoughts and explained. 

"So it's called a Penny Date and it's really simple actually. We need to get a coin and then we choose a number between let's say 15 to 30 This is how many times we will flip the coin. Once we get out of the driveway we will begin. Heads are left. Tails is right. We will flip it every time we get to an intersection, and turn the corresponding direction.

Once we reach the agreed upon number we will stop. Look around. Make a date wherever we are." 

Sesshomaru broke contact with her, looking thoughtful for a moment. "What is it they say... go big or go home?? Should we try 30?" 

Kagome gave him a radiant smile that rivaled the sun itself showing both dimples for a moment she took his breath away. Here she was flushed cheeks, messy bun standing there in a tank, fuzzy pajamas pants that had stars all over them and slipper boots. Excitement rolling off her in waves. She was so beautiful and he knew right then at that moment it didn't matter what she asked for ever he would move heaven and hell to make it possible to give her what she asked for. 

"Well Kagome I suppose we should get dressed appropriately so we can begin." He flashed her a fanged smile and quit the room he was looking forward to this and her excitement was contagious.


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