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On Unexpected Love by Drosselmeyer

Hello Again - Part 1


By: Drosselmeyer


A/N: Trying something new to keep creativity churning between the larger fic updates. This is a series of 100 word vignettes depicting how Sesshoumaru and Kagome's relationship grows as they once again step into each other's presence in Kagome's time. I may write more of these mini-series vignette stories as time permits. These won't post in bulk as most of my drabble stores do. Updates 2x a week. Thank you for reading.

Major thanks goes to LadyGoshawk for being my extra set of eyes on this fic!



The past returns with a whisper.


That voice. Feminine and soothing as he remembers it, it drifts among the morning beams and tears him from his solitude.

“Is it really you?”

For a split second, his breath catches in his chest. Memory can be cruel, and the ghosts of the past have teased him before. But a sudden, soft touch on his sleeve anchors him to the present.

His arm tingling, he turns, eyes widening a fraction. Impossible.

There, barefoot in a forgotten field, the scent of grass mingling with her own, memory stands.


She smiles, shy. “Hi.”



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