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On Unexpected Love by Drosselmeyer

Hello Again - Part 1


By: Drosselmeyer


A/N: Trying something new to keep creativity churning between the larger fic updates. This is a series of 100 word vignettes depicting how Sesshoumaru and Kagome's relationship grows as they once again step into each other's presence in Kagome's time. Thank you for reading.

Major thanks goes to LadyGoshawk for being my extra set of eyes on this fic!



The past returns with a whisper.


That voice. Feminine and soothing as he remembers it, it drifts among the morning beams and tears him from his solitude.

“Is it really you?”

For a split second, his breath catches in his chest. Memory can be cruel, and the ghosts of the past have teased him before. But a sudden, soft touch on his sleeve anchors him to the present.

His arm tingling, he turns, eyes widening a fraction. Impossible.

There, barefoot in a forgotten field, the scent of grass mingling with her own, memory stands.


She smiles, shy. “Hi.”



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