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The Offer

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“Sesshoumaru-sama” she greeted with a low bow; her hair loosened from its usual updo falling around her face in becoming waves. The silent man entered the room, and the door closed behind him. Seating himself on a cushion, he watched as she gracefully poured him some sake. This wasn’t the first time he was a visitor to her rooms, and it wasn’t the first night time visit either. They weren’t worried about being the subject of gossip in court as her entire presence caused tongues to wag already.

The invitation of a miko to a youkai court was bound to cause gossip. Even more so, a former geisha. She owed him her life, offering him anything he wanted when he saved her from a kidnapping attempt. A previous client sought to steal her away in a nefarious plot. The Demon Lord saved her life and invited her into his court afterwards. It had been years since then, and his obvious favoritism was noted, gossiped about and eventually just accepted.

He watched her in silence, finding there was no need to speak as yet. She turned the cup towards him in offering, showing a quick peek of her uncovered wrist as she did so. He in turn reached for the cup, brushing his fingers against hers. She smiled softly at him as she poured her own cup and raised it in toast to him.

“Congratulations My Lord. To your future wife.” she spoke cheerfully before knocking back the potent liquid, exposing her throat as she did so.

His golden eyes heated, never leaving the delicate column, even as he frowned minutely at her toast. Taking a delicate sniff, he scented no bitter or sour tang of ill emotions. This surprised him.

“You approve then?” He intoned, taking another sip from his refilled cup, watching her face for any slip of her docile mask.

She smiled at the youkai lord before her, cupping her chin into a palm as she watched him watch her, her blue eyes twinkling. “Well you needed to marry at some point, you couldn’t remain a bachelor forever. No matter how much you wish it.”

“You do not wish it to be you?”

She blinked in obvious surprise at the question, “Do you wish it to be me?” she asked in return, watching him from beneath her lashes. She didn’t expect an answer, but busied herself with pouring him another round of sake. He grabbed her wrist. Knocking the cup from her hand in the process, her gasp was swallowed by the noise of the clatter of the cup.

She watched as he brought her bare wrist to his mouth, biting her lip as heat pooled low in her belly at the sensation of his fangs grazing her skin. Between the sake and the demon lord, her skin felt hot under her many layers and a blush suffused her face. 

In one movement, he pushed the tray to the side and pulled her smaller form into him. Her uncaptured hand resting on his chest in her surprise.

“I will have you.” He rumbled

“Then have me, I am yours.” she whispered, unmoving under his heated stare. They were regular bed mates, but this felt different. This felt serious.

“I would offer you concubinage, would you accept?”

Her eyes widened, “You are sure?” she asked, leaning away from him while still sitting in his lap. She was thinking of the implications. This would raise her rank higher, even than that of his wife.

“I do not speak falsely.”

“I accept My Lord.” she said after another moment of consideration.

“Just your Lord?” he murmured against her lips.

She shuddered out a breath, “yes my love.” 


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